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how to break out of a mediocre life

This is a guest post by Sebastian RöltgenSebastian writes on about self-improvement in a blunt and straightforward manner. He’s also the author of the book Beat Your Laziness.

Do you want to quit 9-5 and live an exciting life, but don’t have the balls for it?

I have been in your shoes. I was pissing my life away as a banker. I knew right from the beginning that I had to get out of there. But whenever I wanted to cut the shit, I chickened out.

I realized that growing a pair takes more than a motivational speech. I experienced that it’s a process, not an event.

If you want to do life-altering shit, you need to small step your way. It doesn’t matter if it’s quitting 9-5 or getting more girls. You need to fly under the radar of your mind.

Your mind doesn’t give a shit about your desires or dreams. It tries to keep you stable the way you are. Whether you like the current you or not is completely irrelevant.

With the enemy in the own rows, you need to be clever. You need to trick your mind.

Start out small and earn some spikes on your shoulders. Go further from there. Not too far from now you’ll be ready for the big things.

There is no alternative to slow and steady. Rocking your life in two years is better than never doing it.

Use the following activities to train yourself. Use them to small-step your way. You will grow stronger every fucking day. Not too far from now, you will have the balls for the life-altering shit.

How do I know? I speak from experience. It’s how it went for me!

1. Brainwash Yourself

Society has conditioned you with the mindset of a mediocre loser. “Be a good boy, get yourself a degree, work until retirement, and die eventually”. To escape the circle of doom, you need to brainwash yourself with strong beliefs.

a) Read everything successful men have written. The author of a kick-ass book needed a lifetime to gain his knowledge. Then he spent months writing it down. And you lucky sucker can benefit for a couple of bucks. Never be greedy when it comes to books. I read about 1-3 per week.

b) Build yourself a strong environment. Your environment either makes or breaks you. Surround yourself with people who have already walked the walk. If everybody around you is doing crazy shit, you’ll be far more likely to do the same. Your environment will fire you up to do the impossible. Not achieving your goals must be completely out of your reality.

2. Travel Solo

Traveling solo is a tremendous activity. You will learn about different cultures. You will see how other people survive without a job. And you will experience dangerous and uncomfortable situations. It will build your character.

Get some experience under your belt, and grow from there. My first solo trip was to the US. I researched for weeks, and planned every single little detail. I was nervous and scared. Today I book a one-way ticket to countries like Brazil or Colombia and see what’s going to happen.

3. Do Cold-Approach Pickup

Cold approach pickup is life-altering shit. It will teach you how to handle fear, rejection, embarrassment, and failure. Whenever life is challenging you, your training will kick in. The spillover effects will be tremendous. Even after years of doing it, I still get a kick out of it. Approach at least one hot girl each day. No excuses. You will earn the mindset of a warrior. And by the way, you’ll have sex with hot chicks.

4. Take Cold Showers

Cold water has a magic potency. It transforms even the biggest pussy into a warrior. Hardened from the cold water, life will become easy for you. Whatever is challenging today, it will be an easy walk for you after you’ve mastered cold showering. Take a cold shower first thing in the morning. No baby stepping, no tiptoeing, and no lukewarm water! I haven’t missed a cold shower in over a year! So shut the fuck up and do it. There are no exactable excuses for not doing it.

5. Get Up Early at 5am

Getting up early is fucking uncomfortable. Doing it anyway will teach you discipline and willpower. It allows you to start every single day with a victory. Whatever bullshit happens during the day, nobody can take the early victory from you. Baby-step your way to 5 am by doing 30 minutes shifts every second day.

6. Meditate

Mediation is neither some spiritual woo-woo, nor has it anything to do with enlightening. It is the one tool to control your thoughts and emotions.

– Do you worry about tomorrow?

– Do you regret past decisions?

– Is your inner voice producing negative thoughts?

Meditation will fix your problems. It will train your mind to be calm and present in the moment. It will tune out your nagging inner voice. Sit down for twenty minutes and observe your thoughts. Baby-step your way to the twenty minutes. That’s all it takes. Do it directly after getting up. Try it for a couple of weeks and you’ll shit bricks about the results.

7. Play Live Poker

Live Poker is badass shit. It won’t make you filthy rich. You probably won’t earn a single dime. So why bother? You’ll gain an invaluable skillset from sitting on the poker table. You will learn how to handle losing money, how to handle failure, make decisions under pressure, and handle people who want to see you lose and suffer. I’ve learnt more about being a badass on the poker table than anywhere else.

8. Use Leverage

Set yourself a tough deadline for quitting 9-5 or whatever sick plans you might have. Give your accountability buddy 10,000$. That’s money that he’ll piss away if you fail your goal. I use leverage whenever it get’s tough. Trust me, it will steer your ass into the right direction!


Breaking out of a mediocre life won’t happen overnight. It demands relentless training. Train yourself every single day! Not too long from now you’ll be doing the life-altering shit.


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  1. Using foul language does not make an article interesting. Case in point. If makes you sound like a fool.

      • I do agree with Roberto, I love this website and read through it every day trying to discover new things and trying out those things as well. Like drinking water in the morning in stead of going for a coffee first thing. I just finished the morning routine article and I’m definitely going to try it, starting tomorrow. This article, after the many I have read on this website, is a little disappointing and that is – I think – due to the language used. I like the idea behind the article but it would have been better written in proper language.

        • Thanks for the honest opinion Tim, and thankyou even more for the kind words on the website.

          I do agree with you, and although I do not use foul language myself, and do not want to censor, I will try to keep the language on guest posts down and make that a requirement.

          Really do appreciate it, I am glad you are finding things helpful and starting a morning routine is awesome, congrats. If there is anything you would like to see on here let me know.

          – Sean

    • Valid point,

      I think what Sebastian is getting at is a lot of guys settle for average, and even though they are not happy at their jobs, they never do anything about it. Of course some people love their jobs, 9-5 or not, so this isn’t for everyone.

      But as far as breaking out for what, I guess anything you want. What ever your passion is.

      For me, I broke out of my 9-5 to pursue my passions, which are life coaching, growing my own brand, and helping other men do the same A.K.A this website.

      But the sky’s the limit. I think that these things he mention’s in this article will help you to break out of your comfort zone and the social norms of what people feel like they have to do (i.e: working at a bank when you don’t want to, coming home watching tv, going to bed; repeat), in pursuit of a dream.


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