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More and more men grow beards which eventually turn grey as time passes. There are temporary, semi-permanent or permanent products available which can help you regain the former intense color of your beard. You can find the best beard dye for your needs by finding the most appealing product to you and your beard hair type.

Chemical substances and smell of regular beard dying products might not sound tempting. We have searched for products with friendly and natural ingredients lists which nourish and keep your beard hair healthy. Here are the bed beard dyes options you can find on the 2018 market!


All-Natural Best Beard Dye Products Countdown with Instructions

The best beard dye has the responsibility to dye your hair without thickening it or affecting its structure. You will regularly dye your beard, so you’ll expose it many times to such products. Therefore, the below list only includes natural products with advantages instead of side effects. All of them are suitable for long-term use. Our top also considers customer rankings from online stores.


5. The Henna Guys Henna Beard Dye for Men

The Henna Guys dye product is 100% chemical and GMO-free. Your beard gets colored through the henna content of this dye which is easy to apply by any man. You can use it for beard, mustache and even brows. This product generates no chemical reaction such as burns, itching or rashes.

Application process: You can use one pack for a complete beard dye. This is a two-step process which you can perform at home with regular kitchen tools. You only need to mix the ingredients and apply them.

Available colors: Jet black, auburn, dark brown, burgundy, medium brown, mahogany, light brown, natural red, orange-red, wine red.


4. Grizzly Mountain Organic & Natural Beard Dye

This chemical-free beard dye has a non-irritating formula which also works for men with hair-related allergies. It’s a vegan product which uses the power of infused herbs and natural coloring agents. The dye contains embolic acid, henna, false daisy, indigo and neem tree. The Grizzly Mountain brand also produces an organic base pre-treatment you can purchase if you have a dry and thick beard. Color is permanent, so there’s no necessary color maintenance process.

Application process: The process is easy. You need to mix two teaspoons of the dye in a bowl of hot water until it looks like toothpaste. Apply this on your beard and let it dry for around 30 minutes. Then, wash off with soap and warm water.

Available colors: 3 shades of brown which respect the natural coarseness of your beard color, according to manufacturers.


3. RefectoCil Natural Brown Cream Dye

This dye is suitable for beard and mustache, together with lashes and eyebrows. The cream provides you with an even natural look and is also suitable for men with sensitive skin. This product works even if you’re a sports enthusiast, as it’s training and sweat resistant. According to the manufacturers, the color lasts for up to 6 weeks. It causes less irritation than other dyes due to the ammonia-free content. Also, the color is visible even for natural brunettes.

Application process: You need to apply the product and let it dry for 10 minutes before hitting the shower.

Available colors: Blonde, Blue, Blue Black, Brown, Natural Brown, Deep Black, Red, Graphite.


2. Creme of Nature Men’s Haircolor

It looks like a hair color product but could be your next best beard dye. The Crème of Nature dye is strong and successfully covers gray hairs from the beard and mustache. You can use it for your scalp hair also, for an even look. This natural dye nourishes your beard hair to protect it from thickening. The product includes a shea butter conditioner and is ammonia-free.

Application process: It takes 5 minutes to apply this dye. Since it doesn’t come with a brush, you will need to use gloves while rubbing it against your beard. Then, let it dry for other 5 minutes.

Available colors: The most popular shade by Crème of Nature is Jet Black. However, you can also find it in Natural Black and a few shades of Brown.


1. Godefroy Color Tint Kit

The Godefroy Color Tint could be the best beard dye in 2018. You will not find ammonia or any chemical odor in this product. You can use the kit for up to 20 applications and the color will not fade after the first weeks. The dye is also suitable for covering your gray hairs and eyebrows. The dye also doesn’t leave skin spots after application. The color fades after 3 – 4 days. However, the fading color will make you look more natural.

Application process: The dye comes in capsules, so carefully read the instructions before applying it. Some customers claimed that the capsules are hard to open. The kit comes with a detailed list of the application process, a brush and a mixing cup.

Available colors: Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown.


Choosing the Best Beard Dye

The best beard dye is easy to use if you choose the product by considering the brand, color, customer reviews and the ingredients list. You can dye your beard and mustache (even eyebrows) without thickening the hair or getting skin irritations.

Make sure you test the beard on your hand before applying it to avoid allergies. Also, use old clothing items when dying your beard, as it might leave stains. Once the dye is dry and active, feel free to enjoy your new and natural beard color!

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