Life can be tough sometimes. Every time you try to rise above your current circumstances it feels like you encounter one wave of resistance after another...

Maybe your friends won't support you in building your own business, or maybe you are stuck in a relationship that goes nowhere. You may struggle to lose weight, promising yourself that tomorrow you will start eating healthy, et tomorrow never comes...

Whatever it is we have your back. We want to serve you with the best possible content on how to improve every aspect of your life, so you can grow into fulness of your masculine potential day by day, week by week, and month by month.


We want to massively, positively affect the change in the world.

In the world where men are slowly forgetting what it means to live with purpose and live from your core we want to educate you on how to bring back the meaning into your life.

We want you to be come self-reliant. A master of every domain of your life. We want to educate you on how to be world class in whatever it is that you do and develop exceptional inner resources to finally find that girl you were dreaming about, lose the extra pounds that you were promising your self to get rid of or whatever it might be

We want you to commit to self growth and tap into your GREATEST potential


We are on the mission to build better men through producing inspiring content, communities and experiences that will take you through necessary life transformation and enable you to finally live the life at the level you wish you could.

  • REAL, results-driven personal development without fluff, bullshit, or hype
  • Hard work: recognizing that it takes massive effort to become successful
  • Long-term thinking: investing in yourself
  • Cultivating a love for the life-long pursuit of personal development
  • Advanced concepts, strategies, techniques, and tools for making lasting improvements
  • Unleashing your full potential

We make it our priority to also teach you

  • Finding your true life purpose
  • Staying on track with your purpose after you've found it
  • Becoming world-class at what you do
  • Creating financial success, creative autonomy, freedom, and lasting fulfillment
  • Building emotional awareness
  • Building self-awareness


Sean Russell // Founder

A personal development to anyone who seeks help. He spent 3 years of his life battling anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome and turned to personal development to get his life back.Two years later, not only he was better but he became obsessed with taking his life to the next level. It's his life purpose to continue to improve himself in order to reach his highest potential and live life to the fullest... oh yeah and help as many people as possible to do the same 😉

Artur Kot // Co-Founder

Growing up he found himself living life in mediocrity, satisfied with what was pragmatic and easy. With an educational background of Marketing and Psychology, he found himself imprisoned in the limbo of societal pressures and structures.Only until Artur met the founder of Menprovement, Sean, did he find a purpose all the while being able to pursue his passion of traveling, working independently and collaborating with other people advocating for self-development. He committed himself to live the values and practice what they preach.He is now based in Bali, Indonesia working remotely at home.