Immersive Music Experience and Performance as a Concept

So if you have been on the internet for any appreciable amount of time, you have inevitably come across the term “binaural beats” or “binaural music”. If you’ve listened to any of it without some sort of previous understanding than you likely thought that it was some sort of kooky meditation chime, however, there are some real benefits to binaural beats that you can start taking advantage of today.

While many of you may be approaching this with a degree of skepticism (which is understandable), hear us out and you just may change your mind.

What Are Binaural Beats?

In essence, binaural music, (or binaural beats) is a type of sound product that can be used to put the mind into a desired state of consciousness.

It’s important to know that the “binaural” aspect of binaural music is actually somewhat misleading. The actual music itself isn’t actually binaural, that is, it doesn’t necessarily pertain to sounds that are heard with both ears.

Binaural music is actually mixed with certain types of other music with specific binaural technology to create and induce a particular effect on the brain.

So let’s look at this more closely.

Now Some Science

Our brains predominantly operate at frequencies around 1-30 hz, with frequencies during sleep being at the lower end of that range and frequencies during periods of high alertness being at the high end of the range.

By introducing frequencies that are outside that range, we can change the state of the mind. For example, to induce a sense of relaxation on the brain, one could introduce frequencies of about 5 Hz until the brain begins to match this frequency with its brain waves.

The problem however, is this

The normal hearing range for humans is about 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. What that means is that if a signal (sound) is introduced to the brain at a frequency lower to that, the human ear won’t be able to hear it. That’s where binaural music comes in.

Using binaural beats, a different frequency is introduced to each ear through headphones. For example, a 400 Hz signal may be presented to one ear and a 405 Hz signal is presented to the other. When this happens, our brain is able to split the difference and process the combined sound as a 5 Hz signal. The result is a calming effect on the brain.

This is really quite an amazing process.  The brain is able to take two signals within the audible range, subtract one from the other, and process the difference within our brains, without the need of our ears (which, as mentioned, cannot hear such a low frequency).

In binaural music, regular music is combined with binaural beats, allowing us to listen to music that is pleasing to the ear while the binaural effect works on our brains in the background.  This can be very useful in helping to calm the mind and relax us, inducing a sense of relaxation, well-being and even encouraging sleep and a meditative state.

For more information about binaural beats or binaural music, there are many online resources you can consult websites such as, and of course you can always just check out YouTube.

How to Use This Information

Now we all know the old saying that “knowledge without action is wasted” so what can you start doing with this information today?

Simple, use it to manipulate your state.

Tony Robbins, the famous high performance coach said that the best way to gaurantee a successful life is to keep yourself in a beautiful state. And now in addition to posture, breathing, incantations, and diet, you have another tool in your arsenal to put and keep yourself in state


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