If You Work for an Advertising Company or SEO Agency and Are Looking to Post an Article for a Link or Product Promotion 

– The article must be over 1,000 words and offer genuine ways for the readers to improve their lives. You may link to your website or product, but it must be a natural part of the article.

– You may NOT include links to irrelevant sites (e.g. gambling sites, porn, or other subjects not directly related to men’s interest)

– The fee for this is $150 made payable via paypal to The fee must be paid the day of publication

– Articles will be published 1-2 weeks after we receive them on either a Thursday or Saturday at 6 a.m. Est

– If you wish to post a series of articles, discounts and payment plans can be arranged

If you would like to have a sponsored post featured about your company, product, service etc.

The same criteria as above apply: Relevant, 1,000+ words, $150 per article.

If you are willing to abide by the guidelines above: Please send over your guest contribution/sponsored post to our Editor in Chief at Please note that sending an article does not guarantee it will be published. If James or Artur feel that the article is not relevant to the community or offering real value, then the article will not go live.

Guidelines for Sponsorships:

The Menprovement Podcast is featured on iTunes and currently gets more than 30,000 downloads a month. As a podcast sponsor, you would get a 1 minute pre-roll of me talking up your company, telling the guys how great it is and where to find you.
You can see an example here ( with a sponsorship plug at the 2 minute mark. This episode currently has 13,000 downloads and continues to rise every month as we are constantly gaining new visitors.

This costs $150 for a single episode or $500 for a month of sponsorship (4 episodes) or $900 for 2 months (8 Episodes). You also have the option to give a specific coupon code for listeners to go and use at your site.

What Sort of Products/Services Are We Looking For?

Anything relevant to men’s interests and personal growth, particularly:

-Workout supplements and nootropics
-Entrepreneurship/business courses or services
-Dating and relationship courses or services
-Subscription boxes and other cool fashion products

What Are the Guidelines for Sponsors?

Here at Menprovement, we strive to only recommend the best that means that to be considered for a sponsorship, you have 1 of 2 options.

1) Send us a Sample of Your Product or Service to Try

This is ideal as it will allow us to properly gauge the quality of what you are offering before we recommend it to our listeners.

Email to for the address and any other necessary information.

2) Have Raving Fans

If your product is high quality, the reviews left by your audience will be more than enough to back it up. If you are looking to be a sponsor and we see that you have an overwhelming number of fans and followers, we will happily partner with you to share your products with our audience.

Guidelines for Affiliates:

The guidelines for companies or individuals seeking an affiliate partnership are similar to those guidelines for sponsorship with the exception that WE MUST receive a sample of the product to try out before we will even consider partnering up.

We value our audience’s trust far too much to recommend products that we have not personally tried and loved.

If you want to send over a sample kit for review and consideration, email


I want to become a regularly contributing author, how can I do that?

Send an email to James (  Note that we are much more likely to approve your application if you have already sent a guest article that we have published and enjoyed.

I work for an online gambling company and we would like to guest post with a link to our website?


But it will be a really good article and we will only have one link??

No, we value our audience’s trust too much.


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