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be more attractive to the opposite sex

Let’s face it, no one should be preoccupied with looks. That’s more unattractive than being unattractive, even for an attractive guy. Still, looks can be improved to increase one’s personal magnetism and dating potential. In this article, we will discuss five simple ways you can improve your looks and present yourself in a flattering light to colleagues, coworkers, and pizza delivery girls. If such a thing even existed (no really, I have never even seen one).

1. Get a haircut.

One of the quickest ways to improve your appearance is to get a haircut. Good haircuts frame the face, accent personal style, and add a refreshing “there’s something different about you” quality to a man’s aura. Women notice, and have a brief fantasy about massaging your scalp (huh? Sorry, I thought you were watching the road).

2. Iron your clothes.

An ironed shirt says “life matters,” and “I’ve got this household appliance thing under control.” A friend of mine once walked into a room after having ironed and pressed his shirt and pants, when one of the seated women stood up and remarked, “See, that’s how a man is supposed to dress.” Her boyfriend then went on to defend himself, stating, “it’s only a kilt.”

3. Have a scent, but not a smell.

According to research on smell and memory, the two are so closely related that “smell can call up memories and powerful responses almost instantaneously.“1 That being said, stop watching Axe commercials. Still, it’s nice to have a familiar scent of your own. Rely on nature, or enhance it with cologne. Just remember the old adage, “smell not from miles afar that girls will laugh in pee pee room.” – Faux Proverb.

4. Read a book.

That’s right, reading makes you more attractive. First, it’s an excellent time killer at Sizzler’s (what took the cheese toast so long?). But more importantly, it shows curiosity and an interest in personal growth. Put good things in your head. If you like conversation starters, try picking up a sociological study from Barnes & Noble, like that one about that guy living in the naked community (what’s that? You live in a naked community and there is no Barnes & Noble?).

5. Be proud of your appearance, but not in a proud way.

It is very important for all of us to feel comfortable in our own skin. Except when we are covered in rashes. Nevertheless, although an attitude change may not be the fastest way to turn your looks around, it definitely trumps wanting to be more attractive than you already are. Just remember, confident male need not ring doorbell of pizza delivery girl, for pizza delivery girl already ringing his (probably because he ordered a pizza, if pizza delivery girls even existed).


1. Dowdey, Sarah. “How Smell Works”, 29 October 2007.



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