People have been asking psychics to read their future for centuries. From rune reading in Scandinavia to palm reading in China, and Egyptian astrology, most ancient cultures had at least one way of telling people what fate may have in store for them.

Many of these techniques are still common today. Indeed, the rise of online psychic reading sites means that more people than ever before have easy access to a fortune teller.  Yet, not everyone is sure how this can be done over the internet.

So, what are the main ways of getting your fortune told online that you need to know about?


Tarot Card Readings

One of the classic ways of discovering what life may have up its sleeve is by using tarot cards. This mystical set of cards has been around in Europe since the 15th century. However, these days many people use them for fun, without necessarily understanding the deeper meaning behind the exotic images on them.

A skilled tarot reader can interpret the cards that you pick, regardless whether you do it online or face to face. This means that it is one of the easiest fortune telling methods for the internet age, as you can chat to the psychic or speak to them on a video call as you choose.

According to the online psychic reading site TheCircle, a pack will typically contain 78 cards. These are divided into the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana sets. Individual cards include The Sun, The World, and The Lovers. Each card has a deep significance and impacts the other cards around it. Tarot cards are often beautifully drawn, adding a rich visual aspect to the reading as it is carried out. You may also be surprised at how in-depth the predictions are once you choose your set of cards.

Astrology Readings

The power of astrology has fascinated humans throughout history. The idea that the position and movement of celestial bodies could influence our lives is certainly something that many people firmly believe in.

Of course, the likes of newspaper horoscopes only give us a brief, fairly generic description based on our star sign. The good news is that an in-depth online astrology session will go into a lot more detail.

By finding out more details about you, an astrologist can better understand how the planets affect your life and decisions. This can turn out to be highly useful in understanding more about your own personality and what decisions you should make in the future.


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Clairvoyance Readings

A common misconception about fortune telling is that it means your future is set in stone. This isn’t the case at all. Rather, a professional psychic will intuitively understand what course your life is currently on, and where it could end up if you continue in the same way.

A clairvoyant isn’t going to look into a crystal ball and see the person you are going to marry or the job you are going to get. However, this is a gift that lets the psychic see the world in a different way. Indeed, “clairvoyance” simply means “clear vision” in French.

Joan of Arc and Nostradamus are among history’s most famous clairvoyants. Blind Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga made many incredible predictions that are still being analysed and discussed right now. However, a personal reading isn’t likely to include any wild predictions.

An online clairvoyance session will let you get a clearer idea of your current life path. If you approach it in the right way then this can be an interesting way of finding out what your future love life and career may have in store for you if you carry on living the same sort of life.


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