9 Tools that Will Boost Your Business Writing Skills

9 Tools that Will Boost Your Business Writing Skills

When you dreamed of becoming a powerful businessman, you assumed that your main responsibilities would involve communication, idea generation, and budgeting. You never imagined that your reputation would be based upon the way you write; otherwise you would pay more attention to those academic writing assignments that you hated at college.

The impression you leave with a business report, email messages, and project presentations is a crucial component of your overall prestige. The main features of successful writing are vocabulary, spelling, grammar, syntax structure, and creativity. However, you should also pay attention to the way you organize your inbox! We made a list of 9 tools that will help you understand and practice business writing skills.

1. SaneBox

The way you manage the busy inbox says a lot about your overall organizational skills. Instead of wasting your time to handle hundreds of messages in your email account, you can use SaneBox – a tool that helps you defer emails until you have time for them, unsubscribe from newsletters with a single click, and get access to an inbox of important messages.

SaneBox will automatically filter the unnecessary messages into a separate folder, so you’ll be able to avoid all distractions when accessing your email.

2. Marked 2

If you use Markdown when you work on your documents, then you’ll surely appreciate this tool. Marked 2 enables you to preview, review, and export files. You will work in plain text that will be instantly transformed in rich formatting. The live preview of the final product will enable you to spot more mistakes and save time during the editing stage.

3. Custom Writing Service

Publishing your own content is not important only for the sake of attracting customers; it will also help you establish better reputation in the business world. If you don’t have the time or capacity to write superior articles, then the writers at this website can help! You will collaborate with your writer and offer detailed instructions, so the final piece will meet your expectations.

This is also an editing service, so you can get your own content polished out before publication. Don’t forget to browse through the blog section; it contains awesome tips that will help you become a better writer.

4. me

If you tend to subscribe to newsletters just to follow what your competitors are doing, then you must be annoyed when you cannot locate the important messages because your inbox is cluttered with these subscription emails. Unroll.me will take care of the mess. You’ll be able to see the newsletters in a separate folder, so you can still analyze them when you have the time for that.

The best part is that the tool enables you to unsubscribe from unnecessary email updates. Just enter your Unroll.me account and filter the list of subscriptions.

5. Scribe

You intend to publish an online piece that will attract more customers towards your company? That’s a smart thing to do! Scribe enables you to perform a research and find out what your target audience wants to read about.

Once you specify your topic and write the article, Scribe will analyze it and tell you how you can alter it to achieve better search engine rankings. Then, it will help you crosslink the content, identify websites where you can offer guest posts, and locate social media users who will share your publications.

6. Rescue Time

When you spend a lot of time online searching for resources for your current project, it’s easy to get lost in distractions. That’s why you need Rescue Time – a tool that monitors the time you spend on different websites and apps. You’ll get a graphical presentation of your productivity levels, which will serve as a wakeup call.

Then, you’ll be able to block the sites that consume your time without making you a more productive writer.

7. Plagtracker

This online plagiarism checker will help you locate duplicates of the content you’ve published online. You don’t want others to benefit from your efforts, right? You can also check the text you wrote, just to make sure you didn’t get too inspired by an online source.

If you purchase premium account, you’ll receive extra levels of plagiarism search and bonus features.

8. Batched Inbox

This tool will keep the messages out of your inbox until the time you specify. You will be able to read, respond, and write emails without being bothered by new emails.

The tool is useful because you’ll finally stop getting notifications during meetings or working sessions. You can arrange a specific portion of your day for email communication, so you won’t be distracted by new messages when you  need to focus on something else.

9. Smart Edit

Speaking of editing, you cannot skip it under any circumstances. You don’t want your email, article, or business report to leave a bad impression because of silly formatting, spelling and grammar issues. Use Smart Edit to identify the mistakes and fix them before enabling anyone to read your text. This is an automated tool, so it cannot replace a human editor. However, it will boost your own editing potential.

It’s never too late to make improvements. Are you ready to start exploring the magic of business writing?


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