All You Need To Know About The National Truck Driving Championships

The National Truck Driving Championships date back to 1937 and were known as something called the National Truck Roadeo. The competition today has expanded to included drivers from all 50 states, car transporters, and many more. There are a few things you should know about the National Truck Driving Championships before you attend, and you might start competing if you are a truck driver yourself.

Every State Has Its Own Truck Driving Association

Every state hosts its own truck driving championship. The 50 state trucking driving associations host their own competitions, and they allow normal truck drivers to compete along with auto transporters who are registered members of the association. You are not required to compete if you belong to the local truck driving association, but you might want to compete because it allows you to show off your skills.

What Are The Championships About?

The National Truck Driving Championship is all about safety. Drivers must be accident-free for one year before the contest. The contest is not so much a spectator sport as it is a test of skill and safety. The drivers that win their state championships or the regional auto transporter championships are given a written test, go through an interview, and go through a pre-trip inspection.

The drivers that succeed in this competition are experts in all areas of driving. They know how to drive safely, and they know how to ready their trucks for long trips. Plus, the drivers participate in a skills test to close out the competition.

How Do Drivers Get Started With The Championships?

Every truck trailer company in America is free to host its own competition for its drivers. The drivers that win a company contest can move on to a state contest that is hosted by the state association. Plus, the drivers that start to perform well at their state championships will begin to drive safer every day. This is a great way to keep your company trucks safe, and this is a good way to encourage your drivers to do the right thing at all times.

What Is The Skills Test?

The skills test is the hardest part of the National Truck Driving Championships. You will be impressed if you see these drivers in person. The drivers are taken through a long list of turns and maneuvers that are needed to be safe on the road. The drivers will be asked to park their trucks perfectly, back their trucks through a narrow pathway, and complete several different turns.

Each driver is scored on the accuracy and safety of their driving, and the highest scorer is awarded the championship. Some drivers work for years to learn how to complete all the turns and maneuvers that are needed, and that is why you should start studying today.

Why Do Drivers Like The National Truck Driving Championship?

The National Truck Driving Championship is a matter of personal pride. The drivers who take part every year are fueled by a desire to be the absolute best at what they do. Driving a large truck is very difficult, and these drivers want to prove that this is a skill you must hone over time.

The National Truck Driving Championships bring attention to the truck drivers that help fuel the economy, and the drivers that participate every year love to see the people that they have competed against in the past. You may want to observe the championships because you want to participate next year, or you could learn how to start a contest for your business. Plus, there is a handbook online that explains how to host a company championship.


The National Truck Driving Championships are a testament to the immense skill that is needed to drive a truck safely. Plus, these championships might encourage logistics business owners or managers to host a contest for their drivers. Your company might offer a bonus for the drivers who finish first, second, and third in your own contest. You can send your best drivers on to the state championships, and you will be recognized if your drivers make it to the national championships. Everyone deserves to feel safe on the road, and the National Truck Driving Championships make safety a priority.

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