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Do you want to know how to start your day that will make you feel more proactive at work? Have you ever wanted to spend more time with your partner but your body just can’t do it because of a tiring day? How about craving to eat that pizza without holding back? If you answered “yes” to all of that, a good physical exercise while in bed is all you need.

According to David Atkinson, Cooper Ventures program development director, exercise helps improve mental sharpness, increase the level of serotonin in the brain, and boost energy levels.

Today may be your day off, and you finally got the time that you deserve for yourself. How about trying to get out of bed and start your day at the gym? If you still don’t feel like doing both, there is no need to worry. Here are five easy exercises that will help you have a healthy and fit body without getting off your mattress or going to the gym.

Legs Spin


Lie down on your bed with your back laying flat. Put your arms on your side. Extend both of your legs without too much space to each other and slightly raise them. Draw beachball-sized circles in the air using your legs in a clockwise direction. After ten rings, draw another ten circles in a counterclockwise direction this time.

Bike Paddle

Lie down on your back. Put both of your arms on the side with your palms facing the ground. Lift both of your legs and start paddling like you are riding a bike for two to three minutes. It is also have some best treadmill for home so you can have your exercise routine regularly.

According to research, this kind of exercise helps to prevent varicose veins and to avoid the discomfort that varicose veins can cause. Find the best foot clinic near me in case you encounter some sprains or injuries on your exercises.

Prone Leg Lifts

Lie on your bed face down. Place both of your arms on your side and stretch both of your legs right behind you. Slightly lift your right leg slowly then lower it slowly. Do it using your left leg this time.

Based on the book written by Daniel K. Resnick and Regis W. Haid which entitled “Surgical Management of Low Back Pain,” this kind of exercise can help in developing your paraspinal strength and other muscles in your lower back. You may also consider changing your mattress. Highest quality mattress for lower back pain is not an option but necessity.

Supine Twist

With your back lying down, lift your knees to your chest. With your right forearm, hold your legs behind your knees. Bring your knees to the left side of the bed. Slowly face the right direction. Repeat steps using the other side and direction.

This kind of exercise can help to alert your spine and ease a sore back which awakens your preparedness for another day.

Pilates Side Kick

Keep your body as straight as possible while resting on your side with your right arm supporting your head. Start kicking your left leg in the air in a vertical direction. Slowly bring your leg down without touching your other leg. Repeat this exercise using your left arm as a head support and right leg to lift this time.


Most of the time we complain because of back and other muscle pains. That’s when we remember it has been a long time since we have visited the gym or did some jogging at the park.

Aside from taking vitamins, eating healthy food and drinking fresh water, we need exercise to start the productive day we always want. According to Cedric Bryant, the chief exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise, exercise gives relaxation response that serves a positive distraction like elevating your mood and keeping depression at bay.

Whether we like it or not, our responsibilities do not end in the school or office work. We also have the responsibilities of taking care of our bodies with all the amount of stress and fatigue that our bodies have to endure all throughout a tiring day.

A good way to take care of our bodies is by getting the right amount of sleep and the right type of bed. Numerous sites such as BedsOnline and other companies provide quality beds that ensure you get the best sleep.


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