Basics for Dropshipping Website Building

Building a successful Shopify dropshipping business online means valuing the context in which consumers will visit your e-commerce store–your website. Utilizing the many important features of a well-designed website will provide you with space to tell your story, attract interest in your product or service, and generate loyal consumers over time, especially if you take the time to make your website user-friendly, attractive, and focused on customer service.
Developing an e-commerce website may not the easiest task you’ve ever accomplished, especially if you are not particularly tech-savvy. Even with the many tools and guides available, you may find it difficult to be critical in looking at whether or not your site can stand up to the competition. Here we’ve looked at important individual elements of your website so you can evaluate each one and garner a clear and complete picture of how it will look to your new consumers.

Does your About Us Page tell your story?

An expert and attractive About Us Page should be compelling, and while it is often overlooked, it should be one of the most significant elements of your business website. The goal of an About Us Page is to help consumers see you as a face behind your business brand, and help consumers put their trust in your and your products. A drop-shipping company needs to pay particular attention to this, as online businesses rely on their websites to help customers get an impression of who you are and what you stand for. At a minimum, it should tell the tale behind why you started your company, explain what makes your products unique, and present your passion to your target demographic. Ideally,  it would also include visuals and profiles of you and any team members you employ.

How does your Business Logo compare to the competition?

Your drop-shipping company should have an amazing business logo that is simple and easy to read.  While funny logos or plays on words may seem amusing, they may often fail to ring true and transparent with a particular audience. Instead, opt for something classic that is more straightforward and memorable. Keep the logo uncomplicated, without being too busy, containing too many words, or having complicated graphics. Try to choose something that is representative of your vision and mission that your customers will remember or recognize weeks or months from now. Experiment with color, texture, size, and font until you find something that is facile and fantastic.

Is your Shopping Cart painless for your consumers?

Shopping cart features should be utilized and honed to make it effortless for your customer to shop. Remember that manual ordering is time-consuming, and customers may lose interest if they have to follow too many steps to get what they want and pay for it. Keep phone pricing, downloadable pricing PDFs, and complicated pricing to a minimum, and remember to offer a wide range of payment options. Make sure prices are listed alongside the product photos. Keep your navigational tools trouble-free and intuitive so that your customers can move from shopping to checkout seamlessly and quickly. Consider add-on tools like integrated product review, integrated chat support, coupon and discount creators, and import/export tools that will make your drop-shipping business stand out.

Are you including Creative Content regularly?

Photos and reviews help consumers buy into your transparency and add to consumer loyalty. They also generate organic traffic to your site and become social proof that your products work. Blogs are important as a way to add content and to share interesting narratives about satisfied consumers. You may also want to use video sharing so customers can see your products in action. Bringing consumers back to your site to read content leads to increased online traffic and improved sales. Content curation is key to presenting your company on social media and other sites in a way that is organized, meaningful, and adds value for both you and your customers.

Is your site Mobile Friendly?

It is important to note that more than 50 percent of customers will access and utilize your site from mobile devices.  Ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly, able to be accessed from a wide range of devices, and view-able on any size screen will improve your chances of getting noticed. If your current website platform does not support mobility, look at sites are capable of supporting this. It is critical to the eventual growth and scalability of your online drop shipping business traffic. If you aren’t sure how your site stacks up, run a test to see for yourself.
How does your business website stand up to the scrutiny? Do you have any suggestions for improving a business website? Feel free to comment here.

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