Bravado. You Need It, Buddy.

It’s not uncommon to see people categorize bravado as a negative trait. This is especially true with how characters that are full of bravado are… well… “full of it”.
It’s stereotypes like Johnny Bravo, Thor (before his trip to Earth), Tony Stark, and even the Emperor’s Children from the Warhammer 40k universe. If you want a real life example, you might as well use President Trump as an example. Regardless of your political views, you might want to read what this article has to say about bravado. It’s actually good for you, gents. 
The primary benefit of having a bit of bravado isn’t necessarily the theatrics that stem from it, as annoying to some as these theatrics may be. But, when you have real bravado, real confidence in your abilities, this seemingly trivial trait might also be the way that you push yourself to exceed your own limitations, and in the process, discover that you weren’t even at your peak.
Young Men Shouldn’t Be Reverent
When you look at an opponent and say to yourself that you can beat him, you’re already priming yourself for that objective. When you tell your boss that yes, you can indeed complete a heavy workload, you’re priming your mind for that purpose. When you say that you’re going to lift extra heavy at the gym, you’re priming your muscles toward that purpose.
The Inner Push
This self-motivation is unique in the sense that you don’t necessarily get any rewards for it other than bragging rights. But for some people, this is more than enough to get them to outperform themselves. And even when there are times that during their rational state, they think that they can’t do a certain task, with a bit of bravado, suddenly, the task becomes a possibility. And when something becomes a possibility, you start to plan how to make it achievable. 
When you say you’re going to get something, even when you don’t have the resources to get it yet, you prime yourself into taking actionable steps to make that possible, whether it’s a nice car, or something like these unique engagement rings to impress your girlfriend, or if it’s a better job. 
These are all things that require a bit of extra push to pull off, and without a bit of bravado, that shout of defiance to the gods that you’re going to change your fate, you might not even think that these are things that you’d be able to achieve.
It Is An Aspiration, Vocalized
When you actually let other people know what you intend to achieve, and to know that there are people who are betting for you and against you helps motivate you to achieve your objective.

There is real power in words and in pride. But these are important because they also pave the way for deeper emotions. These emotions are conviction, courage, and determination. The conviction to set yourself on a path of your choosing, the courage to take the first step on that path, and the determination to stay on that path even when things are difficult. Do not be meek, gentlemen. Be bold and daring.

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