benefits of vaping

It can be argued that tobacco kills more people than murder, alcohol, car accidents, heroin and suicide combined. It is a silent killer that is a constant threat to the population. However, it is widely considered that vaping is a much less harmful alternative to smoking.

This is because recent studies conducted by PHE – also known as Public Health England – have reported in 2015 that “e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco”, as shown in some long-term studies comparing smokers and e-cigarette users.

Is vaping a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes?

However, how can specifically men benefit from switching from cigarette smoking to vaping? Well, as a result of studies like the one above, vaping is a healthier alternative.

Nonetheless, it has been suggested that vaping is not 100% safe, as it does require consuming nicotine, which has long-term effects such as addiction. Policies laid down by WHO – also known as the World Health Organization – have banned vaping indoors due to health concerns about such.

Still, vaping is definitely considered a healthier practice than smoking, as it does not contain the same variety of potentially harmful and carcinogenic chemicals which are in many cigarettes. This means that switching from smoking to vaping can be a wonderful way of ensuring not only that you still consume nicotine but also that your health is better.

Why should men switch from smoking to vaping?

There many different ways that men can switch from smoking to vaping in order to gain the health benefits from vaping instead of the health drawbacks of smoking. Vaping is less expensive than smoking. Although buying the machine as well as the tanks and liquids for vaping can be initially quite an expensive investment, in the long term, vaping can still prove much cheaper than smoking.

Additionally, not only is vaping much less expensive than smoking long-term, it is also a less toxic way of absorbing nicotine. The by-products of cigarette smoking are very harmful; however, the by-products of vaping are much less harmful.

What are some other benefits of switching from smoking to vaping?

Some of the less harmful – but still awful – negative after-effects of smoking include smoker’s breath, smoke or ash, fire hazards, needing lighters, waste butts or cigarette ends, and many other effects.

Vaping has none of the negative points listed in the last paragraph. Although there are some issues with vaping, there are not as many as there are with smoking. Many vaping companies such as Pure E-Liquids and Smoking Things provide a variety of modifications for your vaping machines, and none of these produce even half of the negative after-effects which smoking cigarettes does.

How can men switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping easily?

There are many ways in which men can make the change from smoking to vaping easily; however, this should not be done quickly. Slowly changing your smoking habits from cigarette smoking to vaping, one cigarette at a time, is perhaps the easiest way to switch, rather than immediately moving your smoking habits to a vaping habit.


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