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I think we’d all agree that failure is an essential part of any hero’s journey. The challenge for many of us, however, is cultivating the perseverance to keep going when we don’t actually know where we’re headed.

Without a goal or clear objective, it’s easy to become failure averse – contracted into an organic “safemode” that clings to anything remotely stable or consistent.

Unfortunately, preserving our identity at all costs only serves to amplify the symptoms of our stuckness. We remain frozen, afraid to move at the risk of losing what we have worked so hard to become.

Enter: your very own research & development department. I believe one of the most underrated components of any successful business is the team responsible for exploring new avenues of innovation and creativity. They’re often the ones who blow all the cash on experiments that never get off the ground, but they’re also the ones who discover new ways to create value for expansion.

I’ve dedicated my twenties to living the process of r&d. I study, train, and work in surprisingly unrelated directions, all the while paying very close attention to the interplay between perceived success and failure. More often than not, failure actually catalyzes the most substantial growth, and reveals the next step to take.

At this point, I’m simply grateful to have spent the last decade playing in this space, and want to pay forward the opportunity. I’m giving $1000 cash to someone interested in running their own life experiment. No strings, no bs, just submit your plan here: I encourage you to think outside the box on this one…success or failure will not be defined by the outcome. Indulge the curiosity or inspiration that has lingered, patiently waiting to be explored. Take a trip, learn a skill, connect with new people, and focus on the process of discovery. Then, when you think you’ve figured it all out; rinse and repeat.

Keep up the fire, get crazy, and go big, period.

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