The fitness industry has exploded over the last couple of years because more and more people are becoming aware of the existing link between exercising and health. Also, it is a big industry, one that involves and brings many other sectors together. And don’t forget about the personal trainers, and coaches, different training modules for different parts of your body, fitness equipment, etc.

The purpose of this article is to explore and find the best equipment for your abs, one that will melt that belly fat and strengthen your whole core. Furthermore, you will also see numerous benefits of developing impressive abs, benefits that go from better posture to good looks. So, without any further ado, let’s quickly take a look at some of the best fitness equipment of 2018 that will help you develop awesome abs:


1. Ab Lounge Ultra

The number one spot had to go to the Ab Lounge Ultra. Why? Well:

  1. Ab Lounge Ultra helps you build stronger upper and lower abdominal muscles.
  2. Furthermore, this product builds obliques very efficiently (better than simple crunches do).
  3. Since you sit in a chair-like position, you won’t be stressing your back or your neck during the exercises.

Learning how to use the Ab Lounge Ultra is pretty simple since the product comes with really detailed instructions. All it takes is dedication and commitment to your ultimate goals.


2. Ab Wheels

Perhaps not as comfortable as the Ab Lounge Ultra, but the ab wheel doesn’t lag in the efficiency department. Good for your abs, back, arms and shoulders, this simple piece of equipment still dominates the ab exercise field. Some people question the effectiveness of the ab wheel. Why? Well, the effectiveness of an ab wheel depends on the form and if that form is not met, the ab wheel won’t be efficient (or as effective as it should be).

But this can be said for almost any exercise, with or without the use of some equipment. In general, people do agree Ab Wheel is efficient if used correctly, the only disadvantage being the pressure you put on your lower back.


3. Kettlebells

In essence, the kettlebell is a mixture of dumbbell and weight, having one convenient handle used to lift the kettlebell off the ground. Kettlebells are used primarily for weight training (building leaner and stronger muscles). Since they are used to develop stronger muscles, you can use them to create stronger abs.  

The most efficient way to utilize kettlebells is to perform the kettlebell windmill exercise (this short video demonstrates how). As seen in this video, the exercise isn’t complicated at all because it mainly focuses on form (again, the form being vital). Do this exercise to strengthen your abs, arms, shoulders, and legs.


Body Nutrition

4. Pullup Bar

Using bars helps you enhance your whole upper body: abs, shoulders, arms, back, neck, etc. However, it all starts from the core, and that is the reason why pullup bar deserves the 4th place on this fitness equipment list. If you think about it, you are using your core to not only lift your lower body but also to keep that same lower body in the air.

A simple (or purchased) bar can strengthen your entire core. Furthermore, pullup bar is very versatile and can be used for enhancing other parts of your body and will undoubtedly prove to be cost-effective once you strengthen your abs and switch to developing different muscle group. If interested, you can check the ten ways to use pull-up bar.


5. Balance ball

Having a balance ball in your house is like having a lighter version of gym. If you are creative, you can find thousands of ways to use the ball and perform different exercises. This video shows 100 ways to strengthen your abs using a balance ball.

Whenever you are trying to maintain your balance, you are using your core muscles. Furthermore, keep in mind that strong abs are crucial for your posture, as well. A balance ball can help you strengthen your core, and with stronger core comes better posture and form, meaning you will be able to perform other exercises more efficiently.

As said before, the only limits that a balance ball has are those that exist in your imagination.


More Than Just Looks

When people think of abdominal muscles, they imagine beautiful abs they’ve seen in some ad for abs fitness equipment. And while there is nothing wrong with that, the truth is much more profound. Those whose lives and careers depend on strong abs will tell you that there is much more to be said about having awesome abs. Moreover, they know how hard it is to develop those abs.

Boxers, swimmers, dancers, firefighters, pilots… they all need a strong core. And even if your professional career doesn’t depend on you developing strong abs, you should try and develop them. Your posture and balance will improve, you will feel lighter and healthier, and, alas, you will look better and feel more confident in your looks.


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