The fitness industry is what its name says – an industry. When certain people sense that they can make a lot of profit, they do not hesitate to do it in a way that is unprofessional and unethical.

What I am trying to say is that, when you happen to pick up a high-selling fitness magazine, it is probably going to be packed with myths and misleading information. And you might realize along the way that the stuff we have been taught through magazines was wrong to begin with. Some fitness myths are slowly fading away, but are still present and have a strong influence on a wide audience. These are the ones you probably run into most often.

Running Will Make You Fit

Strength training will make you look strong and muscular. Running (jogging) will get you built like a runner. Runners have a slight bone structure and are light weight. It is not a general fitness activity, but a sport. If you are not prepared for it, and have not started strength training, you may suffer an injury. You need to learn how to be a great runner, for you need to be fit to run, not run to get fit. Thus, it will probably cause you more harm than good if you set off unprepared, especially if you are a woman with wide hips.

What You Eat vs How Much You Eat

They say that both are very important when trying to lose weight. However, when attempting to lose fat, it is all about the amount of calories that are going in and out of your body. And it is quite simple – you have to burn more calories than you consume.

The quality of your food benefits your overall health, so if what you eat is also healthy, your progress may be slightly increased. On the other hand, you can also gain weight in no time if you eat too much healthy food. Just look at sumo wrestlers. They completely avoid junk food and eat healthy every day, but are built like the Michelin Man.

You Will Lose Belly Fat By Working On An Ab Machine

These devices might help you improve your posture, and build up and strengthen the midsection muscles. If you want to see your abdominal muscles, you must decrease the overall percentage of your body fat. Otherwise, you will not see those ab muscles. Ab crunches actually cannot help you lose that belly fat, because you cannot simply choose an area where you would like to burn fat. It means that you are not going to target fat loss in that area by doing crunches.

Supplements Are A Waste Of Money

Yes, there are supplements with harmful components that sell well due to a good marketing strategy. However, there are many effective nutritional gym supplements that will do you good and help you maximize your overall health and physical performance. Do your own research on the substances that add up to your health, and then check the list of ingredients on the labels when you go supplement shopping.

Your Training Is Not Hard Enough If You Are Not Working Up A Sweat

Secreting sweat is your body’s way of cooling itself, and it is not necessarily an indicator of physical effort. Calories can be burnt even by doing simple activities such as walking, dancing, and even light weight training. You are working out to get fit, not to be prepared for a crossfit competition, these two things are not the same. Your goal should not be to get completely and utterly exhausted after training, that will make you feel tired like a racing horse.

You Are Not Overdoing It If You Feel OK While Working Out

Doing too much too soon is one of the biggest mistakes people tend to make when returning to or starting an exercise program. It happens because they feel pretty well while working out. However, the “overdoing it” part happens only a few days later.

Never try to duplicate past workout intensity, no matter how well you feel after an absence when you return to your training routine. If you do not feel it then, you most probably will in time, and that can lead to injuries and taking you out of the game again.

Squats Do Harm To Your Knees

Possibly the greatest untruth you can come across. Full squats are good for your knees, and this myth’s time of death still cannot be predicted. When performing squats, the top of your thighs need to be parallel with the ground or lower.

These squats are deep squats. While you are doing them, make sure you stay on your heels as much as you can. Do not worry about having bad knees in old age, squatting will not affect their health negatively in any way.

Fitness magazines are there more to entertain, than to supply edification. All in all, they are not all bad. They have their positives and negatives, for they manage to inspire many people to pursue healthier lifestyles and motivate them to continue working out. However, they should be viewed accordingly.


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