Badass Work Ethic : How to Become a Hustler


Ever wondered what makes a hustler a hustler?

Have you ever pondered a question, why is it that some people make it so far in life, and others are still stuck in the same place?

Me and Till Boadella will talk about productivity, and hustle. Till is a hardcore hustler, who is after results, he doesn’t care about his excuses and he understands that you have to put work in to reap the rewards later.

Learn our how to to be effective and efficient by learning about Till’s and mine productivity hacks, as well as realize that if you won’t start now, you will probably never start. Make it a priority to watch this interview now, or you will procrastinate!

One of the most important ideas we cover is the speed of implementation, people tend to over-plan, overthink, overanalyze, and when it comes to actually putting in the hours, they don’t follow up. They don’t execute, and learn from it, yet this is THE MOST important part of the puzzle.

I am guilty of this for sure, and still am work in progress, but if you’re not aware of this, you will be blowing up hour after hour, day after day on distraction and minutiae work, that does not produce results.

Realize that you are essentially product of your habits, those small actions add up and create your life situation, every moment you choose to either go up or down. Take the wheel now start making the choices that will take you where you want to be



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