16 Benefits of Cold Showers That Will Blow Your Mind

benefits of cold shower
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Have you ever been so relaxed in a nice hot shower, only to be blasted by what feels like a sub zero devil water?

I know, it seems like your world has come to an immediate end.
But next time this happens, don’t be so fast to scream at your GF, and instead embrace the cold. Because this ice cold shower pouring out from that shower head may be exactly what you need
Cold showers have been proven to have an amazing effect on your well being and health. Something as simple as rotating the temperature gauge can really have a big improvement on your life.
So in this article you’ll not only learn the 16 benefits of cold showers, but how to actually grow the balls to take them!
Because it takes balls.

1) Cold Showers Build Strong Will Power

Out of all the other articles out there, no one lists this as a positive of taking cold showers, but I personally think it’s the most important.

Cold showers build massive will power.

To a cold shower virgin, the amount of will power it takes to take cold showers may seem like that of a Shaolin Monk, because for the common man it is a pretty big jump. If you take care of your health and strengthen the immune system, then you will not have to take medications such as the cenforce to lead a full sexual life at any age

Doing something you are so resistant to, every single day, right when you wake up, takes a lot of mental strength. And overtime, this mental strength and discipline will become an automated habit that echos into every area of your life. This is why it’s a staple of motivational blogger, Victor Pride’s, 30 Days of Discipline (Which is awesome BTW).

So do it!

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2) They Improve Emotional Resilience

Do you get flustered, anxious or pissed off easily?

Cold showers can help. Seriously, cold showers train your nervous system to be more resilient to stress.

As shown in this study, cold showers act as a small form of oxidative stress on your nervous system. And overtime, the body adapts to this. Essentially, you will be a calm, cool, badass dude. The first time you step in that cold shower, you won’t be able to think straight, let alone breath. But after a month, you will be thinking about your day in a Zen like focus as the ice cold water has no effect on your manliness. This will translate into everyday life as you brush off stressful bullshit that would typically ruin your mood.

“This can be viewed as an adaption to repeated oxidative stress, and is postulated as a mechanism for body hardening. Hardening is the exposure to a natural, e.g., thermal stimulus, resulting in an increased tolerance to stress, e.g., diseases.” – Science Direct

Think about James Bond. In the books, James Bond always takes what is known as a Scottish Shower, where he starts off hot and finishes with ice cold water. And he’s the calmest, coolest dude there is!

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3) They Reduce Stress

Along with increasing your adaptation to stressful situations, they will lower levels of uric acid, and boost levels of Glutathione in your blood – making you less stressed in general.

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Uric Acid and Glutathione Levels During Short Term Whole Body Cold Exposure

4) Cold Showers Increase Alertness

If you’re one of the brave souls that have taken a cold shower already, then you will know that at first it is hard to breath.

But don’t be scared. This extreme deep breathing, at 8AM every morning, is going to dramatically increase your oxygen intake & heart rate, resulting in a natural dose of energy throughout the day.

On top of the icy cold water, this deep breathing will leave you feeling alert, instead of a groggy zombie like your coworkers.

5) They’ll Improve Your Skin & Hair

If your not motivated by feeling better, then be motivated by looking better.
One of the best ways to improve your skin (and hair) is by taking cold showers. Plus it’s free!
According to certified Dermatologist Jessica Krant, ice cold water can help our skin by preventing it from losing too many natural oils. And your hair gets the same benefit.
Along with that, one of the benefits of cold showers is how they will help your hair appear shiny, strong & healthy by keeping the follicles flat and increasing their grip to the scalp. This is great news for any of you guys who are scared of losing your hair!
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6) Stimulate Weight Loss

Another way cold showers will make you look better, is by promoting fat loss.

Most people don’t know this, but there are two types of fat in your body. Brown fat & white fat. White fat is bad. It’s the body fat that we all hate so much. Brown fat is good. It’s function is to generate heat and keep your body warm.

When you take a cold shower, brown fat is activated, resulting in an increase in energy and calories burned to keep your body warm. So much so that according to this study, cold temperatures can increase brown fat by 15X the normal amount, which can result in 9 pounds of weight loss per year.

Tim Ferris is also noted in his book, The Four Hour Body, that taking ice baths was an amazing way to promote weight loss. The next level for any cold shower veterans.

BONUS: Combine cold showers with the keto diet
Cold showers and a low carb keto diet will put your body’s fat burning metabolism into overdrive

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7) Cold Showers Increase Testosterone

One of the coolest benefits of cold showers, for men, is that they will cause a rise in testosterone levels.

How much is hard to say, but according to this study, heat (even in small amounts) has an effect on our DNA, RNA & protein synthesis in the male testes. Fun fact: This is why our balls hang outside of our body, to stay cool. This study backs this, showing that just 15 minutes of increased heat in rat testes showed a big drop in testosterone.

All that, and the fact that Russian weightlifters used to sit out in the cold before competitions, leads me to believe there is something to this cold shower and testosterone theory.

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8) They Boost Fertility

Another interesting benefit of cold showers is that they will boost your sperm count and increase fertility.

Taking hot baths has been proven to be an effective male contraceptive. Men who took a half hour hot bath every other day for 3 weeks were rendered infertile for the next 6 months!

On top of that, a study at USCF showed that men who stopped taking regular hot baths showed a sperm count increase of up to 491%.

While a hot shower won’t be as devastating on your sperm, it will have an effect. Remember, those testes want to be nice and cool, so if your trying to conceive – do them a favor and opt for cold showers.

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9) Cold Showers Improve Circulation

And if you’re not motivated by feeling better, or looking better, then be motivated by being healthier.

Cold showers improve circulation by means of sending blood down to your organs to keep them warm. This stimulation of the circulatory system is great for your overall cardiovascular health.

10) Cold Showers Improve Immunity

One of the most important benefits of cold showers is the fact that they increase your immunity.

A study from England showed that taking regular cold showers increases the amount of disease fighting white blood cells, compared to that of those who take regular hot showers. The hypothesis was that the boys attempted to warm it’s self during the cold shower, resulting in an increase in the metabolic speed rate and activation of the immune system. This then leads to the release of more white blood cells.

On top of that, remember back to point #2 and how the cold water swimmers bodies were more adaptive to oxidative stress. (A.K.A, their bodies can take a hit)

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11) And They Drain Your Lymphatic System

An additional, yet crucial, part of the body that is affected by cold showers is the lymphatic system. What the lymphatic system does is help carry out waste from your cells. This is key in defending your body from unwanted infections. And when the lymphatic system is blocked, it will show up in symptoms such as frequent colds, infections and joint pain.

Cold showers, when alternated between hot and cold water will help your lymphatic system, by contracting the lymph vessels when exposed to the cold and relaxing them when exposed to the heat. This essentially pumps the fluid that may have stagnated in your lymph vessels out, resulting in a stronger immune system and healthier you.

Learn more about this process below.

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Hot and Cold Showers – Lymphatic Cleansing

12) Cold Showers Speed Up Muscle Recovery

If you’re an athlete than you know that taking an ice bath after intense training is one of the best things you can do to recover faster. (A 2009 study confirms this)
But you don’t need a high tech training facility with cold water submersibles to be able to achieve these benefits. Just take a cold shower.
Although it won’t be as effective as a fully submersed ice bath, it will improve circulation, and help remove some lactic acid. Try alternating between very hot and very cold to let the blood come and go to the surface. Your muscles will thank you.

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13) Cold Showers Relieve Depression

One of the most noted benefits of taking cold showers is that they offer relief for symptoms of depression.

Cold showers stimulate what is known as “the blue spot,” which is the brains primary source of noradrenaline – a chemical which plays a role in alleviating depression.

Plus the mild electroshock delivered to the brain by the cold shower (you’ll know exactly what I mean) sends an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses from peripheral nerve endings to the brain, which could result in an anti-depressive effect.  There is a high density of cold receptors in the skin, much more than there are for registering warmth.

And according to this study, it’s not all just hearsay.

At the end of every shower, I like to just let that cold water blast me on the top of the head for as long as I can take it. Talk about brain freeze.

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14) They Wake You Up

Obviously, an ice cold shower is going to get your ass up in the morning. We already talked about how they will scientifically increase your alertness, but science aside – if you have trouble getting up and pumped for the day, cold showers will change this.

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15) And Then They Put You to Sleep

Ironically, while cold showers wake you up in the AM, cold therapy is one of the best ways to get an incredible nights sleep.

Tim Ferris talks about cold therapy in The Four Hour Body, by taking a 10 minute ice bath. And I quote him:

The result: it’s like getting hit with an elephant tranquilizer, even if the melatonin is omitted. Don’t expect it to be pleasant at first.
I agree with Tim’s findings. A cold shower at night puts me straight to bed.

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16) Energized Breathing

Step into a cold shower and the first thing you are going to do is take a big deep breath.
After that you will start panting and moving, your breathing will become deep and erratic.
You get a massive boost of energy from that increased breathing that cold shower forces you to do. The boost of energy can be a good alternative for a morning coffee that will kick your physiology into another gear.
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Cold Showers Can Even Help With Opioid Addiction

Hydrotherapy has been prescribed as a part of addiction treatment since 1930s and there are several reasons for that. Cold water increases the levels of beta-endorphin, the hormone that binds to the opioid receptors of the brain, the same receptors that are affected by opioid drugs. Thus, even the heroin addiction symptoms and the withdrawals can be eased by the cold shower.

You Don’t Have to Start Off Cold!

This is a relief for many. You can start your shower off hot, and enjoy it. But for the last 3 minutes it must be cold! As cold as it goes!

This is still a task.

How to Gain The Courage to Take Cold Showers

Okay, so you know by now that cold showers are awesome. Great.
Now good luck waking up tomorrow morning and taking one (regardless of how amped up you are now).
It’s hard to take the plunge.
So I think some words of encouragement are in order.
First: As Phil Drolet, of TheFeelGoodLifestyle says:
“What would the best version of you do?”
No one else is gonna push you into that shower (unless you have an asshole older brother). You just have to take the plunge. And every time you do it, it will get easier. If you want to be the best version of yourself, you have to step outside your comfort zone.
Second: As Michael Anderson, Author of The Experiment says:
“Turn it into an experiment”
The thought of taking cold showers every day for the rest of your life is daunting. Like making any other lifestyle change that your mind perceives as permanent. But Michael Anderson helps people overcome this daunting feeling, by having his clients turn things like this into an experiment.
So here’s your experiment.
All you have to do, is take a cold shower tomorrow morning, and see how you feel. You can start hot, but end cold, for at least 1 minute. Then see how you feel. If you liked it, then do it again the next day and see how two days in a row made you feel.
It’s just an experiment, not a permanent life change.
Third: My advice
– Write down on a whiteboard or pad: Cold Showers
– Now make 30 boxes, one for each day
– Commit now to checking those 30 boxes off
– After the 30 days, you can decide to keep going or not. (I bet you’ll keep going)
But whatever you do, don’t be too serious about it and have fun. If it’s gonna stress you out, then it’s not worth it. This is supposed to improve your life, not scare you to death.
Are you man enough to take a cold shower?! Let us know if you took the plunge, and how it went, in the comment section below!
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Sean Russell

Sean Russell

Sean is a true entrepreneur. After turning his life around after struggling with anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome he now dedicates his life to being his best self and helping others do the same. Learn more about him and his projects at SeanRussell.me

This Post Has 162 Comments

  1. Steven Whyte

    Buzzing for my third cold shower! What a rush it is when you struggle to breath under the cold water! I say to all the dudes out there, GO FOR IT!

    1. Sean Russell

      Nice Steven! I love it.
      What I started doing now is for the last 15 seconds just letting it blast me on the forehead as I close my eyes and just sort of meditate and breath slow until I can’t even feel it anymore. Brain freeze afterwards, but it is amazing.
      Reminds me of how the Japanese Taoists meditate under ice cold waterfalls. It really works.

      1. oliver

        Amazing Comment .
        Great Service for Humanity .
        Meditation is the key .
        There are faster ways and slower ones .
        Cold Shower is Universe for itself 🙂 :

        1. KhaliqDad

          Hi Guys
          let me write you about my self (what is cold water ) i used to smoke Chars or Asheesh later on i start to smoke opium to be honest i was not feeling good because day by day my life was getting worst and i was judging my self that i am becoming very cheap in our society so i decided to leave this bad habits but i was do not know how to leave this all bad habits one day i took shower with cold water that realy helped me to make me calm because all high drugs nicotine was biting me from inside my self was not able to lesson one word from some one shortly my gun was already loaded and all the time i was feeling very angry but i had one think in my mind i has already decided that when ever i fell like that i will take shower and i was following this every time every day and i felt i am getting better day by day so finaly i got better and i started exercise and stile getting shower with cold water i found so many benefits in cold shower now i am doing gym eating good and last i did 2 hours in five minutes running in our local ground i am fine now and i advice you take cold shower water that will real help for good health .

          1. Alexander

            Well done, Khaliq. I hope it works out for you. Life is too short not to be at our best.

      2. oliver

        I just tried the brain freeze .
        Now going to sleep .
        Wow , I will have deep soul travel to rejuvenating fountains and lucid dreaming to the power of infinite 🙂 .
        with Love from Switzerland,

    2. abe

      im 57 years old iv had cold showerssince i was 5 years old ive never had a cold or flue n my life

      1. James

        Lucky you. You must have an immune system of the gods. I think cold showers is all about will power. And a great way to measure your overall manliness. But still, even after trying it for a couple of days, I miss the warmth too much.

        1. Jane

          I agree I like warm water way to much plus I’m scared that the freezing cold water might put me into a seizure but I give everyone that can take cold showers 5stars because your all strong and brave

    3. John Lapin

      I only take cold showers. Water temp is around 60. I have no choice since I cannot afford a new hot water heater. This has been a hot summer and several days of working on the farm in the heat with no shower made me miserable. Finally, I said “fug it!”. The Germans do it. The Norwegians do it. Are we not men!?! I can do it. First time was a shock but I developed a technique which gets me under the shower head. Now, I love my cold shower at the end of a hot day. When winter comes I will resume weenie status. Water is so cold in winter it thickens.

      1. Duncan Gill

        In winter start of with warm water and when you finished washing gradually close the hot water bit by bit until you have it completely of…no problem in winter believe me and then you warm afterwards like never before!

    4. Ken

      Yo it’s on, I start showering with cold water today and I feel freaking amazing, I didn’t feel tired as I would throughout the day.

    5. Phani Madhav

      Thanks l lot it’s very elaborativly explained but I’m from India and it’s not a uphill task to shift from hot water to cold water shower Thanks anyways

  2. Rami

    Hi Guys ! I will be taking my plunge this evening. I had experienced cold showers before after the gym sessions or stressful days. This article is MEGA !! and I am going for 30 day tick box mission. Good luck

    1. Sean Russell

      Nice Rami! Godlike brother – let us know how it goes! What I like to do now is let the cold water blast me on the forehead for as long as I can at the end. Nothing like it.

  3. Jordan C. Dasilva

    Okay I have not taken it yet but I made the 30 day check box and I will do it. (Try to lets see how the first day goes xD) I live Hawaii so the only cold water I ever gone in was when I was shoved into the deep ocean….

    1. Sean Russell

      Haha nice man – Good luck let us know how it goes!

  4. Herberth Amaral

    I’ve been trying cold showers for over 5 months now. In fact, I haven’t taken any hot shower this year. Sometimes I wake up with little willpower but then I realize that all the times that I had a cold shower I felt better after it. The main thing I think during cold showers is “I will stay under this shower until I no longer feel cold”. And it happens all the time and it is awesome when I finish.
    However it is not a big of a deal because I live in a tropical country (Brazil) where there is no such thing as “too much cold”. Do you guys have advices on how I take this practice to the next level?

    1. Sean Russell

      Nice Herberth! You sound like a boss. I think to take it to the next level you cold let the freezing cold water blast you ont he top of the head for a few minutes as you go into a meditative state. The Japanese do this under freezing cold waterfalls, it’s called Misogi and it’s supposed to spiritually cleanse you.

    2. John Pierre

      Install a water cooler.

    3. C Fernando Maciel

      Herberth, I think I’m going to start doing the cold shower thing. Also from Brazil here, but from the southern hemisphere [up in the mountains], it’s cold for almost 5 months here and the houses have no heathing systems.
      I’m going to start it tomorrow, but I’m worried about my sinus, hoping it’s not going to flare up.

    4. Francisco

      Salve Herberth. Próximo nível é você vir aqui para o sul do Brasil. Hehe.

  5. Tyler Woodhouse

    I have been taking cold showers for 3 months now! Cold showers gave me the mind strength I needed to quit smoking cannabis, quitting cannabis gave me a better self esteem and more motivation. Cold showers really made me a BETTER ME! It takes mind strength to overcome addiction, so start kicking your habits with this 30-day experiment. You will thank yourself for what you will accomplish from this… All you need to do is decide when to start

    1. Sean Russell

      Thanks Tyler, they are truly powerful man. I hope this puts someone out there over the fence.

  6. Eva

    Yap! It is great taking cold bath makes you see the other side of your life……freezing though,but it worth it.

  7. Tim

    I have been studying cold shower and their benefits and I was hooked. there was only 1 problem.. I HATE the cold. But the perfect training to get used to it right? and I cant believe what happend.. im not the kind of guy who wants to start off warm and easly get colder and colder… I wanted to do it just instandly! because i wanted results as fast as possible and dont feel like a pussy.. and so I did i cant believe it haha. The first day was horrific but i did it.. tomorrow will be day 4. im already getting used to it, this is great!

  8. Wesley

    I’m starting this in the morning. Obviously, my goal is to continue this for as long as possible. I’m hoping that once I get in the routine of doing it every morning/night, it’ll seem like no problem. I can only feel like my life is totally organized when everything I do is in a routine and hopefully once I start doing this, I’ll do it every day. Btw, I’m 15 so I’m hoping this will also help me slow down the process of hair loss. 😀 Thank you, this is the best article I’ve read about this particular topic.

  9. Madhav Sekar

    Great post Sean!
    I created a “30-Day Cold Shower Challenge” for myself – something about it being a challenge to “win” made it more fun and easy to do.
    After 30 days, I have to say my discipline and will power increased a ton, and my confidence got a lot better too.
    Every morning during and after my cold showers I felt on top of the world, like an “alpha male”. Almost as if I’d just conquered my biggest fear and nothing could get in my way.
    Plus, if you’re really tired or got a bad night’s sleep, it’ll wake you up pretty quickly.
    Once again, great article and without a doubt the most definitive post on cold showers I’ve read so far.

  10. Bart

    I’ve been taking cold showers in the morning for a week now.
    It has an amazing effect on my energy levels.
    I noticed especially how i just felt awake when i started work, instead of feeling groggy and taking a few hours to really get going.
    The trick i first used was something i think was from the 4 hour body, which was putting my face in ice water for 5 to 10 minutes during the evening.
    After doing that a few evenings felt so energetic that i attempted the cold shower after this in the evening.
    Amazingly i actually succeeded in staying under the cold water for 5 minutes.
    After succeeding with this about 4 times i gathered the courage to attempt this for the first time again in the morning.
    Now i had tried this before about a year ago and failed miserably.
    During the morning i tend to feel really tired, and seem to feel alot colder than during the evening.
    This attempt actually went great, and even though i was shivering alot i pulled through and did 5 minutes.
    The next morning i did 10 minutes, and every day this week so far as well.
    After about 1-2 minutes it’s not so bad anymore.
    Now turning the temperature straight down to cold doesn’t seem too bad anymore.
    The benefits completely outweigh the first 1 minute of uncomfort.
    I do tend to scream a bit when i turn it straight down to cold.
    Easing into this is the way to go.

  11. jon

    I recently switched from hot to cold shower, it wasn’t easy to take the plunge but I motivated myself to do it. The outcome is instantaneous, your skin feels, tight and alert, your body more defined and muscular, high muscle recovery speed, and after you finish the shower you feel this high! Its great with all the added benefits this will be my lifestyle for sure.

  12. Brendan

    Just taken my first cold shower this evening. At the beginning it was a little difficult but after a very short period of time I go used to it. For those who want to see what the extreme looks like I would suggest looking up Wim Hof or “The Iceman”. This guy has like 20 world records for extreme cold endurance. He teaches a really easy and neat breathing technique that made the whole ordeal a lot easier for me. Basically the technique is this. Before the shower you breath in pretty fast and heavily and breath out less fast and you do that for like 30 times. Then you exhale all of your breath and hold it for as long as you can. Then you take in a really big breath for like 30 seconds. You are supposed to repeat that whole sequence like 3 times. I only did it once but that was enough for me. You can look all this stuff up on youtube. Although it wasn’t as comfortable as a warm shower I was able to stay there with out an urgency to get out. In fact after the shower I actually realized that I needed to actually wash my self so I had a second cold shower two minutes after the first one. With the second one it was almost pleasant.
    I am going to do a 30 day challenge of cold showers and I am going to continue with the breathing techniques. Hopefully the local Christmas swim in December won’t be such an ordeal this time around. 🙂

    1. Niklas

      Don’t use the breathing technique before swimming since you can get lightheaded and sometimes, if unlucky, even faint. From what I’ve read there seem to have been people drowning that way. Wim Hof himself has urged people not to use the technique where dizziness or fainting can be dangerous, for example swimming (Don’t try to hold your breath underwater like some are trying to!) and I would say that even standing is not advisable while doing the breathing technique and for a while afterwards.
      When I say that you can faint and such it may sound dangerous but it seems like it’s healthy, at least in moderation. 🙂
      But yes, doing a FEW breaths can make it easier to adjust to cold showers without any issue as far as I’ve experienced. And you can also choose to sit down in the shower. 🙂 But still, pay attention if you get lightheaded.
      Happy shower everyone! 😀

  13. Vasilije

    This is my fourth day of cold shower…i am certain that i am not going back to hot showers ever again…simply gets you in a ass-kickin’ mood,go for it,you will do it forever,i swear to you…

  14. Ethan

    Had my first full cold shower, usually I tempt it then I chicken out, today after reading this article I was like “Screw it, I’m going for it” bit daunting when it was feet first, hands was okay, head felt like an ice cube but when it got to the back, I really felt a surge, going to start having cold showers more often now

  15. Jeb

    Best hangover cure ever

  16. oxdevelopment

    It might seem strange to take cold showers in the freezing cold winter, but you would be surprised to know that it gives numerous benefits to our health.
    Cold showers have some many benefits. For exmaple: Weightloss, active days and creating will power. It is essential to start with it, because you will feel so relaxed afterwards.
    If you want to start with it I recommend starting with 30 second goals. And every day that passes by you add 30 seconds to that goal.
    Good luck!

  17. george99

    I started taking cold showers about six months ago and all hyperbole aside – my life has changed for the better…
    Here are a few of the benefits I felt and continue to feel to this day: increased energy (all day), better focus (easier to concentrate overall), better mood (being from Canada with our long, dark winters the cold showers had an instant effect on my mood. Was generally more positive and spent my day on more of an even keel mood-wise), better skin (there seems to be a tangible glow to my skin – have got several compliments from others where before I did not), increased immunity – I am never sick, and of course a natural wake up call in the a.m.
    If you can simply get over the hump of the first week of the initial “cold shock” you will be fine.
    I love telling everyone that will listen about trying cold showers. It’s one of the best kept secrets around.
    Best of all, the literature backing cold showers is not some sub branch of pseudo-science quackery. It’s backed up by thousands of years of experience…the ancient Egyptians did it on through to much the European countries – especially the Scandanavian ones.
    Lastly, this is lame but here goes: I enjoy jazz and now my friends call me John Coldtrain.
    Happy cold showering all! 🙂

  18. Draker012

    Wow its makes me feel warm after a cold shower, today is my 3rd day and am starting to feel the positive effect already. c’mon ladies lets do this cold show for life.

  19. Asad Irfan

    When first time I got to know about them I started them and even thoughI never had one, I was brave enough to stay for a while under it and enjoyed it. I kinda challenged myself. Today after few months I started them again and guys its too cold weather here too 😀 My longest streak today was 4 min !!!

  20. anand raj

    does it increase penis size . ..

    1. Philippe

      Not while you’re having the shower! LOL

  21. Alex

    I have been doing this for 2 months with out realizing it, mainly because I didn’t have a choice but to take a cold shower. Looking back it’s all true! I also just took a cold shower and when I got out I felt amazing!! I definitely will continue this experiment!

  22. John

    I have having cold showers for like 2 months now. I don’t care if it’s freezing cold outside. My brain tell me not to do it every morning but i still take that icey cold shower. Actually i have noticed an improvement in my will power.
    Anyways, great article. Keep posting good stuff.

  23. Roman

    I’ve been taking cold showers mostly everyday for a couple months now and I had no idea there were all these benefits to it. I just did it to develop my mental toughness. And I live in New Jersey so its about 15 degrees in the morning, talk about ice old water.

  24. David

    Are just straight cold showers more beneficial than the hot and cold alternating, 1 min hot as u can, then 1 minute as cold as you can, 7 times?

    1. GaT

      Should be fine as long as the last 3 minutes are cold – quoted from lower down the article:
      “You Don’t Have to Start Off Cold!
      This is a relief for many. You can start your shower off hot, and enjoy it. But for the last 3 minutes it must be cold! As cold as it goes!”

  25. Rocky

    WOW! Took my first shower not long ago and I’m not going to lie it was pretty hard at first. At the end however I found myself enjoying it and NOW IM SUPER ENERGIZEDDDDDDDDD 🙂

  26. Joe

    This is awesome. I’m on day 18 now, with no intention of stopping, even though I’d planned to do it for a month when I started. I’ve been doing 3 minutes of warm, since cold water and soap don’t work together, followed by 7 minutes of ice cold. It was tough for the first week, but well worth it, I’m sold.

    1. R Moralea

      What do you mean when you say cold water and soap don’t work? Can’t rinse it off?

      1. Jane

        It don’t work well because it’s harder to lather up the soap plus it’s almost impossible to rinse off

  27. CJ

    I’ll try doing this in the summer but there is nothing better then a hot shower during winter time.

  28. Valter

    Hi everyone.
    Well Sean, took my 1st super ice cold bath after workout. Gonna start training and heard it’s the best after such intense body workout. I was afraid when I put my self under the cold water, I couldn’t breathe and I was damn scared to death! So I searched some articles and read this one, and I loved it! Thanks for all the information, even more pumped up for traning and ice cold baths 😀
    Incredbly, they feel great!! And since i’m really hot from traning under high temperatures (almost summer here in Portugal), I don’t have to switch between hot and cold, only as cold as I can, even though having a lot of difficulty to breathe scared me as hell!
    Anyways, thanks a lot, great article 😀
    Cheers from Portugal,
    Valter Almeida

  29. Rebin

    Nice job writing this article. Amazingly executed. Very informative and detailed. I have started this cold shower and I feel like superman on Steroids all naturally.

  30. Tyler Mattingly

    Hi. I’m Tyler ,and I’m 14. My best friend and I made a bet with each other to take cold showers for the whole summer. I am on my 16th cold shower ever since school got out. At first I could only stand a little less than a minute. But with practice, I learned that I can do it longer. I now do 5 minutes every time a take one. A cold shower is so worth it. I am feeling great and would definitely recommend this to everyone. I don’t tell my other friends that I do this because I know they won’t do it and will joke about it. But I know that one day they will notice. P.S- Great Article!!!

    1. Jane

      As long as you know what benefits you get from taking cold showers that’s all that matters because when your stronger, healthier,a and have more energy to flirt with the girls your friends will be jealous and want to know how you do it but don’t worry it’s our lil secret!??

  31. Eduardo

    well I’m 14 and I took it and music helped me a lot I felt so relaxed after it thanks: )

  32. George

    First day was a nightmare.
    Third day just a regular thing I should do. Just take a deep breath!
    Sixth day I enjoyed it.

  33. Christopher Young

    Day 1. Wow! Did my workout and told myself in the mirror that I could get into the shower then stepped in. WOW my breathing changed but it felt great. this is awesome, looking forward to the results. Thank you.

  34. Greg Ballard

    Did 90 days of colds showers from late June through Sept. Now, taking cold showers whenever I sleep passed a certain time.
    What is interesting is that have a while your body gets use to the water temp… but when you take some hot showers and a few cold ones it’s very intense.
    btw… did you know how much energy is saved with every cold shower? Very interesting…

  35. Jayjay

    I have been taking cold showers now i mean COLD showers for the past week, im kinda used to the cold as i do swimming leessons in a cold lake in the summer, and the cold showers made me feel better, more awake and gave me energy for the day, take a cold shower, its worth it.

  36. Huskyy

    Awesome article, will be starting this tonight. Sorry to be a grammar pirate but please change every single ‘breath’ in this article to ‘breathe’ really lets down the article as a whole.

  37. Kenneth

    Hello 🙂 I have been doing cold showers for about 7 Months consecutively plus and off and on through the years. The cold Shower I did today was 30 Minutes…I turned it on cold, then got in. That is how I always start the Shower…Jump right into it after a while, before you get into the shower your thoughts of what’s to come initiates a physiological change in your body, so when you get into the cold shower, you are mentally and physically prepared for it. I also did my first Ice bath about a week ago… THAT was Exhilarating.. I started to shiver almost 15 Minutes in, I plan to make those a regular, at least two Times a week to start then eventually everyday. I am a Virtual and Personal Fitness Trainer and a Published Fitness Model and Writer. Cold Showers KEEP You MOVING!!! 🙂

  38. chandraswaroop

    i feel amazing after the bath
    i done the shower with alternate cold and hot water and the last minute only with cold water…after the bath i felt energetic and i had no cold still
    thank you for your advice on the benefits of cold water

  39. Yasin

    Thanks for this article! I’m thinking so much of starting this journey of cold showers. Do you recommend that a person stops after two months? Or they can keep going forever

  40. Gabi

    Dose tostorone helps in gaining weight?

  41. Azure Rei

    Well, tried my fourth one after having heard about the skin and hair thing…on the fourth I got up to actually using soap then re using…I am yelp like a puppy but eh…the discipline itself is easy enough to instaure after the second one.

  42. Moka

    I’m not sure what to think of this. Where I went to boarding school, a hot shower was only an option if you could prove that you had a serious condition (needless to say, this was not in America). So for 9 out of 12 months for four years, cold showers were it for me. Did I have nice skin and hair? Don’t know. I definitely never got sick, but that could be attributed to our diet(it was hardly tasty but it was healthy!). It definitely wakes you up in the morning, but I skipped the night showers since the one time I did it, no amount of socks could warm my feet. I can’t recall if I finally fell into a deep sleep, all I remember were my poor frozen feet…
    All in all, I can’t claim cold showers changed my life since it was all I had.
    I will try it now to see if this article has merit AND to re-live my youth :-).

  43. Stealth for Men

    I take cold showers every morning simply because they wake me up. Great to learn that it has so many more wonderful benefits as well!

  44. Cameron Mclean

    Make the water iced coffee for an extra buzz

  45. John

    I’ve known about hot and cold showers for years and have occasionally taken them. Usually when I had a cold or the flu. Nothing knocks out colds and flu like hot and cold showers. I recently gave myself a third degree burn on my wrist and two weeks later it had still not even begun to heal, in fact it was still bleeding. So I started taking hot and cold showers. 4 minutes as hot as I could take it and then 30 seconds of cold. I did this 3 times at each session and always ended with cold. Believe it or not the burn completely healed within 3 days. I was so impressed that I have been taking hot and cold showers ever since. I never miss a day. Now I have begun to really enjoy and look forward to my daily hot and cold torture session. LOL.

  46. Kabous

    I started with my cold showers Monday night… taking them twice a day… cold at first when getting into the shower, but quickly gets used to it… makes me feel absolutely great and alert… skin also feels better after taking the cold shower…

  47. filiz

    We are in the midlle of winter in Turkey and I just taken my cold shower this afternoon. im used to taking cold showers so I had no problem. I know what to do. I feel extremely healthy compared to hot calming shower. I love Turkishbath too however I will definetely take cold shower everyday from now on…its another way of preparing myself to spring and summer.I ll tell you about the results…I ll watch if I ll loose weight,look healthier and see my whole body esp. legs healthier…

  48. filiz

    I advise all of you to use scented (mint,tangerine etc) showergel as well…u absolutely feel fresh and great.

  49. William

    It’s been what… 400 days? I’ve found out that there’s a certain time frame where my body feels the greatest during a cold shower. It’s somewhere between 10 – 15 minutes of exposure to cold water. Anything less than that, and I don’t feel the “buzz” and any more, my body heat will be sapped too much.

  50. Joel Mielle

    I was one of those persons who said I could never do it! But I worked my way up to it and have been taking cold showers for 18 months now. I had hay fever all my life due to the high grass pollen count where I live in Australia, and now that seems to have gone. Coincidence? I think not. I ghaven’t had a cold, flu or otherwise since. I also lost weight have better hair and skin, feel better and wear less clothing even in winter.

  51. Karol

    My grandpa is taking cold baths his entire life! He’s 93 now and he’s in great shape! He goes dancing 2 times a week with his 15 years younger “girlfriend”, he does 100 pushups everyday. He’s my idol 😉

    1. Joe Blogs


  52. Narush

    Great blog indeed! It’s 15 days down since I started this plunge. Feels great when you win your hardest battle right after you wake up.

    1. James Hardie

      Great stuff Narush!

  53. William T

    2nd Trial of Cold Shower ✌

  54. jackthcat

    …i’m already doing this!…my water heater went out four days ago!!

  55. jon

    I wonder how the cold water showers would effect people with arthritic and rhumatoid problems? Is there any information for people who might like to try the cold showers with these issues?

  56. Johnny

    Yeah, not hard at all. Just start out warm and work your way down. Did it only twice so far and I’m not down to freezing but I don’t want to either. 15 minutes under chilly water is enough for me

  57. Seb c

    Just do it.

  58. Victoria Melo

    OMG I couldn’t believe what I read hahaha, I have to admit I only take cold showers right after training, otherwise it was imposible hahaha, but after reading this article and realiazing the benefits, I think it is worthy to give it a chance (specially after reading the advantages number 3,5,6 and 10 hahaha) I will read the motivation to get into the cold water hahaha tank you so much

  59. Rick Roberts

    cold water actually causes your skin pores to close, sealing the skin and reducing the portal for germs. the Army has promoted this forever. for a really good one try outdoors shower in the Rockie Mtns. or some other cool, crisp place.

  60. Dean

    I’m showering cold since a while now, probably for two weeks or something. Yesterday I did it for over 12 minutes and it feels great. The crazy thing is, that the water actually feels warm after a while. Not necessarily hot but at least lukewarm. Since 5 days I don’t start the shower carefully but I fully expose my upper body to the cold water which makes it actually easier for me. After about two minutes it doesn’t feel bad, after 4 it feels great and after about 6-8 minutes of showering cold I’m usually smiling from one ear to the other and singing.
    The benefits so far? I feel more awake, have more energy and it really boosted my willpower.

  61. Jared

    I only take cold showers and have for the past 4 months now. Feels great

  62. Katie Dickson

    I love a good cold shower, I used to hate them but now as I’m used to them they feel great. I think they have a very good physiological effect on the mind and enable you to wake up very quickly in the morning!

  63. syveren

    wahoo cold water is great. I will try it out. but it not easy

  64. mira

    I just had my first cold shower to day and it was surprisingly really amazing! I felt myself improve already. I think anyone who is afraid of cold showers, all you have to do is have a hot shower/warm shower, then slowly turn down the heater to cold and then you’ll get used to it. It’s really good.

  65. Cheryl

    My pussy stinks!

    1. ish

      then use warm water in that area

  66. Philippe

    Started taking hot then cold showers a while ago and now can’t do without them!
    It’s amazing how quickly you get acclimatised and becoming part of your daily routine. Highly recommend trying it!

  67. ThomasV

    Awesome benefits! When I turn on the cold shower I always feel an amazing presence, the water hitting your body, your breath. You become present by taking a cold shower. I really like that. Plus when I do it I always feel 100% alert and awake.
    Good article! Peace

  68. ElliottX

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  69. Robert

    I will do this 30 days for sure. I have been taking cold showers the last few days and also the odd ice bath when I pick up some bags of ice. Cheers.

  70. Louis Walusimbi

    I haven’t taken a warm shower in over a month and I don’t think I’m ever going to again. Plus, I’m now conditioned to jump right into the shower instead of waiting for it to heat up, so I’m more impatient. And my skin is so nice now…so fucking nice….

  71. Sharon Reams

    Having a cold bath in the morning, and feeling frosty dilute pour over our body appears to be more alarming than mitigating. Be that as it may, the profound taking in light of our body’s stun causes us keep warm, as it’s builds our general oxygen admission. In this manner, our heart rate will likewise increment, discharging a surge of blood through our whole body. This gives us a characteristic measurements of vitality for the day.

  72. Jarrett

    Great article! I’m going to take the plunge! But I’m going to do it gradually. I took a 72 degree shower last weekend (for about 8 minutes). I went back to my lukewarm 85 degrees after that, but after reading this article, I’m motivated to make the commitment to the cold shower. My first few showers I’ll run the water around 70 (21 C) then I’ll take it down to 68 (20 C) then to 66 and so on until I get down to the Tony Robbins cold plunge temp. of 56 degrees (13 C). Thanks for the article, and best of luck to everyone else!

    1. jose

      just do it man! not gradually, just jump right in.

  73. Mark Amo

    The thought of hopping into a cold shower isn’t very welcoming when it’s freezing in your home. You might prefer giving up your hygiene rather than suffering from an icy blast of water.

  74. joe carrow

    Amazing article about what benefits of cold showers. really old showers are very effective for our skin health and mind. it also reduce our extra stress. So i think this post are very helpful and informative to everyone. thanks for sharing this post.

  75. akash sagar

    Taking a cold shower in the morning, and feeling cold water pour down over our body seems more horrifying than soothing. However, the deep breathing in response to our body’s shock helps us keep warm, as it increases our overall oxygen intake.
    And many more advantages which are good for your body.

  76. Eddie Chu

    There’s actually one more thing you forgot. Taking 100% complete cold showers for more than 30 minutes (continuously) every day can skyrocket your cold/freeze tolerance/resistance. I’ve been taking 30~45 minute cold showers every day, and it makes me one heck of a STRONG DUDE against colder weather.

  77. Lily

    Great advice, thanks for sharing!

  78. SidLittle

    The forehead blasting is amazing. Seems to take away all the swearing and dancing.

  79. Ekwugha Franklin

    I really enjoyed the post, most especially the one about relieving depression and fast muscle recovery is true

  80. Stephen I.

    A friend told me about the idea of taking cold showers this morning, and I had no real reason not to besides being cold (obviously). I took the plunge and it was a refreshing change. He sent me this article later in the day and it seems great. Not sure if I’ll be doing it the rest of my life but nothing wrong with giving it a good try! Always be down for something new and way different. Good vibes only is the best way to live.

  81. jose

    I have taken hot showers all my life, even in the extremely hot summers of the Mexican city i live in. and I have always felt sleepy in the mornings. Eight months ago i moved int to an old house in downtown. The house needed a lot of fixing and it didnt have gas and the hot water plumbing system was damaged, so i was left with no other option than to take cold showers..it was extremely hard at the begining, but after one month it became a little bit easier (i used the feet first, then pubic area, then hair, then the whole body sequence) . Then i started to notice that i wasnt sleepy during the whole day. So i started posponing buying a water heat system, since i thought i would jump back to the hot showers if i did so. So i kept going. Autumm came, and then winter, and as summers can hit 40 C in this city, winters can hit 0 C. I kept with the cold showers even in freezing conditions… and the colder it was the more euforic i felt. and the feeling after you exit the shower is amazing. i also sometimes do what was mentiones in the comments, of just staying there, breathing, until you dont feel the cold anymore.
    Now i have instaled an electric water heater, but i keep it disconnected, and just use it when some lady spends the night in my place and she needs to take a shower.
    As i came to realize something: Its not about the cold shower, but about making and taking the hard choices. thiswillpower DOES spill to other areas of your life. Its an extremely liberating feeling, knowing how such a simple thing can give you so much power.

  82. Jovana

    Great advice! Living in Southeast Asia, a cold shower often feels nice but I had no idea about these other benefits.

    1. rosdi

      Being tropical… water isn’t cold enough in southeast asia…, what I do is I add ice cubes… lots of ice cubes… and it is exhilarating!… I am now looking forward to bath in cold ice water every morning!
      If you haven’t done this already, try it!

  83. Oliver

    They’ve been part of my daily routines for a year now! I even wrote a blog post about them: thewanderingprophet.com/why-you-should-start-taking-cold-showers-everyday/
    Best habit ever!

  84. Marianne

    Woman here! I’ve been taking cold showers for a couple months now and let me tell you, it is addicting!!! I LOVE cold showers now!! When I get out, I tell my hubby in a singy kind of voice, “I feel ummmaaaaaazzzzzziiiinnngg!”
    But, he won’t do it…rats…
    Anyway, funny thing is, when I chose to take a warm shower one day, the warm water actually felt “painful” to my flesh…weird…COLD is da bomb!!

  85. ReviewCart

    In addition to the cold showers, I added fasting to my routine. I did a 3 day fast in addition to eating only 1 meal a day and cutting out sugar like 3 Mt Dews a day. The cold showers did aid me in losing weight but I had to learn to keep my mouth closed.

  86. judith collins

    Cold Shower have many benefits – Relieves depression,Keeps skin and hair healthy,Strengthens immunity,Increases testosterone,Increases fertility and many moire

  87. Malcolm S

    Great article, and you’re right about the amazing benefits of’taking the plunge’. As other commenters have said, great in combination with a fast. Some more tips: when starting out, just turn the shower right down to cold at the end, try to breathe as calmly as possible while thinking, “It’s not that big a deal, it’s not that big a deal”, then see what happens. A slow count to ten helps. I’m now at the stage of beginning cold too. I basically waterboard myself: Sticking my head under while rubbing my hair, and my face while holding my breath. Then turning the heat up just when I can take no more. Heaven on earth.

  88. Gregorio Diablo Mtz Sanchez

    I had a severe form of chronic insomnia. Male pattern baldness . no Energy, moderate depression. Anxiety . i am 28. Raging alcoholic, daily drinker and drug user. The lights/electricity was shut off at my apartment. So i had no no choice. I had to take these cold showers . Let me tell you, my friend . and this may not be the case for everyone
    . The cold showers changed me. I will never go back . i have a full head of hair ! Cocoa oil with vitamin E oil in my scalp with cold water after a month regrew my hair, i swear by it, hand on heart. I feel amazing. I no longer drink/ urge to be drunk is gone . i am not depressed . i no longer need adderall, or ambien . i no longer take any perscriptions . i am healthy 140 -150 lbs. 28 years old, 5-11 height . i look great now . i feel ever better, years younger, everything . resiliant never stressed nothing gets to me . i think the secret was to start cold, yes it was a hard one. But after some weeks your minds perception of the water seems to “get warmer” . i will never go back . when im in the shower having sex the warm water feels okay but not the same. Another thing yes the testoserone seems higher i feel …. Good.

    1. The Dude

      hey whats up?! would you mind helping out with more details about the oils for the hair? types, amounts, how you apply, etc..

  89. Regina Gradys

    Water heater died – waiting for new one. I’m on my second cold shower and totally used to it – it was just like diving into my aunt’s unheated pool when I was a kid. You knew it would feel normal really soon. I guess I am really naïve – but I asked my husband how come he was totally okay with it. He is from Honduras – there is no hot water in Honduras, wow, I never thought about that. He cited all the health benefits. However, my 17 year old stepson had never experienced hot water either, until he came tolive with us a year ago. He is now an addict……..no going back!1

  90. Samantha Gidge

    All of the benefits here (aside from the testosterone and sperm count, as I am female) apply to me with my past one year of dedicated ice cold showers daily!!! My life has been drastically improved by using this tool in my daily routine! It started with one day and then I felt so great that I did day two, and now one year later I am still going strong and plan to use this for the rest of my life as long as it continues to serve me in a positive way! Thanks and cheers from Newfoundland, Canada!!!

  91. Matthew

    Taking a cold shower reminds much of swimming in Lake Superior, or Lake Michigan (very cold, even in August). I am no stranger to cold water, but I have been taking hot showers for too many years. When I step out of the cold shower, I feel invigorated and alive! Like I just had a dose of nature, minus the sand in my crack!
    The deep, fast breathing will also help your voice to stop sounding lazy and tired and help you to speak with full volume, clarity, and maybe even deeper.

  92. Joe Carrow

    Informative and amazing article concerning what advantages of cold showers. Extremely previous showers area unit terribly effective for our skin health and mind. it additionally reduces our additional stress. So, I believe this post is incredibly useful and informative to everybody. Cold Shower has several advantages – Relieves depression, Keeps skin and hair healthy, Strengthens immunity, will increase androgen, will increase fertility and lots of a lot of. Thanks for sharing this post.

  93. Isaac

    I’ve been having cold showers for 15 months now and I used to get amazing benefits. It’s winter again now and my motivation is starting to wane. Not sure if it’s because I’m stressed in other areas of my life but just not enjoying them as much as I used to.
    Anyone else who’s done this for a while feeling the same? Last winter it was an amazing challenge, now it feels kind of like self punishment

  94. Pool Cleaning in Dubai

    This was interesting. I actually have gotten myself into wim hof recently, but quit shortly after, maybe because i was not ready. however, now that i am working in a pool cleaning company, i find myself being exposed to the heat constantly due to being outdoors in the sun. and that has been leading me to taking cold showers (not icy) every time i get home, and it feels awesome. I just hope i can keep that up during the winter haha.

  95. Robert Crossan

    Yes, I realize some benefits Russell.
    Normally, I use to bath with hot water. I never thought a cold shower has benefits. After reading your article I can feel it has Will Power and can reduce stress.

  96. Ashwaq Hilal

    I did not know that cold shower has lots of benefits. My husband purchased a water cooler / heater called hotchiller and I love to use it a lot.

  97. Gaute Abrahamsen

    Started doing cold showers some days ago. I never freeze even in cold weather, so turns out I can still quite easily breath normal when taking the shower. It’s actually kinda comfortable 🙂

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  99. John Stephen

    While first time I obtained to know about these people I started out them and also though I never ever had one particular. I was fearless enough to keep for a while beneath it along with enjoyed that. I kind of challenged me personally. Today following few months I actually started these individuals again in addition to guys it is too winter here also !! Whatever i enjoy this one!! Thank you Sean !!

  100. shameless s09e08 online

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    these days. I seriously appreciate individuals
    like you! Take care!!

  101. Mark A Szorady

    I’m dong the cold shower thing. So far, I’m liking it!:) It’s been about four weeks or so.
    I started the process by doing warm showers, then, finishing cold. But, day by day, I started out each shower less warm. Essentially, I dropped my starting water temp each day. I gradually went from warm, to luke warm, to just above cold, to cold, then to colder and colder. Now, I’m doing fully cold showers. This process took no more than a week.
    I’m not keeping track of the days, weeks, or months because I decided to just do it. The goal is keep the natural oils in my skin during these upcoming winter months. Every winter, I have a problem with dry cracking skin around my finger tips and thumbs. I’m hoping the cold water showers will aid in keeping the dryness at bay.
    I became interested in the cold water shower after reading about cold water shaves. I gave the cold water shave a try and have yet to return to a warm water shave. Then, I happened on an article about the “James Bond Shower” and my adventure began!:) I figured if my face benefited from a cold shave, the entire body would benefit from a cold water shower.:)

    1. Artur

      Cold showers are great for sure! If you want to take it a step further try cold water baths! After around 5 minutes of ice cold water and sauna you feel amazingly refreshed 😉

  102. Malik Williams

    Here’s a tip for taking a cold shower. First get your feet wet, than your hands, head than the rest of your body. It helps.

    1. pee pee

      thanks for the help i needed it bitch

  103. Martin Quach

    Awesome! I started cold showers in September myself.
    A friend explained the benefits of cold showers and sent me this challenge https://60secondcoldshower.com/
    Boom – I followed through and am feeling E-M-powered. ? ?
    My favourite benefit and main reason for cold showers is voluntarily hardship – The mental training of doing something hard, voluntarily. The brain is plastic. Taking action and doing hard things becomes increasingly easier – the best part, the training spills over to everything else in life, and all difficult things becomes more voluntarily, enjoyable and easier.
    It’s getting tougher now, during winter time, but your mind will always come up with an excuse for why not to take action. This is all the more reason to do it!
    And now – I challenge all of you!

  104. Kai

    I have been taking cold showers (not regularly) for about two years now. My therapist in a treatment program I was in for heroin addiction recommended it and I have been doing it ever since.

  105. Josh Roman

    Taking shower will calm down your nerves and thus improve its function.

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  107. Tracy

    Nice research Steven! My study also shows similar result. Especially regular cold shower is ideal for rapid weight loss. Overall I think, regular cold shower is highly recommended.

  108. Kim

    Great tips. I will send it to my husband because he is completely against cold showers. I love them and I miss them while our bath. Maybe now he will reconsider this. Thanks a lot.

  109. Steve Perks

    I heard Chris Evans, the UK radio presenter pushing this and thought I’d give it a try.
    First attempt was around 3 seconds. The subsequent attempts were a lot of swear words I didn’t even know I had. Now, I actually look forward to it every day. I start my day exhilarated, positive and ready to tackle anything that comes my way and it is now a permanent way of life.
    I’ve recently shared the article on social media, as it is all the more important during the current COVID-19 pandemic because of it’s benefits to the immune system and mental health.
    My personal routing is cold only shower in the morning and hot/cold/hot/cold in the evening.
    When I’m done, I take 5 minutes to do breathing exercises as I drip dry, then it’s ‘come on day, bring it!’

  110. angella lika

    it is very interesting

  111. korinka

    How many years of statistics on addiction are increasing and growing. Why hasn’t this syndicate been overcame yet! So many people have been hurt.

  112. Kenzy Turner

    Seriously??!! Never thought that cold showers will do good for hair and weight loss.
    This is really great article. Thanks for sharing!

  113. Loraine

    I have been struggling with fibromyalgia for more than 5 years now and all the experts say there are no cure. I’ve created a 21 day challenge of taking cold showers in the morning & am on day 8. I can testify that my life has taken a 180 degrees turn. Pain & inflammation is a lot less, no more fatigue, more productive, no foggy brain and a lot more energy!
    Best I’ve felt in a long time!!!!

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