Have you been thinking about getting your money in order? Now’s the best time, and here are the best budgeting books you can read to help you.

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and found you had $1 million in your account.

At first, you’d be overjoyed. And you would go out and spend it on all the things you’ve long thought about: a fancy new car, a television, champagne, and a house.

But whilst you might think you have an unlimited pot of money, as your money has increased so your regular needs and wants have increased too, and if you don’t budget, before long your funds might run dry.  

Here are five of the best budgeting books that might be able to help you along your way.

Couponing for the Rest of Us by Kasey Knight Trenum

Everyone loves a good coupon. If you use them well, you can save a fortune on your weekly groceries. Loyalty is everything in retail today, and the more you shop at a particular store, the more offers you are usually afforded.

But claiming them can be a nightmare.

The stores do not want to make it easy for you and often require you to jump through various hoops. This can be time-consuming and confusing for those not in the know and can put people off using them altogether.

Trenum’s monthly budget book makes it easy for us and explains exactly how we can get the best deals, without wasting half our lives examining the terms and conditions of each coupon.

The Budgeting Habit by SJ Scott and Rebecca Livermore

Are you a bit of a spendthrift? Regularly going over your weekly budget is an easy mistake to make in a world where we are constantly exposed to colorful and powerful advertisements: on our phones, on our televisions and even when we’re just walking past a shop.

Maybe you’ve just been awarded a personal injury compensation payout because you used a good lawyer like Hasner Law, and you’re tempted to spend it all at once. 

Or maybe you are at struggling to budget for unexpected costs at college. 

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, budgeting is important to make your funds go as far as possible and to live the lifestyle you want to.

But often it’s about finding the right strategy for you. One of Scott and Livermore’s personal budgeting books, this bestseller offers practical tips for how to budget the right way.

You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

In this book, Sincero argues that wealth is a mindset that we need to adopt. Often we forget that there can be a lot of mental blocks preventing us from taking those first steps toward making our first million.

A lot of the time, this is about feeling that there is no point wasting any money in stocks or shares or crypto currency, nor is there any point in pursuing your business idea as you feel that there is little chance of it being successful. Maybe you are also not feeling confident enough to take the risk.

This book can help you get out of that defeatist mindset.

The Minimalist Budget Boxed Set by Simeon Lindstrom

Perhaps your goal is not to become rich but to create more space, time, and money in your life to pursue your interests.

This book can help you achieve this by thinking hard about what you need and what you don’t need and acting upon that. This is probably one of the best books on saving.

31 Days of Living Well and Spending Zero by Ruth Soukup

This is a classic book which that an interesting but useful premise. If you’ve spend too much in the past and regularly go over budget, take a month of spending nothing (or almost nothing) to bring your budget back under control or pay off any debts you might have.

It offers useful tips for how you can live a fulfilled life by cutting out the unnecessary things in your life and how you can get things you usually spend money on for free. 

Using a budgeting app might also help you achieve this. 

Best Budgeting Books: Find What’s Right for You

The best budgeting books out there are the ones that focus on something specific. This might be how you can reduce your budget so that you spend your time and money on living a more relaxed life or how you can save money to start your business empire.

If you are trying to improve your budgeting skills and are interested in finance then, be sure to check out our article on how to survive as an entrepreneur.


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