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Hey guys, thanks for taking interest in contributing to Menprovement.




First of all, I wanted to share with you an amazing post on how to write posts. I always refer to it as sort of a checklist. The more characteristics my post has from that post the better the post!

I always refer to it as sort of a checklist.

The more characteristics my post has from that post the better the post!

Please check it out, the more characteristics your post has from that post the better the chance that your post will be on the first page of Menprovement!


Second of all, thank you!

We truly appreciate our audience and all the love and support that we have received over the past several years.

Due to an increased volume of emails recently, we have decided to heap all of our guidelines, rules, and FAQs together on one page for anyone who is interested in being a contributor, posting guest articles, sponsoring the podcast, or anything of a similar nature.

We have compiled this page so that we can cut down on unnecessary communication so that we can invest that time into better serving this community.

If you have any questions pertaining to contributing to the site, the cost of a sponsored post, reviews etc. etc.

Please read this page in its entirety BEFORE emailing anyone on the team.

If you email us with a question that has already been answered below, we will not respond.

We hope that you understand and can work with us in our efforts to make MenProvement more efficient, relevant, and help this community build better men

Sean & the MenProvement Team


Guidelines for Becoming An Author or Submitting Guest Posts or Sponsored Posts

All regular contributors and guest posts authors have freedom to link back to their on work and products in their articles as long as it pertains self-improvement. This is a great way to build your personal brand, brand yourself as an expert and increase SEO to your site and articles.

And make sales of course.

So if you want to be a continuing contributor, please read our guidelines and then hit us up!

If You Are Submitting an Article from a Genuine Place of Wanting to Serve the Menprovement Community and Help Improve Lives 

– before writing the article, please research the keyword that you are going to be writing for, this will greatly help your exposure and make the article visible to Google

– We prefer articles that are in depth about ONE particular subject and serve as a comprehensive resource in that subject

– Please link to other quality websites

– Please include other forms of media on top of text such as images, and videos

– The article must be specific and relate to one of Menprovement categories

– The content must be fresh and unique, no dry how to lists, convey personality and authority over the subject you’re writing about, ideally tell a story that can personalize advice and make the article stand out (here’s the magic formula for an irresistable article : AIDA formula)

-Make sure that the headline prompts the reader to click on it (go to Headline Analyzer for more information)

– Please use short paragraphs and make it easy for the reader to read it by addressing him/her and writing with him/her in mind,

– Articles must be relevant and offer clear directions for readers to improve their lives in some way

– Your english must be impeccable (sorry we don’t have 3 hours to edit broken english)

– Guest/contributor articles should be a minimum of 1,200 words posts of 1000 may be accepted if they offer incredible value, however, posts under 1000 words are not allowed

– Guest/contributor articles should be formatted in the style of other MenProvement articles with main topics broken up by several headings (heading 2 for wordpress) and subheadings (heading 3), single spacings between paragraphs, all bullet point and numbered lists done manually, and not auto formatted by word(press), and an “In Conclusion” section summarizing the article.

– When submitting your article, please include your name, a link to your website, your social media links and a short bio. You may also include a picture if you so desire. Please note that any articles we receive without this information will posted up under either Sean Russell or Guest Author.

– You may include a link to your own website or company provided that it is relevant to the readers (it pertains to men’s interests in either health, relationships, finance, style etc.)

– Articles will go live in the order that we receive them and may take up to 1-1.5  months to be published do to the high volume of articles we receive and write ourselves.

– Our Guest and Customer Support Manager, Maia will email you the day of publication with the live link to your article.

How do I get on the podcast with Sean or Artur?

Email with a short pitch about who you are and what you will contribute to the audience. If I think that it is a good match, I will schedule an interview.

Thank you guys/gals. Let’s change the way men live forever.



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