First Steps in Brewing your own Beer

If there is one stereotype about men that is true or at least close to the truth, is the one that men love beer. We really do. There is nothing like a cold beer when the summer starts pounding on us.

These days, beer is making a comeback and people are learning about it, they are learning how to love it and drink it. Beer really deserves this. So, how do you take this one step further and become a real MenProvement man?

Well, you brew your own beer.

Learn Everything you Can

Beer brewing has a lot to do with experience and the trial and error process that can be long and daunting. However, you are much more likely to be successful if you dedicate some time to learning about beer and the brewing process beforehand.

The good news is that there is so much stuff out there on home brewing that you will have no troubles finding the data you need. There is ton of information on what you are interested precisely – brewing beer at home. Another great idea would be to talk to someone who is already doing it and who could show you in person how it is done.

Buy the Equipment

Depending on what type of beer you will be brewing, the amounts and the planned drinking of the beer, you will need to get your hands on more or less brewing equipment.

The basic equipment will involve nothing more than a brewing bucket and a bubbler with the optional siphon hose which will definitely come in handy. That’s all you need for your first batch! Of course, as you become more serious, your needs for brewing supplies will grow and you will be purchasing more serious equipment. No matter how much of it you are buying, make sure it is high-quality.

Find the Recipe

Before you do anything else, you need to find the recipe for your first beer. It will  depend on what kind of beer you like, but you should also remember that some brews are more difficult to make.

Some of them might also require some very particular ingredients that you might not want to bother with. Our advice would be to keep it simply when we’re talking your first brew.

You also need to consider what ingredients you will be able to find in your local brew store, although with online stores, this is no longer such a big issue.

Buy the Ingredients

The next step, quite logically, is purchasing the ingredients that you will need for your first brew. If you
have a local brew store, visit them and see what they have to offer.

This is a good idea because you will be able to ask the people who work there everything you want to know and they will also have invaluable advice for you. If your local store is poorly supplied or if you want something really special, you might want to go online and check with the big players.

Brewing and Enjoying It

We will not be giving you the exact procedure for brewing your first beer as we believe this is something that requires more than one or two paragraphs. We would only recommend that you do everything carefully and that you are patient.

Brewing a batch of beer usually requires about 2 weeks. Once it is done and you are certain it is potable, you can invite your friends over for a glass or two of your “firstborn”.

It will be a very special occasion and it is important to keep it light. In no time, you will become an expert in brewing your own beer and who knows, maybe you can make a business out of it.

AUTHOR: Arnold Bosh is a simple guy from Down Under who tries to enjoy every day like it was his last.
You know what they say, “All work and no play makes Arnold a dull boy”.


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