Whether you’re a guy who works from home or simply enjoys spending time on your computer, your home office is a place where you hang out a lot. Looking around, you might notice that your office is long overdue for a manly makeover. As for how to transform a blah office into a more masculine and work-friendly space, consider the following tips.

Install Sound-Buffering Panels

Your home office needs to be a quiet place where you can concentrate. To help muffle the sounds that are coming from your family members and pets in other rooms, add some sound-buffering panels to the walls. Acoustimac offers mesh fabric acoustic panels that come in a variety of masculine colors like navy, charcoal and khaki. Place a few of these on your walls to reduce the sound and you’ll be able to focus like a boss on your work.

Repaint the Walls

Speaking of manly colors, if your home office was once a guest room or a child’s bedroom, it may be overdue for some new paint. It’s hard to feel super manly if the walls are covered in shades of lilac and pink, and/or adorned with “Paw Patrol” wallpaper borders. Head to your local home improvement store and select some shades that you really like for the walls; you can go with one color for the four walls and a lighter one for the ceiling, or go with a light tone for three walls and the ceiling and a really rich and dark color for an accent wall.

Spring for Some New Furniture

To really make your manly home office look the part, invest in some new furniture. As Man of Many notes, the desk is the major focal point in a masculine home office, so it should be both well-designed and functional. You can go with a large desk made from a dark wood and plenty of drawers, or choose a more minimalist look with a sleek surface and wire baskets for your papers and supplies. Add in an ergonomic and extremely comfortable chair that complements the style of the desk and you may never want to leave.

Invest in a Home Security Camera System

In addition to your laptop or desktop, your home office probably houses other expensive electronics like a laser printer, tablet and other devices. In order to keep an eye on your office when you are home and away, you might consider purchasing a modern home security system. Lorex sells a number of home security camera systems that are great for offices. Their high-definition cameras capture crisp footage day and night; the footage is stored on a digital video recorder or a network video recorder that can be accessed remotely whether you’re in the other room or away from the house. This way, if you have workmen in your house whom you don’t know, you can rest assured that your home security camera system will help to monitor them while they are in your office.

Add in Some Manly Accessories

Now that you have the basics of your home office complete, it’s time to personalize the room with accessories that suit your manly personality. This can include family photos in rugged frames, posters of your favorite bands and musicians in wooden or metal frames that complement the wall color, plants, thick and comfortable area rugs and sports memorabilia.

Enjoy Your New Space

It’s amazing how some seemingly simple changes to a room can make a major impact on its look and feel. By spending a weekend repainting the walls, choosing some new furniture, installing a security system and adding in a number of accessories, your home office will not merely be a generic space, it will reflect your manly ways and inspire you to get your work done.



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