Why Are Carbohydrates Preferred For Lean Muscle Building?

Building lean muscles is all about getting the right amount of macronutrients – protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Where the protein is the building block of muscles, the very thing they are made up from. Fats is what the body uses as a long term energy store. They are also vital for the absorption of nutrients and production of hormones like testosterones. Something which is absolutely necessary for the growth of muscles. Carbohydrates, feared by many is still mandatory. But, is often completely eliminated from the diet plan. Is taking such a drastic step even required? Let’s get to know more about it.

Muscle BuildingUnderstand The Carbs
Drastically cutting the carbs can for sure help to reduce the weight, but temporarily. Therefore, doing so for long won’t be a smart choice for anyone. Before you do that understand your carbs. They can be generally divided into two types – the complex ones and the refined ones. Which one are you trying to avoid? Either one of them or both all together? Are you aware of the difference?

Here’s all you need to know:

Refined Carbs
The refined sources as you might already be aware of are not the best way to get energy boosting carbs. Reason being, they are low in fiber and thus digested quickly. This leads to major swings in blood sugar levels. Whereas the high glycemic index promotes short term fullness which contributes to overeating. This category includes bread, white flour, white rice, and sugar. If you wish to cut carbs from your diet, these are ones you need to stay away from. After all, they are empty calories without any nutrition.

Complex Carbs
Despite the fact that carbs have developed a bad reputation, they are not at all the same. Complex carbs are made up of sugar molecules that stick together in long, complex chains. They, unlike the others, are packed with nutrients and are rich in fiber which allows it to break down slowly. Thus, healthy carbs like sweet potatoes, white squash, carrots, wholesome grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, and oats cause a reaction in the body that helps to contribute to building lean muscle mass. They, unlike the refined carbs, act as the best source of fuel for the workouts.

So, the key is finding the right carbs than avoiding them all together!

Why Are Carbohydrates Preferred?
The first step towards appreciating the benefits of healthy carbs is to understand them. Well, now that you know about it another important aspect is how smart our bodies are. If we cut an important nutrient from our diet, it works to make up for the difference. It’s one of the reasons why people lose muscle mass when they cut protein. When it comes to cutting carbs, they not only cause you to lose energy but also reduce the ability of the muscles to create lean muscles.

Bodybuilders and most athletes look for faster gains in lean muscles. And, it’s no secret products like xtremeno natural muscle enhancers help them to do that. For smart body building, they gradually deplete carbs only for a few weeks. Ultimately, they so understand the fact that in order to perform efficiently body needs the right kind of energy. The kind only carbs can provide despite high intake of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. In fact, the time most of the bodybuilders are training to pack on muscle, diet high on carbs is far more effective.

So, whether you plan to buy Xtremeno online or any other supplement from a store do not cut the healthy carbs. Your torn muscle tissues from working out need glycogen to repair. And, guess what there is nothing better than complex carbs to help restore it to the cells. Thus, overnight when you’re asleep it helps to heal and recover the body. So, make the right choice today. Even smarter by pairing complex carbs with protein. Since lean proteins such as tofu, legumes, beans, pea protein, and hemp protein are utilized better when eaten with whole carbs. Sounds quite unreal, right? Well, to add more to it you won’t believe complex carbs are even capable of fighting body fat that comes from a diet heavy in fats. What more can a person ask for?

So, now go and enjoy a delicious meal full of healthy carbs without feeling guilty. You will, won’t you?


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