116 Best Ass Pictures on The Web. Period.

116 Best Ass Pictures on The Web. Period.

116 Best Ass Pictures on The Web. Period.

best ass pictures
This article was written by Sean Russell for Menprovement.com. We find and share the best self improvement content for men on the web. Enjoy.

Ass pictures have nothing to do with self-improvement. Guilty.
But once in a while we like to throw something up like this just because, well, what guy doesn’t love some pictures of big ol’ booties.  And this is the most comprehensive list on the web.
The team and a few VA’s have searched over 100 albums to hand select the best ass pictures on the web.
There’s some small ones, some big ones, but they are all amazing. I challenge you to find another one better. (Literally, post the link in the comments if you do..you will get a special prize)
A lot of these pics are via TheChive, so keep calm and chive on.
If you see you see a photo on here that you own the right to, or is you, and you want us to take it down just shoot us an email at menprovement@gmail.com. But most importantly, enjoy this album and share it with your friends.
Without further adieu, after months of searching, in no particular order, here are, in my opinion, the 100 best ass pictures on the web:

Let’s Go!ass picture

Two beautiful butts

best ass pictures

116 Best Ass Pictures on The Web. Period. 1

Summer love. ass picture Nice fit ass fit girl with big butt

116 Best Ass Pictures on The Web. Period. 2 best ass pictures best ass picture

Mmm that makes me thirsty… picture of a girls wet booty a girl with a nice butt in a thong

best ass pictures

ass pictures of two beautiful girls

Alessandra Ambrosio’s ass should have its own panty line… ass pictures

beautiful girl with a nice butt

116 Best Ass Pictures on The Web. Period. 3

One of the best ass gifs I’ve ever seen116 Best Ass Pictures on The Web. Period. 4116 Best Ass Pictures on The Web. Period. 5

I like this chick, and from he side I can tell she has big boobs as well. girl with a small but nice butt

Mind the gap…

gif of a girl with a nice ass

funny gifUnreal… ass

What is she smuggling back there… ass


That is just lovely… booty

I would really love coming home to a nice cooked meal by that lovely lady every night… a girl with a nice booty

gif of girl slapping another girls ass

ass pictures

I’m pretty sure that last one is photoshopped. But if not, touche..white girls aren’t supposed to have ass’s like that. ass picture of a hot girl in a thong Slap!
ass picture

ass pictures

How on earth does she compete in track with 200 pounds dragging behind her… ass pictures at a track event Maybe the best ass model I have seen. more ass pictures Thank you chive.
ass pictures from the chive ass pictures ass pictures

ass pictures ass pictures

small but nice butt That’s certainly a handful… beautiful girl with a nice butt Everyday I thank God for Yoga Pants. perfect butt awesome butt big booty

I love ass pictures

I love ass pictures Perfect example of when small is still perfect… I love ass pictures

I love ass pictures 116 Best Ass Pictures on The Web. Period. 6 best ass picture best ass picture best ass pictureReef is famous for their ass contest. Check it out here. I love ass pictures

I have not yet experienced a car wash like this, I am definitely missing out.. a bunch of hot girls at a car wash nice body

nice 38

nice 39

I miss summer so much.. nice 40

beautiful girl dressed like sailor moon

fat 42

That’s scary big… black chick on a beach

this girl is beautiful

Petite perfection awesome ass pictures

I love girls because squishy. girl in a superman thong

fat booty

This lady is jacked but her ass is lovely. i love google Maybe the nicest pair of legs I have ever seen. This girl must be Estonian or something… fat ass Where is this beach and why am I not there… nice booty at the beach

nice booty 52 nicebooty 53

nice butt 54

nice butt 55

This girl is perfection! Ahhhh!! nice ass 56

nice 56.1

nice butt 57

ass picture

nice butt 58

nice butt 59 Who leaves the house looking like this? Winners, that’s who. nice butt 60

girl taking a selfie

nice ass 62

nice as 63

nice butt

nice butt

nice behind


nice ass 68

nice as 69

nice ass 70

butt pictures

Yeah, just chilling in my bra and panties in the middle of the party. No big deal.. nice bum pictures nice bikini butt

Holy shit..TheChive has done it again..This girl is perfect. nice booty

girl in hello kitty panties Jessica Biel from I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry. She is incredible, Justin Timberlake you are a lucky man.Jessica biel gif

perfect butt picture

funny picture This girl has the absolute perfect amount of sag going on. That thing must move in all the right ways. girl with an awesome body at the beach Yes, smack it baby.nice ass

lovely picture Wow. I love the latin ladies perfect ass 81

When I decide to settle down and get a girlfriend, she’s going to look like this girl.. perfect booty

perfect booty This is an average girl on Miami Beach. One of the greatest places in the world.. a girl on the beach of miami with a perfect ass

perfect butt 85

Holy Cow perfect ass 86 perfect ass 87

best ass

OMG best ass

Dental Floss Pt.2 best ass best ass 116 Best Ass Pictures on The Web. Period. 7 116 Best Ass Pictures on The Web. Period. 8

A pink thong on a perfect tan butt. There is nothing better. perfect ass in a pink thong

perfect body at the pool

a perfect picture of a girl in yoga pants I think this is the same girl from number two. O well, she deserves it. perfect beach shot

perfect booty

Do you need a hand with that tanning oil hunny.. a girl spreading her perfect booty Somebody’s been doing their squats =) really fit girl

beautiful girl in the ocean

perfect booty

perfect booty

This is Ridiculous… the most perfect ass ever

awesome picture that people need to see Wow that last girl…if that picture is real then I have now become even pickier, I must find her.



Since creating this album I have stumbled upon a few incredible girls that really deserve to be up here. I wanted to keep it a clean 100, but couldn’t boot anyone out. Here are some honorable mentions that truly deserve to be here.

final ass pictures

The shape on this is sublime. I bet it feels like memory foam.. and awesome ass pic

This honestly may be the best ass picture of them all. There was no way that I could leave it out and be able to sleep at night. I can’t wait to marry a girl like this..

girl in doggy position with a nice ass

Another great one…fapping material (Even though you shouldn’t be fapping!)

We really hope you enjoyed this album, and if you did please share it with the world! I seriously challenge you to find a better album of ass pictures on the web. We have seen hundreds and some of them are just pathetic and are an injustice to ass itself. Like this one, come on!

If your thirst for girls and amazing ass is still not satisfied click here to find more awesomeness

And this is the number one ranking ass album on Google, labeled “The 50 best asses in the world.” Clearly, those are not even close to the 50 best asses in the world with these beauties walking the planet. Do the girls a favor and share this, link to it & help get it to the top of Google where it deserves to be.

Plus, let us know your favorite in the comment section and if you strongly disagree we would love to hear about it too. And don’t forget to share this post below! Thanks.

And remember! You can get girls like this. I want this album to be motivating, not get you to jerk off. Watch my video here on why you should stop jerking off, and then subscribe below this post to learn how to get real girls like this and have actual ass in your face.

By the way, have you ever wondered why you are attracted to hot booty? Learn about it here!

You won’t regret it.


How to Crush Your Most Vicious Addictions & Unlock Your True Potential (pt.1)

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Sean Russell

Sean Russell

Sean is a true entrepreneur. After turning his life around after struggling with anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome he now dedicates his life to being his best self and helping others do the same. Learn more about him and his projects at SeanRussell.me


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      1. Man ,
        I laughed hard at the well placed gifs you had put through there.
        I mean , stomach hurt laugh .

        1. So what if she is 16?? There are alot of sexy 16 year old girls, and there is nothing wrong in admiting that… Fuck the PC bs.

          1. It’s not a matter of PC. That’s weird.

          2. It’s a matter of being a fucking paedophile.

          3. In my state 16 is the legal age of consent….and something about a 14 y/o being legal if you’re 15-17…..get it right pedo- accuser

          4. Very true. A nice ass is just that..we have no clue the age…Nobody is searching out teen booty. They simply see a plump nicely shaped booty and say they like it.

      2. #70 is my good friend and I would appreciate it if you take her off this site please and thank you

        1. Guess she shouldn’t have taken that pic then, huh? Wahhh Waaaaaa….

        2. If it helps, your friend is the least attractive girl here

        3. HA everyone that sees this comment, will go straight to no. 70 and FAP. I did. Twice 🙂

        1. Shoer why not Shannon Dee I am waiting for see ur sweet ass darling

        1. Cos someone haa put my ass up there without my permission.

    1. I didn’t like the cutesy little comments under every picture. BUTT OUT!!! This site is whack, I’m gone.

    2. How can this be taken seriously if Kate Beckinsale in spandex bending over isn’t included ????
      Tell me, in everything that’s unholy, how ? how ???
      If teardrops could type I’d have written War & Peace about this tragic, tragic oversight !!!

  1. LMFAO, you gotta be a white guy, all these pics are skinny, boney girls. News flash Billybob, when a woman weighs a 105 lbs, ANY ASS on her looks big, ROTFLMAO now you want REAL big butt girls? try Mallory, or Crystal Bottoms, Cherie.

    1. Newsflash…fit girls with big booties beat fat girls with big booties any day.

        1. There are a couple that should be included. 1 ia weather girl, Mexican Yanet Garcia. Of course Jennifer Selter. Both work out and are super hot. Selter is a fitness trainer and has about ten million followers on facebook or twitter or something.

      1. Didnt see any big bootys- flat!! I thought something was wrong with the camera for a minute. Then thought it was a joke. My bad lmao

      2. Yeah we need more 85 Pound women in our kitchens with big asses serving our every wish. Man, those big girls who will stand up for themselves, sad day for America, amirite? -Sarcasm.- Fuck you, the author, and anyone you know, will know, or have known. I hope a ‘fit girl’ beats you within an inch of your life one day, and then you’ll understand irony you moronic, hebetudinous, sexist waste of oxygen, carbon and penetralia.

      3. Amen! Almost all these are fat bubble butts. Shouldn’t need a crowbar to get a look at the goods. Not to mention a fit, tight, perfect ass (90% of these are just fat, not perfect) won’t look like a cellulite stretched gross mess when the girl hits her 40s or even late 30s. Fit tight asses will last on a women almost her whole life, fat asses best get ’em for the few years they’re there as then they’re gone. Fit FTW!


        1. You’re right. Half of these are photoshopped, and the rest are contrived postures to exaggerate the butt, silly lingerie thrown in as frills.

        2. No shit,I totally agree! And who’s to say that half or over half of those pics aren’t airbrushed and or photoshopped,I mean come on! In the real frighten world women do not walk around wearing a thing all day like it’s just the thing to do unless she’s a nasty hooker or a desperate stripper and even then their ass still be looking pretty damn sad,so get real guys that’s NOT how all women look or even conduct themselves,a REAL women has some respect and class for herself,these are just pics of young,stupid hoes that have no respect for themselves and will undoubtedly end up getting pimped out and raped…just saying…and another thing…WHY ARE YOU GUYS PUTTING SO MUCH EMPHASIS ON A CHICKS ASS! IS THAT SERIOUSLY ALL A DUDE CARES ABOUT? WHO CARES IF SHES GOT A BRAIN AND CAN FORM A SENTENCE AT ALL,WHO CARES IF SHES GOT FEELINGS AT ALL RIGHT GUYS?? WRONG!!!! You guys are just a bunch of perverted assholes!! Get a life and get a grip!!

          1. @Michelle Williamson . so , to surmise, you’re saying you have no ass.

    2. You’re kidding, right? I’m a black dude from Texas. Southern booty is rampant. I like my woman to have an “organized ass.” A little bounce to it but i stays in the same zip code. That second-to-last pic of the beachgoer in the yellow surf top and black bottoms is PERFECT to me. Best ever. That’s a peach.

      1. Im a women n would have to agree the last one in yellow was perfection.

      2. now if you waz blk frm cali yo girl be on wefare 5kids 5 banbydaddys

    3. Dude, if you think “all” these are skinny and boney, then the women you like must be disgustingly fat and sloppy

    4. That’s a bit racist, to be honest with you, but I see your point.
      What do you guys think about this ass:
      Nice and big and the woman is actually cooking! Gotta love it.

    5. i know this is a year later but… HERE WE GO AGAIN!! overtime the list of BOMB ass’s goes up and there mostly white girls, someone has to make some sideways observation about how these girls ass’s aren’t really nice, but are some kind of illusion or that they had to work out togged their ass like that…NEWS FLASH to the nay sayers… you need to face the reality that the reason the few blackish girls that made the list are even there is because the standard of a nice ass is exactly what that list has… what you are trying to say is that a women with a giant cellulite covered pimple infested ass with a hairy crack is “the real deal”… NO NO NO.. WAKE UP, no one wants that shit except the people who came out of that NASTY shit. theres a reason everyone sweats those ass on this list… cause there HOT, and if you don’t think they are then you have a FETISH for big fat (not phat) gross ass’s. who looks better: a guy who eats right and hits the gym or a guy who eats fried chicken all day, is 60 pounds overweight and has a fat gut… oh wait, the fat guy is natural. get over it you chump.

    6. My thoughts exactly just horrible Best as my ass lmfaoooo

    7. That’s right- leave the land manatee’s for the black guys…

    8. It’s really just preference. If you like a sloppy ghetto ass and a giant guy to go with it than hey, that’s all you

      1. Sloppy gross ghetto butts and big guts that hang over are never going to make a list like this. These woman are a dream

  2. I can’t believe Katia Kit isn’t on this list…her ass is insane! Just google “katia kit perfect ass”.

  3. Actually u need to search “katia kits perfect naked ass”

  4. Actually u need to search “katia kits perfect naked ass”. She’s a super hot 100% amateur housewife.

  5. Wonderful article! That is the type of info that are meant to
    be shared around the internet. Shame on Google for not positioning this submit higher!
    Come on over and talk over with my website .
    Thank you =)

  6. The choice of the Author was carefully selected.Perfect girls.I wish I could marry one of them.

  7. Great photos. I especially enjoy the way you integrated some funny pics throughout! Great page, thanks for creating. Ever make it to Hawaii (Honolulu) look me up at the Hideaway Bar–#1 dive bar in Honolulu six years running. Don’t work there, just a regular, but everyone knows me there. It is kind of like a cross between the Star War’s Cantina and the Hole in The Wall hideout for Butch Cassidy and Sundance! 😛

  8. This collection is really exclusive.I liked watching entire album but 55,61 and 95 most liked by me.Thank you for sharing such a nice collection.

  9. I like beautiful Ass which u have collected very carefully

  10. This is a real gourmet selection of ass and legs. A pretty face is a good thing, but this is what turns you on.

  11. Not bad, but I don’t think they’re the best…you’re just not looking in the right places. The Chive usually has some really good ones on any given day. I’m a total ass man and of course have my collection of favorites from throughout the years. Nonetheless, keep up the good work Mike!

  12. This site is horrible! Just horrible!
    You deserve to be taken to Brazil and worked by a bubble butt beauty!

      1. Sean,
        If I were to pay for someone to take a trip, it would be a Nevada bubble butt that can attract more Brazil bubble butts!

  13. What a sorry bunch of asses. To much gap and alot of flat no bubble asses. Sorry guys not that desperate!

  14. I knew this was written by a white guy. A lot if these are questionable asses and some have no ass at all!

    1. Does it matter if it was written by a white guy? Sound a bit racist to me, these asses are perfect fit girls with bigasses not fat girls with “fat asses” ill take a skinny girl with an ass over a thick girl any day of the week. If you think they have no ass then you must be blind or in denial

      1. They in denial bro….I’m a ass man all day and can honestly say there are quite a few big,firm, asses on here….agree with you…skinny girl with nice big firm ass beats fat girl wit huge saggy ass…lmmfao

    2. Well make a list of fat sloppy black girls and enjoy, white dudes won’t make it past #3 without puking.

  15. Can u teme the name of the models in the 2nd and 25th pic

  16. I actually fucked number 80. Her name is Bree and is in Rochester NY.
    Nice list!!

      1. My ass isn’t up there so it’s not the best..lol..but you did get some great ones.thanks!!

  17. Beautiful! But should be called “the 100 best small sweet asses”. Lots of fantastic derrieres missing because they were a bit more full

  18. I love beautiful and tight asses.
    Brasilian bum bum are overrated, they use to be amorphous, and that women have ugly legs.

  19. Nice job, i surf the web looking at tons of wbsites longing to find a site that has just a few nice asses per website, its frusterating! Finally somebody who has an eye for what look right on a woman,nice job keep it up!

    1. Great job. Amazing work I am jealous but it is okay because u shared lol

  20. *Makes a list on booty*
    *Includes 2 black girls out of 100*
    My good man, it seems you’ve excluded the most qualified candidates. What’s a list on booty without the reigning queens?!
    No racial, just stating the facts. To each their own I suppose.

  21. This list is missing my favorite beauty with a booty. Check out the booty on her……ass for days!

  22. I whould tap number100 every time I see her so I see dat booty bounce.:-)

  23. I prefer muscular asses, but #81 you said you want to be your gf has a flat ass, but I guess that’s what you like.

    1. Lmao my friend is a friend of number 16
      Her instagram: shirilivny (she has private profile and doesnt accept everyone)

  24. There is actually a “best ass in the world” competition.
    Here are the top 15 asses in the entire world all next to each other and in one pic:
    Pure perfection.
    Imma print this out and put it on my bedroom wall.

  25. Decent collection, good work.
    I run a blog dedicated to the female behind, but I mostly focus on “amateur” asses. I don’t know, I just prefer those I suppose. Next door girls with mind blowing asses are my thing. 😀
    Check it out:
    Oh and by the way, I agree with one of the posters here, how in the hell did number 80 make it? Otherwise, I like the collection.
    Cheers and keep lovin’ ass.

  26. Hi I’m the girl in number 80 i was unaware my ass was on this site and would like it removed please and would like to know who put it up there thank u

      1. Wow !!! Clearly white guys dont know what great ass is,try hiphopmodels.com or worldstarhiphop honeys are you for real “100 greatest asses” but no black girls
        that is pothetically unrealistic. Almost every woman i know has a better ass then Kim Kartrashian. Don’t know where you live guy but it’s gotta be under a rock

  27. Im almost cumming looking at number 1! Girl on the left would drink my balls dry!

    1. KIm ass is FAKE..So it doesn’t count..Her ass grows everyday..n PLUS..in what genetic gene would she had gotten her ass from? She’s clearly not of any “FAT ASS” culture, like BLACKS, (African American and any other race would mated with Africans i.e: Latin, some Indian and Arab cultures.)

  28. I am the booty doctor and I will have to numb that ass up before the procedure ,, num ,num , num , num

  29. You clowns are slippin stupid hard! This fitness freak has the strongest on her back! Oh my lord

  30. Many of these are saddle bag asses. Not appealing the side, saddle bag fat is of no use to anyone. I sort of understand the bubble but fat asses you have on here, but the saddle bag fat asses should be eliminated. The best example is your very first picture. These aren’t even pleasant to look at. Take off their tights and the fat would almost come to their knees.

    1. WHATTTTT!!! i bet your into little tiny ass, like itty bitty but. this is about what the majority likes, not someone who likes the ass before its developed look. and as far as the first pic goes… a. id LOVE to see what you think the ass should look like. b. id love to know what you look like… you couldn’t get any of these ass’s.

  31. I have this massive desire to spank #41. Clearly there’s a lot of bounce in those beauties. She can leave the shirt, garter belt and fishnets on — they’re not in my way… 🙂

  32. HA HA I like how now, all women around the world wants a big black ass, Big asses came from Africa. So if your lady have to have a fat ass, thick thighs, full lips and big breast, your most likely looking for a African American/Black women, bc we dominate those features..But like they said..” out of the darkness came light. ;-))

  33. Sorry to disagree but if it creases where it meets the leg ti is too fat for my taste.
    Or is it tasting?

  34. Nice post, however, it’s a shame that a lot of these are photoshop enhanced. Most of these girls don’t even really look like this. A lot of these images are floating around the web in which their asses are not enhanced. Makes the post inauthentic and makes you question what you’re really looking at.

  35. Where is MIA malkova?!?!?!?! She has the greatest ass of all can’t believe she isn’t on here!!! Should be #1

  36. RE: #74 With a face like that you would be forgiven for falling in love with her if she was wearing a sack! Now that’s true beauty!

    1. Yep Omg thank u thats some fine ass i need more with less

  37. Where can I find 41 and 20 So sexy I wanna shove my boner in it

  38. I wont lie some of these asses are decent. But whoever made this has pretty low standards when it comes to asses. Cmon man most of these arent even worth a 6 out of 10

  39. This question is for the author of the article! Please tell me who is the girls in the first pics? I know they’re pornstars I just need name please and thank you! Please reply ASAP

  40. Inc. O fallen angel did not answer after Read Oh my goodness Inc. His article ………………………………. ………… wait

    1. Great job except the big fat ones where is Inez Sainz ‘perfectly shaped tone ass

  41. Anyone know who the girl is in #31 ? Damn that is TIIIIGHT. Look like it could be the same girl from #28… but likely not… Please, I must see more of these ladies…

  42. You have done a true service to humanity. It didn’t look good considering the grades you got in school, but chisel this on your tombstone and tag yourself out of ever needing to contribute something back to humanity. Your work is done, thank you sir.

  43. Google “la mejor carne argentina” before you claim to have the best ass pictures in the world.

  44. These gals too young.. Where’s mom/milf butts?
    I ain’t 20-sumthin

  45. None of these pictures were big enough bootys. Booty is big booty.

  46. My votes are: #50 is the best, hands down. Well, actually, hands all over it. #85 is a wonderfully close 2nd place!!

  47. If you think these are the beat booty pictures on the internet, then I hope you dig a little deeper

  48. LOL you all so funny. Most of you would not know ass if it was smashing your fucking faces.
    the lack of diversity here really shows no one knows jack in this medley of shit trunks.

  49. Anyone, black, white or any shade in between who thinks that the asses in this collection are not beautiful must be blind. My problem is that it’s obvious that the author went out of his way to exclude black women. That is surely a sign of racism. That being said the jackass that made the comment that big black asses are nasty is a fool there are literally million of beautiful black asses out there that are both big and small. The author just fucked up. If you want to see what a big “beautiful” ass really looks like, Google the 20 curvest African women in the world. Remember people that all human life came from a black woman. Like it or not.

  50. 91 is my wife and that picture has been photoshopped since we originally posted it.

    1. if you could prove to him that 91 was “your wife” then maybe he would consider… taking it off

  51. A beautiful ass is in the eye of the beholder … different stokes for different folks I love a small round ass the color of mayo and when I’m through spanking . . it’s completion has changed to pink cotton candy . . .

  52. It’s sad that you guys and girls are arguing over ass. Try something new and get a girl like that instead of looking them up and then judging them.

  53. I ɡot thiѕ web site fгom mү buddy ᴡho toⅼd me on tthe topic of tһis web site and at thе oment this tіmе I
    am visiting tҺis web page and readring very informative сontent att this plɑce.

  54. Hello my friend! I want to say that this post is amazing,
    great written and come with approximately all significant infos.
    I’d like to peer more posts like this .

  55. #12 (featured) also #17 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in shock right now. I didn’t know there was anything that God created that was so beautiful!! How does He do it!!!! AMAZING!!! YUMMY!!!!

  56. I was with a chick that looked exactly like #74 for 8 months, there is no going back.

  57. you should really have more pictures of remy lacroix

  58. I like 24 great ass and great every thing else. Almost almost makes me think Richard Pryor could be right in the joke he made back in the 70’s.

  59. IIIIII believe number 23 has the best backside on the site and a face to match. Who is she?

  60. I think they all look pretty damn good. A couple literally stood out more then others. But for the most part strong and tight.

  61. First of all shut the fuck up with ur stupid comments…. the man did a fantastic job with this.. luv it keep it going

  62. These asses are still better than what most men have at home, including myself.

  63. Look, I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes here but give me your email I got some great picks you could add to the BIG BUTTS list to make it 100 like this one. You see I love really big butts, as long as there no cottage cheesiness to them. So the more of them types of picks the better. But this list is exactly what I’ve been looking for my brother thank you. Ooo my email is Highlandersfurory@gmail.com so if your interested in expanding the BIG BUTTS list just shoot me an email.

  64. I’m sorry I was wrong. I just met a girl thats petite and she got a little bubble but and it was hot. So now I see why they are there. She’s my future wife to be. AMEN brother

  65. I think the author is saying” the top flatest bums in the world”

  66. All I see is a bunch of fat assess. I don’t want no fat Pig!

  67. Number 16 is clearly photoshopped, so are some others. Do not believe everything you see nowadays.

  68. Yooooo, my ass pics are way better than some on this list, just saying, don’t come at me

  69. Beautiful bottoms! All of them better than the highly overrated Kardashians.

  70. How can there be no black women included in a list of the best asses? Black women invented ass. A little racist are we?




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