Cannabis Oil for Dogs

As more and more people have started to understand the medicinal properties of cannabis, the use of things like cannabis oil have become accepted treatment methods.

Humans who suffer from a range of ailments, including depression, anxiety, and even certain forms of cancer, have turned to CBD oil for relief. As a result of CBD oil’s success in humans, many people have wondered if it is suitable for dogs experiencing similar illnesses.

Is it Safe?

The use of CBD oil is perfectly safe for dogs. In fact, it is recommended by several organizations throughout the globe, including the American Kennel Club and the Veterinary Medicines Directorate in the UK.

CBD oil is used to treat a variety of conditions including seizures, stress, arthritis, gastrointestinal issues, pain, anxiety, and symptoms of cancer among others.

When compared to other substances, the risks of using CBD oil with your dog are very low. Overdosing is your biggest concern, as it could result in lowered blood pressure, increased dehydration, and lethargy.

To avoid overdosing, always start out small and work your way up over time.

Ideally, you should speak with your vet or other animal health expert before starting any type of cannabis oil treatment, to be sure you are doing so safely.

What About THC?

Marijuana toxicity is a concern whenever the chemical THC is present.

This is the part of the cannabis plant responsible for the euphoric “high” feeling people get.

Despite the fact that humans and dogs have a very similar endocannabinoid system, THC affects dogs very differently. Use of THC should be avoided at all costs.

Thankfully, it is possible to buy CBD oil without any THC in it at all. Carefully read the labels before making any purchase. Never bring home anything that has THC levels of 0.3 percent or higher when buying products for your pets.

How to Introduce CBD Oil to Your Dog

Generally speaking, you should give your dog a maximum of 1 mg of CBD oil per kg of weight orally, per day.

Most experts suggest starting out with an oral dose of about 0.05 mg per kg of weight each day.

This gives you a chance to observe any side effects and to monitor the effectiveness of each treatment. If no improvement is noted and your dog is handling any side effects well, you can increase the dose in about five days.

Cannabis oil, specifically the kind made with CBD, is an ideal treatment for dogs suffering from numerous ailments.

Speak with your vet or contact Dog Dream CBD to learn more about how cannabis oil can help.

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