Like everybody else, I suffer the pain of having to pry myself out of my bed so I can actually put on pants.

I also lose motivation to continue my work assignments after a deliciously heavy Mediterranean lunch with a buddy in cubicle #5, and sometimes I just feel meh.

Meh. You know? In these moments, I can’t sustain or develop any energy for the life of me. You’ve been in these circumstances too?

High-five through the screen. You got a friend in me, dude.

However, no matter how much I want to crawl back into slumber or just sit like a rock on the common room couch after lunch in the office – these events just aren’t possible most of or all the time. I need energy to keep going – otherwise, I violently crash and burn.

Through many trials and errors, and a surprisingly wonderful hot bath, I figured out the next seven tips are genuinely going to boost energy levels and help you survive. I had my success with these ways, so don’t be afraid to try them out too.

1) Cut Down or Abandon Caffeine Altogether (It Sounds Blasphemous I Know…)

When you stagger into the office at 8AM, the coffee machine calls your name. However, you must resist the urge to pour yourself a cup and only drink it on occasion. Did you know that drinking coffee in excess can actually lead to an addiction for it and disturb the quality of sleep you get every night?

Like a drug, our brains can go haywire for coffee and become extremely dependent and addicted to its roasted goodness as evidence from research done by Dr. Ronald Griffiths and Dr. Eric Strain, two doctors from the John Hopkins School of Medicine.

Over time, your body beings to depend on caffeine as its main source of energy, leaving you feeling sluggish, insanely tired, and even cranky when you don’t have your fix. It’s a very unpleasant withdrawal period.

I can testify to that because when I decided to go on a caffeine-cleanse I was deathly irritable for a week straight and had an episode yelling at my cat for knocking over and breaking my favorite “Breaking Bad” mug one Tuesday morning.

I tried not to see it as a tragic event though, since it was my main coffee mug. Baby steps. Right? Now, quitting coffee has more pros and cons. You diminish any existing anxiety, lower blood pressure, and unsurprisingly save money (those Americanos with three shots every morning can get really expensive).

Instead of relying on coffee, seek more natural alternatives, such as exercise, healthy eating, and sunshine to give you an extra boost and kick in the morning. You will find that you don’t need all those shots and cups to keep you going.

Embrace the caffeine-free zen!

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2) With The Previous Tip in Mind, Take Care to Sleep a Certain Amount of Time Every Night

Preventing yourself from getting a solid seven to nine hours of snooze will do you more harm than good. Don’t be a part of the 40% of Americans who skip out on the recommended amount of sleep. According to this study, by catching up on Z’s, not only do you feel ready to take on the day with fervor, you also strengthen your immune system and can definitely say goodbye to sickness and fatigue.

If you are prone to headaches, nausea, and even an upset digestive system – they won’t be a problem for you as often anymore if you just turn off the day and let yourself drift off into dreamland.


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3) Hit The Gym, Pump Some Iron, And Follow in Usain Bolt’s Stead on The Treadmill

Besides keeping you swell and helping your gains, exercise literally pumps you up. Thanks to all the endorphins rushing through your veins, your mood gets an uplifted turn as well! According to this research, an increase in oxygen flows through your brain and organs too, thus encouraging and allowing them to function at optimum levels.

It really would be doing our bodies a disservice if we didn’t exercise! It sounds counter-intuitive, but exercising more will actually make you feel more energized! Regardless of whatever exercise you do – whether it’s deadlifting more than half your body weight or surpassing five miles on the treadmill – you can bet that wearing yourself out will better prepare you for the day ahead.

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4) Make Some Love to Your Beautiful Lady

After the day is done and you come home, sweep your stunning woman off her feet. Sex can kick-start your brain back to life and rewire you biologically to feel completely alive. You’ve probably noticed this, but a lack of energy can affect your sex drive along with other things. If you would rather sleep than make love to your wonderful woman, something is amiss in your body and stress levels.

Besides getting back into the bliss of intimacy, you have a new reason to try new things and be more adventurous in the bedroom now. Be forewarned though: you might have a limitless amount of energy now because of this tip.

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5) Soak Up Some Sunshine

It doesn’t matter if you wish to frolic, run, or stand firm in appreciation of the sunshine. Vitamin D is a wonderful and natural energy booster that motivates you to not only step out into the sunshine and literally brighten your day but soak up some much needed serotonin – a chemical in our bodies that elevate our mood and decrease our stress levels – much like endorphins.

Alex Korb, neuroscientist, says that your eyes react to sunlight which sends signals to your brain to produce and regulate serotonin.  After a busy week, take a run or walk along the beach, hike on a trail with your dog, or even enjoy some much needed alone time pondering your next big entrepreneurial move while watching the sun rise or set.

6) Consume Healthy Food

When that intense wave of starvation hits you at 10AM at work, combat your hunger by consuming healthy food as opposed to random snacks in the kitchen cabinets or a random candy bar from a coworker. Gorging on whatever food you can get your hands on sounds like a great idea, but if junk food is your go-to, it’s just going to leave you lethargic and make you develop a possible addiction to it.

Opt for magnesium-rich foods and complex carbs! If you’re low on vitamins, taking supplements is also a great way to get some much needed nutrition in. Amino acid supplements are fantastic to include in your diet, for example. Our body is made of up 20% protein, all of which is made up by amino acids.

They aid in prime organ functioning, repairing muscle tissue, and creating natural enzymes in our bodies that regenerate cells so we can continuously pump iron at the gym or handle normal physical labor.

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7) Take a Quick Cold Shower or Lay Back in a Relaxing Bath

Need an instant wake up? Hop in the shower and lower the temperature. By taking a shower in cold water, you can immediately jumpstart your nerves into action. Think of it as cannonballing into a refreshing pool in the summer to get your nerves alive and awake.

Now let’s bring our attention to the next part of this tip: taking a bath. Who says men cannot indulge with a minty bath bomb and lavender bath salts? Unwinding in a bath loosens up your muscles, melts all your troubles away, and clears your mind in an incredibly therapeutic way.

But wait – how does this boost your energy levels, you ask? Well, bathing completely de-stresses you and even promotes regulated blood flow so your body can’t help but feel energized, according to Philip Hooper, a researcher from McKee Medical Center in Colorado, thus enabling you to either make the choice to relax or hit the bar with the guys late at night since you’re squeaky clean and invigorated.

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Oh, hey – you’ve reached the end of this guide. I hope you didn’t fall asleep during your lunch break reading it.

But no matter, you are now better equipped at boosting your energy levels more than you were at the beginning of this article!

To Summerize

Instead of feeling like a slave to tiredness, you know exactly why you need to:

  1. Limit Your Coffee Intake,

2) Sleep For an Adequate Amount of Time

3) Channel Your Inner Warrior at The Gym

4) Frequently Have Sex

5) Enjoy The Great Outdoors

6) Eat a Delicious Meal That’s Good For You

7) Have no Shame Taking a Pampering Shower or Soaking in The Bathtub

The aforementioned tips will never fail to keep you feeling alive, highly energized, and ready to take on the world. Now, get out there and carpe the hell out of this diem!


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