Drug addiction is a chronic, progressive disease, caused by the use of narcotic substances. This disease has a harmful effect on the body. To relieve a person of this ailment, you should certainly use such a service as a call of an expert in narcology. Agree that only a highly qualified specialist can save the patient from drug addiction and restore his former life.

Previously, drug addiction was seen as a human problem in general. However, in recent years, addiction researchers have expanded their focus to the various areas of influence that drug addiction has on men and women separately.

It is generally believed that chemical dependence is more rapid in women, they are also much faster than men begin to face all the consequences of abuse. Nevertheless, women are much better able to cope with addiction in rehabilitation and are often more successful in treatment in drug addicts or alcoholics centers.

The emergence of drug addiction

The reasons for the formation of drug addiction vary depending on the age of the man. So, for older youth groups, the main factor is the search for euphoria, and adolescents most often choose drugs with a hallucinogenic effect. And for the latter, the first experience is very often associated with ordinary curiosity. Often addiction to drugs is preceded by alcohol abuse, a sense of loneliness, the presence of chronic diseases. Another reason is the loss of prestigious or highly paid work.

The majority of men who abused drugs are young people and only 10 percent of the total mass is older people. Strangely enough, the propensity to alcohol or drug dependence is manifested among men twice as often as women. Regardless of the gender, they all need help from specialists. But why rehab for men is separated?

Difference between men and women addictions

Drug use among men and women depends on the type of drug. Thus, among women who use drugs, the use of various psychotherapeutic drugs, tranquilizers, analgesics, and stimulants is common. Among men, heroin, cocaine, and amphetamines are common. So, it becomes clear that the most dangerous and addictive drugs are used by men. Probably it the reason to separate drug rehab for men.  It should be noted that women also use strong drugs, especially those who engage in prostitution. Among adolescents, the number of girls who use strong drugs is catching up with the number of boys. However, at an older age, the gap between men and women who use strong drugs becomes more significant.

In addition, this socially-dangerous disease leads to destabilization of reproductive functions. Women who are addicted to drugs lose their menstrual cycle, and men lose their ejaculation. If the addict is pregnant and consumes these harmful substances, then she has the risk of a dead child, as well as a baby with malformations.

Causes of addiction

Common causes of addiction

Numerous studies show that there are certain factors that push people to use drugs. Men tend to start using drugs to improve their mood and cope with social and behavioral problems, while women are more likely to engage in self-medication of emotional and psychological problems. Anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, eating disorder affect men rarely. They suffer mostly from an antisocial personality disorder, which increases the risk of drug addiction.

So the main reasons are:

  • problematic relationships
  • child psychological trauma
  • stress
  • drug use in the family
  • domestic violence

However, interestingly, women, their partners, husbands or other men, who are important to drugs, sharing syringes and drinking alcohol, are being pushed by women. Thus, women who agree, believe that this will strengthen their relationship. Also, women abuse stimulants more often than men. It is believed that nicotine, cocaine, and amphetamine can suppress appetite and help lose weight.

Alcohol addiction

According to statistics, male alcoholism occurs twice as often as female alcoholism. There are many reasons for this, among which the main one is the widespread opinion in the society that for a man it is normal. Drunk women cause great dislike, whereas for a man it is considered a manifestation of character and severity. But we have to admit that alcoholism is a serious illness that destroys a person from the inside. As far as men are expected to be stronger, they are more likely to refuse help even if it is really needed. Almost every alcohol rehab for men offers a full course of treatment.

Men-only rehabs

In the men-only rehabs, hundreds of representatives of the stronger sex found the meaning of life and the hope for the future. Many of those who come to our rehabilitation program has not worked for a long time. In the rebreather, along with a spiritual program, there is a program of labor rehabilitation. For many men, it is honest work, proper attitude to work that helps to rethink their former life.

Drug abuse and addiction are major concerns for both men and women; however, there are some differences in how these groups use drugs.

For example:

  • Men have higher rates of alcohol consumption, overall. With the exception of adolescents and young adults (individuals 12-20), men drink more and binge drink more than women.
  • Marijuana use is more common among men than women.
  • Men who have marijuana use disorders are more likely than women to also abuse other drugs or have an antisocial personality disorder.
  • Men use greater amounts of heroin on the whole than women, and they are more likely to inject heroin.
  • Men are more likely than women to abuse prescription pain medications.
  • Men report having used illegal drugs more often than women.
  • Some estimates place men 2 to 3 times more likely than women to have “drug abuse/dependence” disorders.

The joint rehabilitation process for men and women is unproductive. It is much more difficult and much higher percentage of people drop out of the program for various violations. This option is especially negative for women. They communicate with men participating in the rehabilitation program, among which many are convicted, there is a crime-causing infection of women, assimilation by them, or maintenance of previously existing pathological attitudes and stereotypes. Intimate relationships may also arise, which also hamper a qualitative rehabilitation process.

Addiction treatment for men provides a good approach to addiction recovery. It is available to help deal with the emotional pain commonly associated with misuse of drugs. Through therapy, men can see how they have harmed the ones around them and use strength and knowledge to break free from the harmful cycle of addiction.


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