5 Amazing Groomsmen Gifts You Hadn't Thought of

5 Amazing Groomsmen Gifts You Hadn't Thought of

So the big day is approaching! You’re getting married!

And now, your best friends, the men you grew up with, the men you went to when things were tough, who you told about your first kiss, who you spent countless nights having deep conversations with, getting into and out of trouble with, and now, the first people you told about your plans to marry the woman of your dreams, get to be the groomsmen at the wedding!

But now the question is, what should you get them as a groomsmen gift? Should you go classic, eccentric, or maybe ironic? What should you get them to show them how much their friendship has meant to you throughout the years (while keeping your wallet intact for the rest of the wedding)

While we may not know your groomsmen squad personally, and can’t give you an exact guideline for what you should get them, we can give you some pretty epic suggestions for your groomsmen gifts.

And so we will…

5 Amazing Groomsman Gifts

1) An Engraved Straight Razor


While this may be a little inappropriate if your friends pride themselves on an epic face full of beard, straight razors are making a comeback and becoming somewhat of a statement of masculinity.

While they range in price from $120 to $300+, a good straight razor is a gift that will last your friend a life time. Not only will he never have to buy another razor as long as he lives, but each morning he will be reminded of what a badass friend he has as he removes any unsightly stubble with a deadly sharp razor.

It really is one of the best gifts you can find and will be used and remembered for a lifetime…. just hope he doesn’t cut himself too badly with it.

2) Whiskey Memorabilia


Ok, I know that this is more of a general suggestion than a specific gift idea, but sue me, whiskey is too good of a drink for only one gift.

You could opt for engraved whiskey stones that allow for a better drinking experience by eliminating any need for flavor diluting ice cubes. You could go for a more expensive but even more useful decanter that will allow the perfect pouring experience every time, or you could just stick with a couple of sweet whiskey glasses.

It’s kind of hard to go wrong when it comes to whiskey related gifts, so just make sure the company gets the engraving right and you’re golden…almost as golden as a perfectly poured serving of 50 year Glenlivet… almost 😉

3) Engraved Knife


An engraved knife is always an easy and respectable go to gift. While this gift is especially practical if you have outdoorsy friends, it is useful for any and all men. Knives are great practical tools, and if need be, useful for self defense as well.

Your friend will think about you every time that he cuts open an envelope, or slices up an annoying piece of rope. And if your gift also happens to save him from a wild bear attack…well then you have won friend of the year award.

4) Your Buddy’s Buddies


This badass little kit from groovygroomsmengifts.com is certainly one of the coolest all-in-one groomsmen gifts that you can buy.

This set comes with a beautiful, customizable, wooden box, an engraved knife, and an engraved shot glass. Each of these gifts are epic in and of themselves, however, when combined into one, these three mini line robots come together to form one super robot (Deadpool anyone??)

Best of all, this set is extremely affordable for the quality that you are receiving coming in at only around $40!

An absolutely killer option for anyone who wants to save money on their groomsmen gifts while still delivering gifts worthy of the friendship, the Buddy’s Buddies kit is an easy go to no matter what your budget.

5. A Box of Cigars


Of course, if your friends are of the disposition that air is always better when it is on fire, you can opt for buying them a cigar box bundle to improve the air quality around them.

A cigar box doesn’t have to be expensive, as you can get them a good box of Padrons with a nice cutter for less than $200, but it is an amazing gift that will likely be used almost immediately.

Click HERE is an amazing website with more ideas for you

In Conclusion

Groomsmen gifts don’t need to be complicated, but they do need to be heartfelt, afterall, these are the men who will likely be your friends for the rest of your life, so treat them right and show them how much your friendship means to them.

Until next time… Stay classy


  1. I like the idea of a customized cigar box, and I think that cigars would be a great way to celebrate the wedding. Thanks for sharing the ideas!


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