Men often ask themselves what they can do to be considered gentlemen. What defines a gentleman when in public? How they should open the door? How they should shake hands?

The modern man has multiple questions about his existence, but this is one of the greatest worries when managing a business. You are the one who is in-charge with the business, but you have to show your employees and partners that you are a leader, a true gentleman. The rules of being a gentleman at work are very similar to the ones of being a gentleman in society. It is important you to treat everyone as they are your equals. Even if the business world promotes the idea that in a company there is always a hierarchy, you should treat all your employees as if they would have the same position as you do. They know what their position is, but if you treat them this way, they will appreciate your qualities, and you will promote for yourself the image of a gentleman.

Things you should do at the office

There is a business etiquette you have to pay attention to if you want to create yourself the image of a gentleman. Even if you do not like to admit it, you spend more time at the office with your employees and business partners, than you spend at home with your family or with your friends. This means that you have to do your best to show the persons you spend the majority of your time, your face. There are certain codes of conduct you have to respect.

Make sure that you keep the number of the passive aggressive post-it notes to a minimum. They bother everyone, and the tone can be noticed even in a written message.

Your employees should consider you a pleasant person. The trick of being considered a gentleman at the office is to never let the things get awkward. You should always get out from an uncomfortable situation, because you cannot decide one day to leave a person jobless because you do not know how to handle a situation. The relations in an office should be pleasant. Make sure that you do not offer them too much information about your private life, and you do not talk about topics as politics and religion. Different persons have different opinions and it is not your role to judge them.

You should never date at work, you are the manager of the office and if you do not feel like she is the one, then it is no worth to get yourself in a complicated situation. You are the one who establishes the policies for office relationships, but it is advisable to set an example.

Work with your employees and not against them. If you want your business to be successful then you should make sure that everyone in the office is informed. Let them know when they do a mistake, and do not place yourself in a corner of ignorance, letting your employees deal with it. When an employee has a difficulty, you should back them up. Open meetings are the best when running an office.

Do not phone people if you do not have to transmit them an urgent message. You will interrupt them from their work, if you call them without having a reason. If you want to talk to someone, only for conversational purposes, then you should text them a message. Also, you should not call your employees pal or mate, because this is a sign of disrespect.

Your office is your business card

From lighting to finishing touches, every detail is important when designing your office, because it transmits a message.

Start with the colour of the walls; it is the most important factor in setting a décor. The colour of the walls will set the tone for the rest of the things you bring inside. Choose Hague Blue if you want to work in a classic office or Lamp Room Grey if you prefer modern spaces.

Let people know who you are. Use an acrylic sign to write your name and position, and install it on the exterior wall of the office. Your office should individualize itself from the rest of the offices from the building. For example, the acrylic signs from are beautifully designed. Check them if you have not decided upon the model you want.

Your office chair should be one inspired from the mid-century design, because these models are comfortable but functional at the same time. The mid-century period is a great period for office furniture, because it created items focusing on the gentlemanly vibe of men.

Style. Dressing like a gentleman is the sign of good manners

When people talk about you, they should always say that you are well dressed. Before you fill your wardrobe with black joggers and hoodies, you should check the etiquette rules of dressing like a gentleman.

You can wear hats, sometimes you can wear them even indoors. When you are a guest at a wedding, you should take your hat off your head; at the office, you should do it the same. You can wear it in a bar, for example. You should always wear a dark suit when at the office.

Make sure that your outfits are clean and presentable, no matter if you are at the office for an hour, 10 minutes or for more than 8 hours. You should be the example, you make the rules and you should always follow them. It is advisable to dress a cut above everyone else, you are the manager, but make sure that you do it with just a cut.

Do not dress far beyond the dress code of the office, because people will see you as someone who tries to be superior. During a busy day at the office you can take-off your jacket, even roll up your sleeves. But make sure you do not do it when you meet your business partners and when you have visitors.


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