How to Shift Business and Marketing Techniques Into Your Dating Life

Finding a relationship with the woman of your dreams happens most effectively with a natural progression of unfolding events.

But, sometimes months can go by without results. For whatever reason, you are not in a situation where you can meet and get to know someone organically.

This situation forces you to study pickup artistry, but the methods you learn haven’t been effective – because, let’s face it, mastering opening lines in a bar or club is hard stuff.

If what you’re doing now isn’t working, I have some unique ideas for you to improve your dating life.

What if someone told you that your skills in business and marketing could be transferred into dating? You may be surprised to see that your entrepreneurial skills can easily create a shift in your love life.

Here is how you can use business techniques in your dating life

5 Ways to Transfer Business Techniques Into Dating

1. Create a Relationship SWOT Analysis

Lots of guys don’t look inward, so their lack of self-awareness leads them to the wrong woman. In business, creating a SWOT Analysis consists of identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. When transferring this process into relationships, you simply use the same concept in a different way.

You ask yourself, “What do women love about me?” “What can I work on?” “What events are coming up in my life where I can meet women?” “What is getting in my way of accomplishing my goals?” Asking and answering those questions will provide you with an extremely logical method to assess your best course of action in finding a woman who reflects your true potential as a man.

2. Create a Relationship “Business Plan” 

Businesses without successful plans will always fail. “Fail to plan, plan to fail” is often heard in the business world.  It’s true about personal lives and relationships.  Those who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them and be happier. When creating a plan for relationship “strategy” it’s important to incorporate three key components.

The first is that the plan needs to be fun and easy for you to integrate into your lifestyle. When assessing which woman you would like to focus on and pursue, your “perceived challenge” needs to feel safe, attainable, and enjoyable- like you assume she’ll be responsive.

The second is that you need to go out of your comfort zone and shake up your normal routine. It’s too simple to say that pursuing the girl of your dreams should feel easy, but you need to take some risks. In the words of Bob Marley, “If she’s worth it, she won’t be easy.” Assess the perceived challenge, but don’t be afraid to seek a date out of your comfort zone. The attraction level will be much higher than in your past relationships. Let that alone be the motivator for dating out of your “perceived” league.

The third includes other parties involved- How can your friends help you?

Take some time to write down your “relationship plan,” and consider the big picture of your ideal relationship, the best ways to be proactive in finding it, and don’t sweat the “how.” How it happens will probably surprise you.

3. Choose your demographic 

Businesses have to decide on the customer base that they want to attract.  You need to figure out what you really want in a dating partner. What kind of woman are you trying to attract? Classy? Outgoing? Vivacious? You probably have an age range in mind, but drill down.

Is there an activity that you dream about doing with your woman?  Are you looking for a particular ethnicity?  Do you want to be with a woman who can make you laugh? The more focused you are, the more likely you will achieve your goal.

4. Network 

Businessmen are always networking.  Are you?  If you are seeking a relationship with a special lady, you will need to maximize chances and opportunities, and build up your social life. Think of balancing the bar scene and online dating with outdoor activities, wine and beer tasting with groups, meeting women through friends, attending concerts and music festivals, and classes at the gym. Expand your social circle.

5. Market Yourself 

Businesses have to present themselves in a positive light.  Are you?  When you market yourself in a dating sense, you highlight your best qualities. If you meet a new woman, you stay  positive about yourself. Learn to project an interesting image without being boastful or, even worse, being a liar.

It’s important to not just portray your best qualities to women, but to be accurate about yourself. Be an authentic gentleman. Men who project overall abundance are attractive to women they would like to pursue.

In Conclusion 

Guys should take a page from the business world. With a shifted mindset from starting a business to entering into a relationship, you can use skills you already have to venture into an amazing relationship.


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