How To Find The Best Protein Powder In Three Easy Steps

Protein powders are becoming more and more popular every year.  The statistics are showing us that the protein industry will be a multi-billion dollar industry in 2019. Because of the popularity of protein powders, many people are trying to profit off the sale of them.
Every day it seems a new company comes out selling protein powder like whey, milk, protein blends, and vegan proteins like rice, pea, soy, and lentil.  For the consumer, deciding which protein powder to buy is very difficult because there are so many brands claiming that they have the best protein powder.
How does the consumer know which brand to use when all business’ selling protein powder are claiming that there is the best?  As a protein expert of 20 years, I have listed a few simple things to look for to help the consumer know who exactly has high-quality protein powder, low-quality protein powder, and who has the best.  


The first step in finding the best whey protein or vegan protein is to look at the ingredients.  Unflavored protein powders are the best. Even though most protein powders are flavored, look for the ones that are unflavored, like an excellent unflavored whey protein isolate.  When a protein powder is unflavored, you are paying for nothing but protein powder and you are not paying for flavorings, addictive, and artificial sweeteners and artificial colors like Yellow #5 and Red #50 that could be very harmful to one’s health.   

Protein Percentage 

The next step to find the best protein powder is to buy one that has the highest protein percentage.  The protein percentage is the actual amount of protein per 100 grams of powder.
Protein powders can never be 100 grams of protein out of 100 grams of powder.  The closest thing you will have is 98%. However, the best protein powder will commonly range a little above 90%. An unflavored whey protein isolate will typically have a protein percentage of 90% or higher.
A flavored whey protein isolate will have a protein percentage of around 80%. Which means it has 10% less protein! When you start to look at the heavily flavored protein powders, they will range between 60% and 75% protein.  
That means if you buy a five-pound container of chocolate flavored whey protein and it has 30 grams of protein per 40 grams serving size you are only getting 75% protein.
Which means 1 pound of the powder in that 5 lbs container of protein powder is just additives and flavoring!  That is why the best protein powder is always unflavored. You can always add your flavoring very easily. To make chocolate, all you need to do is add some cocoa and stevia or sugar.

Protein Type

The final step to make sure you are buying the best protein powder is to look at the actual type of protein being used.  A couple of years ago research scientist established a new way to score the quality of protein powders. About 20 years ago it used to be biological value.  
Then the PER, and then the PDCAA following after that. Now we have the DIAA, which stands for the digestible indispensable amino acid score. At the top of the list is milk protein isolate.  Milk protein isolate ranks on the top because it is the least processed and is very easy to use by the human body after that is whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate.
Further down the list are casein protein powder and egg white.  Then there are the vegan protein powders like rice, pea, and soy. Hydrolyzed protein powders were not listed on the DIAA, and that makes me feel they have never been tested. I think if they were they would rank high on the list, possibly higher than milk protein isolate; therefore if you are looking for the best protein powder, you want to go with a milk protein isolate.  
Milk protein isolate is not a very popular protein powder in the sports nutrition industry because whey protein has been marketed as being the best protein powder. Only a few companies sell milk protein isolate. One company that has a native protein blend containing milk protein isolate is
They have been in business for 20 years, and this protein that they sell comes from the Netherlands.  Which means this protein powder is grass fed and hormone free which is another bonus. On top of that, the protein percentage is around 85%, and it is unflavored. This meets my three criteria for finding the best protein powder.

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