The Best New Men's Fragrances Launches For Spring 2017

In case you’ve been tempted to update your fragrance wardrobe with something different from the regular old favorite. The spring of 2017 has in store for you a brand new collection of fragrances to be launched. Well, luckily some of them are already available as well. However, trust us, these fancier, fresher and altogether more contemporary fragrances will leave you mesmerized and compelled to ditch your current scent. So, better proceed with caution to know more about those scents worth sniffing out this spring season.

Dior Homme Sport

Dior Homme Sport is one those top colognes for men who every now and then likes to reinvent and rediscover itself for its worldwide audience. Thus, they replaced their previously reformulated fragrance with a new edition this February, guided by the idea of a fast and dynamic lifestyle. Along with it, the bottle got renovated too with a softer color liquid and a more refined packaging.

Frederic Malle Outrageous

Inspired by Brazilian Caipirinha cocktail, this creation of Sophia Grojsman and acclaimed perfumer is a gender neutral fragrance which is vibrant and zesty. Perfect for summer this top cologne for men is certainly full of character thanks to the delicious citrus zinginess.

Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Cypress

Velvet Cypress is a unisex fragrance inspired by the traditional scent of the Mediterranean countryside. Thus, it has been built around a hefty dose of cypress. Which has a distinctly masculine yet light and fresh woody fragrance? The Sicilian lemon additionally adds a citrus scent, making it incredibly sexy and wearable.

Davidoff Amber Blend

Created by master perfumer Oliver Pescheux, Davidoff Amber Blend is a warm and sensual spice mix of cinnamon and nutmeg. Thus, this one of the top colognes for men gives an initial invigorating vibrancy, but at heart resinous amber fuses with the such an absolute. A purified rum, which further adds a rich and vibrant expression of masculinity.

Gucci Guilty Absolute

This new edition of Gucci Guilty Absolute is a collaboration between the creative director of the Gucci house Alessandro Michele and perfumer Alberto Morillas. The top notes mainly include leather apart from being woody and earthy. Thus, making it as grown up and gentlemanly as the original Gucci Guilty is brash and youthful.

Jo Malone Whiskey & Cedarwood Cologne

Well, to any sane person, it would sound crazy. But, then rather than actually smelling like a bar the fragrance of this cologne is, in fact, sweet, heady and faintly intoxicating. After all, it is an enigmatic blend of fine whiskey, opulent roses edged with pimento, warm cedarwood and an intriguing accord of waxed wooden floors.

Joop! Wow!

The house of Joop! perfumes have already launched its completely new men’s fragrance with the intriguing name, Wow! This perfume is a perfect blend of woods and spices but opens with a combination of bergamot, cardamom, and violet. What’s great about it is that unlike other gourmand fragrances, it refrains from being sickly sweet.

So, are you planning to go shopping for your favorite fragrance soon? Try ditching it this one time and get a new one for yourself. You might not want to initially, but you won’t want to change to another one after one of these too.

For a further resource that we believe gives a fantastic insight into how you can make your own decisions about the right sort of scent that works for you, as well as giving you some examples of perfumes that last a long time and have a very distinct, pleasing odour, then check out PickUp Beauty’s Article on fragrances.


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