Are you already engaged? Do you avoid the whole emotional hassle of your marriage ending up in a divorce? In these days, couples live together in order to get to know about the intimate details that each other have.

This can be called a test run prior to marriage. However, there is another thing that couples do these days and that is doing a background check prior to the wedding.

The pre-wedding background check is not for everyone. Nevertheless, in case you feel that your fiancé is hiding something, you might want to find out a tad more regarding whom you are actually marrying. It helps in finding out about previous relationships or any kind of criminal charges.

Divorce can be quite expensive and also complicated. Thus, if you have any kind of doubts regarding your wedding, it is better to run a background check. This way you can avoid making a mistake of marrying the wrong person. It might help you to increase the confidence in the partner that you have chosen for yourself.

How can Background Check Help You?

In present times, there is no shortage of information that you can secure. There are some sites that can help you with your background check. You can check these sites from With this, you will be able to get professional help. Given below are the types of information which can prove to be useful prior to marriage.

Family and Marital History

In the majority of the cases, couple discusses their previous marriages or relationship when they start going out together and prior to reaching the point where they start talking about spending the lifetime which each other. In case you do not trust what your partner is saying then you can do a background check. Also, the background check will enable you to verify the information.

Albeit, most of the people are not concerned about the previous relationships of their partner, if you are thinking about marriage then you need to verify that your spouse is single in legal terms. Bigamy is illegal in almost all states. Hence if you are legally married to a person during the time of the wedding, the state will not take your marriage as legal.

The documents related to divorce are public. Hence, if you have to secure more information about the divorce of your partner or find out if the court has finalized the divorce, the best place to start looking for it would be the legal procedures which have taken place. In order to find out about this, you need to know about the date of your partner’s marriage or divorce.

Also, you have to find out about where it actually took place. In case, the records are being kept confidential by the parties or have been sealed by the court, you might not get access to the documents.

Criminal History

There is no one who would like to get married only to found that their partner is guilty of being domestically violent or a convicted criminal. Nevertheless, this might happen if you do not ask the right kind of question or even delve deeper into the past of your partner.

Apart from the crimes which your partner had been involved with when he or she was minor, criminal records are going to be public records and thus, anyone will get access to the document.

All you have to do is request it from the local courthouse or the government office where the crime had actually taken place. In case your fiancé was a juvenile, either the records had been expunged as the offender was 18 years of age or the records might be sealed.

If your partner is not forthcoming with juvenile legal problems, you might not come to know if your would-be spouse had any kind of run-in with the law.

In case you are not successful at the courthouse, you can check the registry that is reserved for all offenders. Here, you will get to access to a different kind of information.

In a majority of the cases, you are going to require some specific information regarding your partner which includes the address, name, and the date of birth of your partner. With more information, it gets easier to get access to the system.

Confirming Identity

With the help of a background check, you will be able to verify the identity of the partner. For instance, if you have met online, it is better to run a background check. It might reveal information which you know already by it is better to confirm the basic information. It is much better than marrying a stranger.

Uncovering Financial Information

Financial issues might be of significant concern in the case of marriage. Whatever, debt your partner has is going to be yours as well, when you get married? Moreover, their bad credit is going to have an impact on the credit rating you have. If you hire a professional, they will help you to find out how money is owed and also to whom. Thereafter, you can decide what you want to do about your marriage from a financial viewpoint.

The Downside of Background Check Before Marriage

However, a pre-marital background check can be a deal-breaker at times. This is because with background checks you tend to discover the skeletons and this might come out at the wrong time.

Even though it is important to look into your partner’s past, it can break your heart and your expectations.

A professional will help you decide what you need to know. The investigation is going to depend on what you want to know and what is your budget. Before you take your vow, you need to know the intricate details about the one you are planning to build your future with.

It is better to lose your loved one prior to marriage than going through all the deception and lies which might result in divorce which can be emotionally draining and also quite expensive.


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