Are Zodiac Signs Accurate? Your Guide to Love and Dating

Are zodiac signs accurate? Read on to learn how astrology fits in to love and dating!

Do we have free will?

It may seem like an overwhelming question but it’s fundamental to what we’re talking about today. Are we in control of our love lives or are we at the mercy of the cosmos?

Zodiac signs are a polarizing subject. Some live their life through what the stars tell them about themselves, while others dismiss astrology completely as a pseudoscientific racket.

Newspaper horoscopes and tarot readings try to explain life’s hardships and successes to us. Work, life, love and relationships, everything can be explicated by the alignment of the stars.

But is that likely or even remotely true? Can your astrological sign help you meet the person of your dreams?

Are zodiac signs accurate? Before we figure that out, let’s take a look at how and why people use astrology to find love.

How Long Have We Been Using the Zodiac?

Astrology itself has been around for millennia. Searching for our meaning in the stars is inherent to being human. Studying the sky has led to important advancements in science but it’s also influenced how we approach our love lives.

The concept of star-crossed lovers has been perpetuated by storytellers since, well, the beginning of storytelling. From tales of Greek gods and goddesses being cosmically attached by love to Shakespeare’s tragic romances to today’s romantic comedies, astrology links it all across thousands of years.

Most people associate astrology with the zodiac signs at the back of the newspaper. Matching different zodiac signs to find romantic partners has become a popular way of weeding out unsuitable partners. It’s an age-old method but is it legitimate?

Is It Real?

33% of Americans believe in astrology. The alignment of the planets has allowed astrologists to make sense of seemingly unexplainable happenings for a long time.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s real.

Newspaper horoscopes, for instance, can be written by anyone. They use generalizations to make people feel that something important is being surmised about their life by their birthdate.

If you follow your horoscope every day, you’ll probably come across the same thing more than once. These should be taken with a grain of salt, and those horoscopes are often not written by someone who’s studied astrology.

It’s not all fake, though. In the same way that the ocean’s tides are influenced by the positioning of the moon, other large bodies in the universe have huge effects on one another.

The sun has an effect on our mood, the moon aligns with female’s menstruation cycles, so it’s not unrealistic to think that we’re affected by the orbits of Mars or Venus.

If you want to take the zodiac calendar seriously, then you should visit with a trained professional. Having a daily tarot card reading done is a much more meaningful experience than reading a daily horoscope.

No matter what you believe about the truths or untruths about astrology, doing a reading like this can allow you to tap into different parts of your psyche. It’s important to expand your thought and examine yourself from different angles.

This may not help you find the exact right person, but it can help you discover yourself a little more and become the best person that you can be. This, in turn, will allow you to approach dating with confidence. Whatever your prospective partners’ beliefs, you can approach the relationship with a high level of insight into your own habits.

Are Zodiac Signs Accurate? How to Find Love With the Zodiac

There is no right or wrong way to find love. If you genuinely believe that a zodiac chart can help you meet the most suitable partner, then so be it. These days, there are increasing numbers of apps and dating sites that help you meet people using many methods, including the zodiac.

It’s important to realize that you are a person with free will and that your actions have consequences. Your zodiac sign doesn’t predispose you to act a certain way. You act because you think and you think because you’re human.

Dating can be difficult. We, as humans, have had it beaten into our heads, from popular depictions of romance, that there’s one person out there for everyone. This isn’t true. A relationship should be taken care of like a child.

A successful relationship contains two people that are aware of their own as well as each other’s shortcomings. Most relationships are fragile and need both parties to take care to make sure that it doesn’t break. Simply chalking it up to the fate of the universe isn’t a healthy way to navigate dating.

Dating In 2019

So, are zodiac signs accurate? Well, we don’t know.

Instead, try to approach dating and dating methods with cautious optimism. Be open to the possibility that your zodiac sign can help you find love, but don’t make it the only option. Use these things in moderation.

You don’t want to limit your dating pool because an astrologist gave you the impression that you’re supposed to be with a Leo instead of a Pisces. There’s a lot of people out there, and there are a lot of people that are compatible for different reasons.

It’s undeniable that astrology has an impact on dating, it’s impossible to say what the effects of its impact are. 90% of women look up a partner’s sun sign when they’re in a new relationship, but only 15% admit that they would change their behavior based on what the sun sign is.

Like any science or religion, the things you glean from astrology should be used more as a guide rather than instructions. The best way to succeed in your love life is to be true to your own thoughts and aspirations. Don’t alter who you are to make someone like you, and don’t expect anyone to do that for you.

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