The Best Online Tools to Become a Better Writer

The Best Online Tools to Become a Better Writer

Writing can be hard because it has to meet so many requirements and focus on what matters for the readers. In many cases, the result of the work can be unsatisfactory because it was conducted in an unsuitable environment that hindered the process. In other cases, the writer can be simply bored to check all text for revisions.

No one wants that.

To help you enhance the writing process and increase the quality of your work, this article combines the most effective applications, editors and other tools that are perfectly designed to do this job.

1. Blogo

According to the official website of the application, it is a blog publishing tool for iOS devices, designed to assist content creators to concentrate on the most important aspects of writing.

It creates a great writing environment that allows you to accomplish a wide variety of tasks by having the blogger aware of all goals (reading time, words, characters). In addition, the app enables to manage multiple blogs, moderate and reply to comments, and list, update, and edit existing posts.

2. WriteFull

Another great application that considerably improves the quality of writing is WriteFull: it provides the feedback by different criteria, such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Available for downloading for free, it uses Google services to check if the writing is correct, which may be very beneficial for those who write in English as a second language. For example, if the writer does not know which form of the sentence is the correct to include, he or she can employ Google, which will show the most widely used form.

3. WordStream

This platform combines a number of sophisticated tools that can help to improve writing for business, including Keyword, Negative Keyword, Keyword Generator, Adwords, Keyword Grouper, and Landing Page tool.

It draws its power from a trillion-keyword database that allows the writers to ensure the quality of promoted or advertised text. Having these features help during the writing process, creating a unique, effective, and interesting text becomes much easier.

4. WriteRack

If you want to turn Twitter into a blogging platform with many unique features unavailable for other users, make sure you visit WriteRack! As the result, the account can be transformed into a business tool that provides much more information than competitors. Moreover, WriteRack automates the process by generating series of tweets. It’s completely free and easy to use, too.

5. Trello

Essentially a project management app, Trello is a remarkable tool for many professions, especially bloggers. It has already become a go-to CMS for scheduling and publishing content online that is capable of providing the own editorial calendar.

Given that keeping the steady flow of posts and fresh ideas may be difficult, the bloggers can create their editorial calendar, which would be a perfect way to review, organize, and store the existing content volumes.

6. Hemingway App

Very easy and effective, Hemingway App is perhaps one of the most popular free online platforms that offer proofreading services. The home page takes you straight to the editor window that includes the example text with possible revisions, including common errors, complex sentences, inappropriate word selection, passive and active voice and formatting. The editor also features a small toolbar with basic formatting functions, thus providing a reasonable platform for creating error-free texts for blogs and other purposes.

7. Royal Essays

This custom writing service like many others on the net, provides a wide range of services for proofreading the content and making it flawless. Apart from composing the texts from scratch, the company is known for editing and proofreading of academic papers and other content related to online business and blogging.

One of the main advantages of using a company like Royal Essays is the human analysis of the text, which can be more effective than automatic.

8. Ulysses

‘The ultimate app for anyone who writes’ is the main headline of the next great tool, Ulysses. Thousands of people use the platform because of its unique features, including distraction-free interface, markup-based text editor, keyboard navigation, the great environment, and typewriter scrolling.

Essentially, Ulysses is a writing interface that allows a high level of customization and total immersion into the process, which is exactly what is needed to make great content. It is available only for Mac and iOS devices and is just under $24.

9. Skyword

One of the most sophisticated marketing platforms in the U.S., Skyword offers a number of services related to writing for business, including consulting, composing engaging marketing materials, blogging, and many more. It is a go-to organization when your marketing strategy has lost its direction, and the online content has not produced the desired outcomes.

They are achieved through assistance with branded content for small and middle-size businesses all around the world. Skyword is the online location of the company, which has been used by many businesses as the primary destination.


Yet another writing platform for bloggers, which differs by simplicity in the design and abundance of great features. According to the site of the app, it focuses on three main areas to help the writers to achieve the tasks, including lack of distraction, motivation, and organization and tracking of the established goals. It is available for iOS and Mac systems and is used by more than four thousand writers around the world.

Do not be discouraged if writing does not meet the requirements of the modern online business, blog, or any other standard. If you are serious about writing professionally, check out these websites to see what positive changes they offer for your blog or business.

Remember, writing is not just about sharing the ideas but also having a proper structure and language. Whether you are writing a business-related content and some other type of writing, you will find all these tools pretty useful. In addition to the great opportunity to improve the writing, most of them are available to download for free.



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