Confidence plays a great role in our ability to deal with challenges. Be it at work, home or on a personal level. It helps you overcome difficult transitions and push along, motivated and unyielding.

Confident people are also known to take calculated risks more easily than those who are struggling with their identities, or insecure about themselves. Apart from psychological exercises and self-improvement, there is actually a relation between our body and our confidence.

Confidence is the key to your success in business, dating, and life. If you can develop a core unshakable confidence, you will no longer struggle making hard business decisions, talking to beautiful women, or fulfilling your life’s purpose.

As the age old saying goes “Master your body and your mind will follow.” And in this article we present you with several ways to build confidence through your body. The confidence needed to win at the game of life.

How’s Your Posture?

The relationship between posture and our psychological state has been known and observed for more than a century. People who are insecure or depressed tend to round their shoulders, turn their gaze down and shift their balance from foot to foot.

On the other hand, motivated and self-assured individuals stand straight and keep their chest broad and slightly pushed forward.

More recent studies have shown that this effect can actually work in reverse. Meaning that not only does your emotional state determine your posture, but you can manipulate your posture to change your emotional state.

A Little Science

According to a research conducted at Harvard and Columbia Business School, there is a direct correlation between your testosterone production and the posture that you hold. The participants who held their bodies in expansive, “in charge” postures for no more than two minutes were found to have stimulated higher production levels of testosterone (a hormone related power and dominance) and increased their regulation of cortisol (a stress hormone).

Aside from this amazing hormonal shift, it was also found that powerful and dominant postures create a feeling of power and increased risk tolerance. This was determined by having subjects gamble with both dominant and submissive postures. Researchers found that when subjects held these so called “power positions” they were more likely to make bluffs, take greater risks, and go all in.

Training the Body to Train the Mind

Many a book and lecture has been given on how to visualize your goals and train your mind to be focused and develop stronger willpower through positive affirmation. Yet another aspect of mental training is often overlooked.

1) Exercise Builds Stress Tolerance

Imagine a fighter who is faced with multiple opponents, while his body is hurting and begging for rest. Where does he find the strength and will to push forward and keep punching, and ducking and closing in? The answer lies in hardcore exercise regimen which besides improving how our body reacts to fatigue and physical stress also influence our minds and especially the aspect of confidence.

The ability to perform at ones best and display skill and intellectual supremacy in fatigued or stressed states comes only through intensive physical training which is based on believing that you have the ability to overcome the challenges you face.

2) Exercise Increases Your Perseverance

This process, takes time and dedication. It is easy to quit when everybody around you starts losing their heads. Everyone has a breaking point, but if your keep raising the bar, you will find it hard to reach this point of defeat.

When your strength and fitness have improved, your mind will follow and draw self-confidence from your physical well-being. In an athlete’s mind there is no room for doubt. There is only the next challenge.

After you train your body to face difficult tasks and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, you will find that your mind has followed suit and is now operating from a frame of “take no prisoners.”

3) Exercise Helps You Discipline Your Mind

If you came to the gym just to hang out and have a nice little chat with your workout buddies, you may as well not have come at all. If you want results, you need to show up, shut up, and tear shit up!

Focus 100% of your energy on each rep, progressively overload your muscles, and go for failure each time. Remember, your goal is to push beyond that mental barrier, to go farther, faster, and to lift heavier than you thought you were capable of that truly builds a mind of steel.

4) Properly Diet is Key to Mental Health 

If your diet sucks, no matter how hard you work in the gym, your body and mind frame will also suck. If your goal is to become as mentally and physically strong as you possibly can (and it should be) it is essential that you have a healthy whole food diet full of meats, natural fats, and vegetables.

If done properly, supplementation can also be an accelerator to your success both physically and mentally. A good whey protein powder will help fuel muscle growth and recovery. Creatine will help properly hydrate and heal your muscles as well as working as a cognitive enhancer. And Omega-3s will promote joint and brain health ensuring focused and injury free workouts for years to come.

In Conclusion

This is a world where many prefer the easy way. Don’t be like so many weak and timid souls and allow your mind convince you to quit. Instead train it, shape it, and force it to become unbreakable.

Stand up straight, pull your shoulders slightly back and take a firm stance. You are a man of steel, lifting iron and breaking the sweat while most other “men” are watching TV with a bag of potato chips.

You own your strength and you own your confidence. Go forth and crush life in the face!


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