How to Bring Back The Spark in The Long Term Relationship!

How to Bring Back The Spark in The Long Term Relationship!

How to Bring Back The Spark in The Long Term Relationship!

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This is episode 099 of The MenProvement Podcast. In this episode of The Menprovement Podcast I interview Matthew Anderson.
You will learn something you will rarely learn in the pick up industry… how to keep the relationship fresh and maintain the spark!
FOR SINGLES – we are guys, we all want a girl, some of you may want to have huge quantity of them, but every now and then you will come across a dime piece your personal 10/10, what ever that may be for you… It’s that one mythological girl that you click with so well that you simply don’t feel like sleeping with other girls!
Well, what you then if you only majored in casual flings and one night stands?
The truth that a lot of principles that attracted the girl will not work in the actual relationship. What got you here may not get you there…
If you feel like you have to “game” your girlfriend, or resort to any sort of techniques and that will simply not work. I’ve been there, rules of the relationship that lasts are slightly different.
I don’t mean that you should turn into a little supplicating bitch that becomes his girlfriend’s personal ATM. Here is how I see it:
The paradox:
You essentially want to own your shit, be unattached, have a vision for yourself, don’t make a girl your #1 thing in life. Be the man, and kick ass in all areas of your life also establish firm boundaries in the relationship…
While simultaneously…
Be there for her fully and treat her like princess, provide for her, shower her with compliments, tell her “I love you” every day.
I think for majority of guys it is inconceivable to do both of those things in the same time. But the secret is in doing both of them, there’s a right ratio of both that keeps her coming for more. You want her without being needy for her.
Good analogy for it is sex.
What happens when in your bag of sexual tricks there is only Mr. Nice Guy moves? You take 30 minutes to caress and kiss all her body, you’re considerate and you never step out of the line. Well in a way it’s nice, but also it is boring.
The other extreme is being just a domineering crazy alpha male who chokes her. It will be quite fun, but it can be quite a bit too much for her to handle.
Be both! Don’t attach yourself to neither identity, respond the the necessity of the situation, that is the solution for all your problems my friend.
I know that from the experience, every time I mishandle my life I look for comfort from my girlfriend and she can sense that I need her and then she is less likely to give it to me… The hungry don’t get fed!
Handle your shit, be selfishly unattached, yet selflessly engaged. The truth lies in the middle.
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