Beautify your property

A dying lawn never adds to the beauty of the property. Or, does it? In order to keep the grass and the plants green and beautiful, they need to be watered in an organized manner. Therefore, almost every home has an underground sprinkler system to meet their requirements. But, the challenge is to keep them running optimally. Therefore, to do just that they require regular maintenance.

Why to maintain it, you ask?
Well, according to the professionals of Bakersfield sprinkler repair service, the whole system needs to be maintained on a monthly basis or at least twice seasonally to assure optimal functionality. There are several other reasons why you do it, but here are a few primary reasons.

  • To ensure safety

If not regularly maintained, sprinkler head can be in grave danger for the children and people walking around. Regularly maintaining them will help to ensure that the sprinkler heads are kept clean when not running.

  • Optimal utilization of water

It is important to make sure that the water spray is used in an optimal manner. This way it eleminates the chance of overabundance of water in one area and a dry spot in another area.

  • To conserve water

Fresh water is one of the most important elements present on planet earth. Therefore, lack of sprinkler repair service can lead to leaks that will continue to persist until fixed. Moreover, if they are not properly adjusted, water is more likely to be wasted on areas where it might not be required.

How to maintain the underground sprinkler system
Here is an easy to follow maintenance guide that every person can do on their property.

1. Check the head of each and every sprinkler
Look for the broken sprinklers head. Unscrew it and get a matching replacment part or avail help of the best sprinkler repair service in your area. Be sure to clean any clogs and tighten the lose screws.

2. Check the flow of water
Once you have checked the head of the sprinklers for damage, do run the system to measure the amount of water received using tin cans or rain gauge. If the sprinkler head has a low flow, unscrew it, clean the filter and check for the cracks.

3. Adjust the spray pattern
It is important to adjust the spray pattern for every single sprinkler individually to avoid spraying sidewalks, driveways and to prevent the dry spots. Stepping on or mowing over sprinklers, head is what usually changes its pattern automatically.

4. Take winter precautions
Prior to the freezing weather, drain the entire system and turn it off for the season. Use the directions of the operating manual or hire an installer to do it for you. While restarting it in the spring be cautious and once again check for damage.

5. Check for the controller and sprinkler that weep
If you lose power, look for the controller or timer. It might need to be reset. Adjust the water levels for the seasonal needs. If you find sprinklers that weep even when the cycle is finished, check for a worm in the valve box and replace it.

For sprinkler repair service and winterizing, once in a while do hire professionals to get this complicated procedure done. A well-maintained and properly adjusted is crucial for a healthy and a beautiful home.


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