Our lives are getting complicated every day. Work pressure, relationship goals, earning money, there are so many hurdles that we must cross to achieve that ideal lifestyle. It’s no surprise that many of us miss out on the one crucial aspect of life, staying healthy.

The advantages of staying healthy are varied. It impacts our lives in numerous ways, and when the mind is occupied with other troubles, sometimes we forget about exercising entirely. Just like we keep time to watch tv, eat, or sleep, it is equally essential that we spend a few minutes, if not hours, working out on a daily basis. Even a little bit of exercise goes a long way in our overall wellbeing, and the benefits of it all are spectacular.


The most obvious advantage of keeping fit is that it makes our body look good. Not only do you feel proud and happy while looking at yourself in the mirror, but that extra big smile from the co-worker who you have a crush on says it all. Staying healthy leads to a better metabolism, diet, and keeps the muscles in peak condition. It is like a domino effect that works both ways. If you work-out regularly, everything in the body has a positive impact. But, if you don’t, then it all comes tumbling down together.


One of the significant perks of staying healthy is that people look at you with awe and respect. A well-toned body attracts the opposite sex, and when it comes to being social, if you look good, you are more than likely to be the centre of all the attention in a group. An active lifestyle also means higher testosterone levels. From being good in bed to having a preference for luxury items, when you look closely, everything is correlated to staying fit. In addition to this, going to the gym, a run in the park, or partaking in sports, all are excellent places to find your next date.


There is no doubt that a healthy person is also a confident one. In a business setting, while attending meetings, making an impression on a new buyer, or networking, confidence goes a long way. A good posture, clean face, and of course overall health gives the person investing in you the assurance that you are reliable. If you take care of your body and appearance, then you are more than likely to take care of the job on hand; it is as simple as that. To complete the package and score that perfect business deal, make sure you dress appropriately, have lots of eye contact, and speak with authority.


Just like a healthy mind leads to a healthy body, the opposite is also true. A culmination of everything that you do, if you are fit and fine, your mind will be at ease, and you can enjoy life in the best way possible. As the famous saying goes “health is wealth”, so make sure that you stay rich by keeping your body fit.


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