We recently had a post: The 100 best ass pictures on the web.

This post sparked mayhem, as some guys loved the ass we displayed, but some guys were angry. The requested some big ass. As we went more for shape and proportion. And fair enough. There is nothing quite like a big ass.

So we made another article, showcasing the world best big butts. we showered the web, and we don;t think there are any better big booty pictures out there. So sit back, relax and judge us all you want.

Thanks now enjoy some ass.

And even though these butts are big, there are still nice. There no cottage cheese in this album. if you’re looking for that go to walmart.

When you’re done with this album: Click here to check out the 50 best boobs on the plant. (you’re welcome)

big butts

These butts are sublime. Each one bigger than the last. No complaints here.

best ass in the world

THIS is what I think of when I think big ass. This thing is perfectly shaped I just want to bite it!


The only thing bigger than this ass is the hands that made those prints. Is this shah’s GF?

awesome butt

A big butt on a white girl. To me, there is nothing better.


That butt can be used as a flotation device! Wow.


That looks to nice to be real. I question photoshop but no doubt she earned a top spot on the biggest asses in the world list.


This isn’t the biggest butt of them all, but it’s got some incredible muscle tone to it. Plus it’s swallowing up that thong like it’s nobodies business.


This is a woman. So beautiful and such a lovely ass. Wife material for sure.


She’s packing heat in the back and she’s got big boobs to match. Respect.


I like it a lot. I think I’ going to go on a world tour looking for the best big butts not he planet. Who’s coming with me?


You’re gonna need a bigger tape measure for that fat ass girl. And she’s got back dimples! Marry me!



This is absurd. This but is so big you’d have to be a pornstar to even penetrate her doggystyle.




This is where I draw the line. This girls butt is good, but even a centimeter bigger and she’s got too much junk in the trunk.


Dam! The white girls are showing up in this gallery. That is a big old butt.


I am more than thankful for whoever invented yoga pants. Yoga pants and a big ass go together like spaghetti and meatballs.


This is what my backyard is going to look like soon. One fat ass after another.


Great looking girl. Great looking boobs (like these). Awesome looking butt.


My lord, how is that even standing up by itself. You could balance a cup on it!


This girl must have heard me! That’s a thing of beauty. I think being able to balance a cup on your ass might be all my GF’s new requirements.

big butt in yoga pants

I respect the yoga pants. Hard not to make a booty popup in those things.


Mmm. I love white women with junk in the trunk. A thing of beauty.



I feel for this chick. Her ass is too big to fit into any jeans and she has to make makeshift thongs out of scarves. Or is that a tattoo?!



This picture was obviously taken in Brazil. Home of the biggest butts on the planet.


For how big this butt is, I am amazed that there is no cellulite. This girl is a genetic freak.


I’ll take this Zerba to the safari anyway. (what does that even mean?) This girl is pretty and she’s got booty for days.




Not only does she have one of the biggest asses I have ever seen, but her waist is insanely small. Those yoga pant’s are about to burst and I would love to be there to see it happen.

perfect ass

This girl must have the lowest center of gravity in the world. She must need custom jeans for that big butt.

sexy ass on an older woman

Hello mam, you are MILF material (or GLIF material) for sure.

sexy white girl with a fat ass

Another white girl with a fat ass. The thing about white girls is when their butts are big, they are huge , and I respect that.


Someone get me to the beach!


She must work out..


That is a big sandy ass that I got get down with.

That’s it for out big ass gallery. But if these big butts turned you on then keep reading. Below I outline the science behind why guys love girls with big butts so much.

Why Men Love Big Ass:

I saw a really interesting article on MTV news the other day which explained in great detail why men love women with big butts.

Essentially it comes down to evolution and your primal coding.

“The reason narrow waists and broad hips are so prized — the reason males rate these as being attractive, even though they don’t have any insight into why they do — is two-fold,” he said. “It means, if a woman has a narrow waist, she’s not pregnant. And if she has broad hips it means that the underlying skeletal morphology is probably such that she’d be able to have a relatively unencumbered childbirth.”

In other word and woman with a small waist and big booty is a sign to your reptilian brain that she is ready to bear child. You’re coded to reproduce so this is why it drives you wild. I thought that was pretty cool.

For More Big Butts:

If you want more big butts check out our article, The 100 Best Ass Pictures on The Web.

There are definitely some pictures in that one that could hold their own against these girls, but I didn’t want to oversaturate it.

But since I love you, check out some big butt videos below:

Big butt compilation via youtube


The sole purpose of this article is to get you horny as fuck and then realize that you’re better than sitting behind the computer fapping and jacking off. (Seriously you should stop fapping)

I can teach you how to get girls with big booties like these. I guarantee it.

If you want to learn more, and stop staring at ass on the screen and see it in real life while it’s sitting on your face then subscribe below to get started for free.


  1. Hello admin,I suggest if you really want to see big butts..visit Africa…Ghana or Nigeria..u will surely forget Brazil when u do.

    • Ya we don’t want sloppy droopy ass that’s why this guy picked these girls an ur not picking em cause if that was the case we might as well look at some national geographic orangutan titties

  2. Thanks so much for putting that group of women together. I conquer with you one hundred percent you have put together the prototype. I’ll reiterate thanks again and let me see you your next 50-100 you not only found the best Butt’s they were beautiful as well.

  3. I love Ass it turns me on I would take a Woman who has a perfect Ass and let’s me play with when I want no Bitching I would be in Haven Even if she like her asshole eaten I would
    she could be flat chested I don’t care a perfect booty and

  4. I love big booty girls so much that at times I even become nervous am near them. I wish I could get connected to one of them.


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