bulletproof diet challenge

bulletproof diet challenge

Hey guys,

You may or may not know Dave Asprey. He’s a biohacker who spent over a quarter of a million dollars hacking his own biology, losing hundreds of pounds without exercise & even increasing his IQ.

But he also formulated what I think is one of the best diets for men (and women) out there.

It’s called The BulletProof Diet.

They’re running a challenge (challenges are great for staying motivated) through the motivational App LIFT (which is awesome BTW) and you can partake. It could be exactly what you need to get on the right track, plus if you use the promo code GOBULLETPROOF you get 1 week free coaching & and a free book. (Participating in the challenge itself is free)

So if you want to lose weight, gain energy and feel better then go here, and read more about how to accept the challenge.

And regardless, you should check out the App Lift for creating positive habits. It’s badass.


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