According to a 2017 report by the Washington Post, at least one in eight adults in the United States are alcoholics. It might not be as alarming as in other countries. But one thing’s for sure, alcohol dependency is still as much a public health issue as cigarette smoking. 

We can look no further than the effects of alcoholism on individuals and their families. This doesn’t take into account the numerous crimes that have been committed under the influence. Indeed, alcoholism is taking its toll on decent people. Because apart from the health-related problems it entails, its social impact shouldn’t go unnoticed.  

For some, drinking heavily is a lifestyle choice that could easily be reversed. But this doesn’t consider the number of former alcoholics who relapse within a year or two. It’s either the dependency has become too severe or that nothing substantial has been done to fully address the issue.

At any rate, if you, a friend, or a family member decides on treating your addiction to the bottle, you may need to apply these crucial steps:

1. Acknowledge the problem

The worst thing you can do when you’re already at a point where your alcoholism has reached a critical level is to keep denying that you have a problem outright. That said, you should be able to admit that the problem exists and it’s affecting your relationships and, more importantly, your health. Never sweep it under the rug. It only gets even more severe if you allow it to fester.

2. Talk to your loved ones

You can only assume a tough-guy persona for so long, but when it comes to facing the demons that are haunting your life, you will need to develop an effective support system. So, after admitting that you’re facing a serious problem, you may need to talk with friends or family members about it. Opening yourself up to the very people who are close to you should get you started on the way towards recovering.

3. Join a small group discussion

Aside from people you are familiar with, you may want to join a local small group where recovering alcoholics can share their experiences with each other. This should provide you with a larger space to air out your frustrations and how alcoholism affects every aspect of your life. For sure, sharing these emotions with people who are going through the same thing is a great way to lift your self-esteem as you get rid of this self-destructive habit.

4. Look for the right rehab center

In cases of severe alcoholism, you may want to consider undergoing rehabilitation where you can undergo safe and effective methods for treating your alcoholism. There are thousands of rehab centers in the United States. North Carolina, for one, has several with the most prominent being, which offers numerous treatment methods that are affordable and aim to prevent a relapse.

Alcohol addiction requires intervention. Alcoholics can’t do it alone. Sure enough, these tips should help them take the first step towards recovering.


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