We help you to bridge the gap between your current and desired self by giving you tangible strategies that leave you with measurable improvement.

About Us 1


The Problem

Despite having access to an unlimited amount of free self-help resources, most men are still confused about what to do in order to create a long-lasting and meaningful change.

  • Self Help Addiction

    The addictive nature of self-improvement information keeps you consuming an ever-increasing amount of content because it feels like you're being productive, but deep down nothing changes.

  • Taking Massive (Undirected) Action

    After the initial euphoria of the finding self-development, you may take an endless amount of action. Finding out that you are actually in control of your life can be exhilarating, but changing too much in a short period of time will lead to inevitable a crash & burn out.

  • Magic Pill Mentality

    Thinking of yourself as broken and then patching yourself up with this "one magic formula for success" never works. Real success is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Getting Stuck on a Plateau

    "What got you here won't get you there" - after experiencing some initial success you might be getting frustrated that what worked before, no longer works and now you are stuck in a loop, waiting to experience the next breakthrough.

The Solution

We want to help you transform yourself & master your reality at a deep level. Eliminate confusion & distractions that stand in your way to becoming a man of value.

  • Top Down Perspective

    Eliminate compulsive binging of self-help by focusing on the big picture of your life. Know exactly where to focus your energy and attention from a top-down perspective instead of reacting to whatever life throws at you.

  • Building up From a Solid Foundation

    Stop taking action that doesn't produce results and get a check-list, step by step solution to building a great life & mastering yourself from the ground up.

  • Easily Followable Systems That Provide Structure

    Destroy the quick-fix mentality by focusing on building predictable structures (habits, mindsets, skills, etc,) that give you outcomes you want as a byproduct.

  • One Stop Shop For All Your Self-Improvement Needs

    Fusion of all the inner & outer personal development work that allows you to break through the plateaus and identify the blind spots that are stopping you from reaching the next level fast.


We believe that current education and employment systems are incomplete and need fixing. The traditional path of school, college and employment leave people in debt, dissatisfied and soul-less.

Menprovement aims to fill this educational gap with skills that are necessary for you to not only survive but thrive.

  • Knowledge is (Potential) Power

    We believe that all people are powerful beyond measure. The only difference between you and the person you admire is that no one ever thought you the right information you could apply in order to cross the river of change.

  • Taking Full Responsibility

    Blaming, pointing fingers and scapegoating are pointless. The first step towards your better life is created by owning your mistakes.

  • Less is More

    Focus is devastatingly powerful. In modern-day there is so much distraction, it’s more about what you ignore rather than what you pay attention to.

  • As Above, So Below - As Within, So Without

    Your personality creates your personal reality. We believe that your outer life circumstances are a printout of your inner life - change the inner and you will change the outer

  • Unity of All Personal Development Practices

    We believe in fusing the esoteric with the practical aspect of personal development. We want to eliminate wishy-washiness from the mystical and rigidity from the pragmatic.


About Us 2

Here are some basic facts you should know about me:

  • I had my first girlfriend at the age of 21 – before that I was a clueless virgin…
  • I was always suffering from heart-wrenching crushes – I would always fall in love with girls who had no interest in me – the worst crush lasted for 2.5 years and the whole school knew about it… (and made fun of me)
  • I was always a really poor student – I always did only the bare minimum to simply pass to the next grade…
  • I loved smoking weed, playing video games, eating fast food and watching porn – yet I couldn’t make a connection between indulging in those things and my depression, my lack of ambition and poor results in pretty much every area of life…
  • My second girlfriend broke up with me – and that was probably THE BEST thing that ever happened to me…

I’m not telling you this to seek your sympathy, but rather to make you realize something very important…

See, sometimes the worst times of our lives turn out to be the biggest blessings.

Let me explain…

When my second girlfriend broke up me that left me with a deep gaping wound that I tried to plug with all sort of vices.

I doubled down every single vice that was easily accessible and readily available (even encouraged in our society) – weed, porn, fast food, cigarettes, alcohol – you name it.

All of those gave me a temporary sense of relief, that was followed by even more pain then before I indulged in any of those vices… this didn’t seem like a sustainable way to handle the situation I was on a downward spiral.

I didn’t recognize it at the time, but when I was in the midst of all this emotional post break up turmoil, trying to self-medicate something in me snapped.I still vividly remember this moment when I was sitting on the toilet and heard a voice in my head saying:

“Your medicine is your poison…”

It finally dawned on me that I will never escape this pain by covering it with pleasure. It will always come back to haunt me. Not only that but those short lived pleasures that I thought were my cure turned out to be little poison drips that chip away at my self-esteem, energy and well being one drop at a time.

I couldn’t be the same Arthur anymore, I had to make some radical changes at the very core of my being.

I finally realized that the shitty person I was at that time is always going to get the same shitty results – my life situation was just a print-out of a person I was being on the inside.

Fortunately this break up lit a fire under my ass and it initiated a massive transformation.

I examined myself very thoroughly.I replaced every negative belief, habit, personality trait I had and that turned out to be the beginning of a life-long journey of self-development….

Fast-forward to couple years later:

  • I dropped all my unhealthy habits that kept me in the ditch – fapping, smoking tobacco and weed, fast food etc.
  • I picked up a bunch of healthy habits such as meditation, cold showers, eating clean and exercise
  • I dated more girls then I can count
  • I completely eliminated the fog of depression and lack of purpose that I had in me ever since I remember
  • I travelled to 20+ countries and met tons of awesome people

There is obviously more to it then I can put in bullet points, but I hope you get the point.After my break up I dove head first into a self-development and it was one of the most satisfying journeys in my life.

After turning my life around 5+ years ago (and continuing to do so until today) I made it my mission to help men who are stuck in a similar ditch to mine and help them dig themselves out, build themselves up and live life to the fullest.

About Us 3

People react to drugs differently – some have good old fashioned fun and the next they, they go about their business as usual.Sean’s reaction was different. His mind spiraled out of control and left him traumatized and bed-ridden for months.In our darkest nights, our fate is forged – you can either stay a victim and let the situation crush you or you raise above above it.

Fortunately, Sean was the second type and that led to creation of Menprovement – a resource that he initially created for himself to document as he is rising from the depths of despair to normality.

As he was going about his journey and used Menprovement as a way to compile and make his new-found knowledge other people took notice.In a matter of few months, Menprovement turned into a widely-acclaimed self-improvement resource that served thousands of men around the world.

As Menprovement was growing, everything seemed to be going great for a while, until another blow happened. Even though it seemed that Sean was cured, the truth was that the post brownie trauma was never truly healed.

He noticed that whenever he was trying to use a computer it wouldn’t take much for him to be mentally exhausted.Eventually all it took was 20 minutes of focused work to make him feel that he’s been using it for 15 hours straight. His brain started to yet again get inflamed, he was slowly losing all ability to focus and later to even think or talk.

At first he was in denial and he kept pushing through it.Not realizing that his brain is literally overheating and slowly reaching a critical point he pushing forward to keep the site going.

Eventually, after realizing that this is something that can no longer be ignored, he decided to take a year off from work and leave Menprovement in hands of inexperienced yet eager to work assistant – Artur.Upon coming back to his home – New York, he had a massive breakdown and was faced with the fact that he is back to the same spot that he was when he was 21 after eating weed brownie.

For two and a half years Sean thought that he might have damaged neurons in his brain and all it would take was to simply take it easy for few months.He was certain that through the magic of neuroplasticity, his brain would go back to its former self.

That unfortunately wasn’t the case…

Two and a half years were spent making little to no progress, living a silent and isolated life, but never losing hope for a better tomorrow.The real breakthrough happend when Sean finally found a doctor that was able to identify his condition and prescribe a solution that actually worked.The doctor told him that, the trauma that happened when he was 21 years old caused his limbic system to be cross wired.

His brain began to associate any cognitively demanding tasks with danger. Mental focus, thinking or even talking were registered to his brain as a life threats and created really bad side effects.Now Sean is truly on the way back to his former self by addressing the root cause of the problem with a limbic retraining program and will most likely be back soon to write a happy ending to this story.