Best ways of Marijuana Detox

Cannabis detox before a test can be a stressful situation to find yourself in, but amongst the several alternatives there are, it is recommendable to stick with a more natural choice rather than pills or online hacks.

If you’re looking into Detox, there are plenty of options and products that can help you, but what’s the most effective one? What’s the safest or healthiest one for your body? These questions should be your compass if you’re thinking about undergoing a detox regime.

A key aspect of detox is the amount of cannabis you consume, as heavy users tend to take longer to break down the toxins in the body. Keep in mind that age, BMI (weight) and gender may also influence your personal and natural flushing. Nevertheless, you should take a detox method with prior knowledge of the time of your drug test, here the best tips and tricks on how to fully clean your body from THC are described.

What is Detox? Is Marijuana Dependence Real? 

Detoxification is the process your system undergoes when cleansing and breaking down the toxins and its traces after consuming any sort of substance, in this case, getting rid of the THC in your body would be the goal.

A big part of a successful detox period is to abstain from consuming marijuana it is key so the body can successfully flush toxins and remains of THC from your blood and system. This process can involve unpleasant symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety 
  • Mood Swings 
  • Lack of Appetite 
  • Lack of sleep 

These symptoms may be related to certain marijuana dependence, and even though cannabis doesn’t contain a specifically addictive component, regular or heavy use of it causes a habit that may be hard to get rid of for some people.

There is also an ongoing debate on whether cannabis is or isn’t responsible for withdrawal symptoms, but it seems to point out that withdrawal may occur when blending marijuana with other substances such as tobacco.

Faulty and Masking Methods 

The online community is often the go-to source for detox methods, but this also means that faulty or masking methods (those that simply do not cleanse your body of toxins) are inherent to many alternatives that can be found online.

For example, the excessive water consumption, cranberry and pickle juice methods as well as vinegar, and niacin methods may all help speed up the detoxification progress but aren’t the final solution to clean your system from THC.

While these methods may prove useful, the right way to completely detox your body is to abstain from consuming and engaging in more healthy eating and exercising habits.

On another hand, many people fall in excessive behaviors while undergoing these regimes and may eventually suffer from poisoning or any sort of side effects induced by the chosen cleansing method. The detox process should be made within an established time parameter of at least a week for light and regular consumers so the body can thoroughly clean its system. To help with this, also, could detox drinks, read on this page about their classification and medical healing.

How Long Does Cannabis Remain in my Body?

Marijuana’s remains in your system are called metabolites which are cannabinoids, and their traces can be found in your hair, saliva, fingernails, blood, and urine.

There is a reason why urine tests are the most famous and occurred drug tests, and it is because metabolites are stored longer in it. Since urine flushes toxins and impurities, it is the ideal place to examine what’s going on in your body.

Now depending on your cannabis habits metabolites or THC can stay longer in your system. Here’s a time table of how long do metabolites remain in your body and display in a drug test as THC-COOH, note this is based on the last time consumed basis.

  • Irregular consumers tend to display from 1 to 4 days
  • Regular or common users can display up to a week
  • Heavy and routine consumers can display up to 21 days

Another important factor of the detox process is your weight and body fat, as THC builds up in the fat tissue, lighter people tend to host metabolites for a shorter period of time than heavier people. 

Effective Natural Detox Routines 

1: Abstain from consuming marijuana during at least a month, as long as you consume metabolites and cannabinoids will remain in your bloodstream and urine. The flushing process cannot begin until cannabis is out of the picture. 

2: Exercising regularly is one of the most effective things you can do along with drinking a generous amount of water. Cardio exercise bolsters your metabolism and since THC stores in fat cells this will help you break down this remains faster. 

It also helps ease up the transition of those who quit cold turkey on cannabis thanks to production of anandamide, also known as “the bliss molecule”.

3: Drinking water in generous amounts is also a good boost for the flushing process, while it may not necessarily speed up the process, it helps stabilizing the flush of toxins in a more regular way. 

4:  Take on a healthy diet. Vegetables and greens in general pick up your metabolism due to their high iron and vitamin values. Among the most recommended veggies to include in your diet, spinach, kale and broccoli are the most effective. Natural cereals such as granola and dry fruits can also prove great in between meals appetizers, also, beans and unenriched wheat can prove helpful to your cleansing diets.

A key trait on a healthy diet during detox is that they help stabilize your mood thus easing up what could be a rather unsettling time.

These steps guarantee a thorough detoxification thanks to their more natural take on your body, but the most important fact is that it doesn’t involve any risks. With these, you’re leaving the job to your metabolism and pretty much staying away from risky chemicals.

Many people who purchase detox kits or use methods found online may be risking their health.

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