By Mark Mcilyar*

When it comes to getting into shape, most men would consider any exercise to be “good” for them.

But when it comes to men in varying age groups, the answer is not always as straightforward as one would imagine. In fact, trying to compare the body of a man over 40 to the body of a man in his 20’s is like comparing a93 Corvette with a13 Corvette. Assuming that neither has been modified or supedup in anyway, the 20year difference in the make of these two vehicles is dramatic.

Speed, power plus wear and tear of miles put on both vehicles make them virtually incomparable. This is the exact way men need to imagine their bodies when they get frustrated by their inability to keep up with what younger men do in the gym to get in shape.

And that’s why I’m going to share with you what men over 40 need to do DIFFERENTLY from younger guys in order to upgrade their performance and regain their physical fitness.

When I was 48, I had bad posture, achy joints, loose skin and belly fat. I was getting winded just climbing a few steps.  I tried dieting and training with all sorts of mainstream fitness programs, but nothing worked.

I thought I was too old and too out of shape to ever have abs, until I discovered this regimen.

might ask, why exactly do we older guys need to do things differently? Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to workouts and nutrition. With men over 40, we are talking about a whole new set of rules. Totally different metabolisms, mobility, and hormone levels.

Men over 40 suffer from a slower fat-burning metabolism, delayed muscle and joint recovery, extra fat storage, and even muscle loss. These aging issues are due to the deterioration and imbalance of the male hormone system. The key to getting a ripped body and abs depends on improving your male hormones.

That’s why you can’t just follow any YouTube video meant for younger guys and expect that it will work for you. Those workouts are too high impact for your aging joints and muscles to handle, and they really take too long. Your body can’t sustain long periods of training, which can lead to injuries and stress to your declining hormones.

This is one of the main reasons why most men over 40 are in bad shape. We try workout advice that is meant for younger guys or meant for bodybuilders and we get injured, discouraged and may even just flat out give up…Now this is where I’m stepping in.

Here are three important tips for men over 40:

1) Your Workouts Must Be Specifically Designed to Support And Boost Your Testosterone

One of the biggest reasons why guys 40 and up don’t get the results they are looking for when they embark on their fitness journey is that they aren’t performing exercises that are designed to optimize their growth hormones and T-levels. Here’s how to change that: Start performing multi-joint exercises.

Multi-joint exercises, such as body weight squats or lunges, require multiple muscle groups to fire simultaneously. This triggers your body to ramp up your testosterone production in order to support the compound muscle activation from these types of movements.

Now, weight training is hands down one of the best ways to heighten your T-levels, but new research shows us that simply stimulating multiple muscles at once, even without added resistance, creates a significant release of testosterone in the body.

Guys who are 40 are lacking testosterone, the one hormone that is absolutely critical in order for men to maintain high energy levels, maintain a lean body composition, build lean muscle, and support a healthy libido. Clinical studies found that once men reach the age of 30, testosterone levels begin to decline at the rate of 1% each year.

For guys beyond their 40’s, this is not good news – especially if you are looking to get into killer shape. So to combat this T-level deflation effect, I’ve customized my entire Abs After 40 program to elevate testosterone levels so that men over 40 can reap the T-boosted benefits of greater fat loss and accelerated muscle growth in just 90 days. And finally getting six pack abs.

That’s why this program is so critical for guys like us to follow.

2) Guys Over 40 Must Avoid Sit-Ups, Crunches, or Anything That Puts Strain on The Neck or Spine

Most generic workout programs contain the same old traditional crunches and sit-ups. But men over 40 should be avoiding these outdated movements at all costs. They are a waste of time. Believe me, I’ve been there and done that. This is why my “A-40 set” is such a huge breakthrough for guys like us. I’ve created an ab routine that targets every section of your abdomen:  your obliques, rectus and even the deepest abdominal layer, your transversus. I’ve done this by utilizing four specific exercises that are done back to back to create the ultimate high intensity, low impact core burn.

The A-40’s are a huge feature to what makes the Abs After 40 program a significant six pack accelerator.

3) If You Really Want Abs, You Need to AVOID High Impact Cardio

High impact cardio yields a higher risk of injury and truly yields no benefits beyond what low impact cardio can offer the body. Men over 40 do not need to blast a Stairmaster at the highest climbing rate or do Olympic sprinting drills in order to burn off excess body fat.

What men over 40 NEED to do is stick to easy, heart rate elevating, low impact intervals in order to transition the body into the fat-burning zone.

Now here are a couple great ways to do just that:

You can get the fat-burning benefits of cardio while doing resistance training by varying your REST periods between exercises.

The shorter you make your rest periods between exercises, the greater your heart rate will be, which means more overall calories burned. With long downtime between exercises, you will notice that your heart rate will slow, the sweating will cease and your circulation will lower – Those are not ideal conditions for burning body fat and toning your physique.

Try to keep your rest periods as brief as you can manage. If you are doing more intensive resistance exercises, such as heavy squat sets, you might need more than 30 seconds between rest periods, which is okay. Your goal is to avoid allowing your body to “cool off” between exercises. By keeping your heart rate above resting rate, your overall calorie burn will easily be doubled.

Shortening your rest periods between exercises is intense. That’s a given, but it is an easy low-impact trick to boosting your cardiovascular endurance and taking huge strides towards chiseling out that six pack.

Let me tell you, there is much more to solving the age-related fat-loss puzzle than just following these three tips. You can make specific changes to your lifestyle tune you up to maximum potential.

I post videos that teach men how they can overcome their slower metabolism, low energy, and excess body fat with my hormone-support lifestyle system, calledAbs After 40”.

You simply upload the regimen on your smart phone (or laptop).  It is a short, low impact, three-phase program, customized to fit the needs of older guys.  Each workout is designed not only to help you burn the most amount of belly fat but also to optimize your hormones for days after each workout, even while you sleep.  I will show you how to:

  • Burn off your stubborn belly fat.
  • Shrink inches off your waist.
  • Overcome past injuries and enjoy activities without pain.
  • Revitalize your body to fight illnesses and physical problems that come with aging.

I’ve even included some exclusive compound exercise demonstrations so that men can start supporting their anabolic hormones and reach the pinnacle fitness level.

Abs After 40 uses compound movements with free weights, which activate 2-3 of your largest muscle groups with safe body movement patterns, and support your male hormones. Traditional exercise machines can target only one small muscle group at a time. It is the new program of Six Pack Abs, the #1 most subscribed fitness channel on YouTube, with more than 4 million subscribers.

You will learn how to optimize the most important male fat burning hormones and use them to burn your fat all day. Whether you are sitting at work, spending time with family, and even sound asleep, controlling these hormones will yield results 24/7.

I’ve also discovered certain common foods we love that help bring balance to older guys’ hormones. Eating them will allow your body to shift into full auto-fat burning mode. I even give you “cheat foods” that most doctors tell you to avoid, but instead support your male hormones and allow you to increase fat burn for up to 24 hours after you eat them.

Remember, age is just a number. Trust me; I’m living proof. See for yourself at Get Abs After 40.com.

Mark Mcilyar is the creator of Get Abs After 40 for Six Pack Abs, the #1 most subscribed fitness channel on YouTube, with more than 4 million subscribers. He is a sought after coach for men over 40 seeking fitness and nutrition expertise to get in shape.


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