9 Obvious Signs Foreign Dating Is For You


Have you ever heard of foreign dating?

No, it’s not a proactive campaign by our politically correct government that has the purpose to end racism by banging the shit out of each other, even though that might be a good idea.

Anyhow, foreign dating is the concept that you travel to another country without the latest guidebook, but with a printed version of the wonderful article that I wrote about the beautiful women in Bangkok.

The intention of a guy who visits a country in order to find a wife, a girlfriend or simply the best sex of his life can be considered as foreign dating. As you can already imagine, hordes of angry short-haired women and white knights who secretly masturbate to pics of women of all colors will tell you that it is wrong to travel to foreign countries to date the local women.

Well, I am going to tell you the opposite.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but in my opinion it doesn’t make any sense to say that it is okay and romantic when Americans date Americans, but wrong and disgusting when Americans date Thais. After all we are humans and I think that telling someone that dating person A is okay while dating person B is wrong is hypocritical and just plain stupid.

In case you agree with me, but you are still unsure if this whole foreign dating thing is something for you, the following signs might save your life…or at least your libido.

1. You Are Bored Out of Your Freaking Mind

How does your typical day look like?

You probably go to work in the morning to a job that you don’t really like. When you come home in the afternoon you are tired and all you want to do is to watch Netflix until your headache goes away. At night you watch some porn, jerk off and go to bed.

Oh wait, you also have at least two weeks of vacation. In case you are like the average man you spend those two weeks in some safe and secure all-inclusive resort with more burgers and booze than your heart can cope with.

Does this life sound familiar to you?

Then you are ready for a change. You are ready for an adventure. You are ready to take a break from your boring everyday life and to find out what it really means to live.

One of the best ways to find that out is by waking up next to a beautiful foreign woman in a bungalow right next to the beach.

2. You Have a Passion for Traveling and Women

Besides writing, my two biggest passions are traveling and women. My passion for women is something that I discovered during my puberty and I somehow blame my instincts for it. I would say that I discovered my passion for traveling a lot later than my passion for women and there is a simple reason for that.

I traveled in a way that didn’t allow me to become passionate about it. I traveled like 99% of people travel. I searched for safe places to go, bought some boring guidebook and visited all the ten sights that every other idiot that went to that particular country also visited.


There was no adventure. There was no excitement. There was no passion.

Until I combined my passion for traveling with my passion for women, traveling was like watching documentary about the desert. Once I combined them it was like a firework in the middle of New York on New Year’s Eve.

Don’t be afraid to combine what you want to combine. It’s worth it.

3. You are Sick and Tired of Manly Women

I am from Germany and as you may know, German women are not the definition of femininity. In fact, I was so sick and tired of emotionless conversations about career plans and the discrimination against women in the workplace that I decided to stop approaching and dating German women. The headaches were simply not worth it.

I was tired of interacting with women who were beautiful, but who became more and more unattractive the more time I spent with them. I wanted to know what it feels to interact with feminine, playful women who became more attractive, the more time I spent with them.

That’s why I jumped on the foreign dating train. That’s why I booked my first flight to another continent. That’s why I am so freaking happy today.

4. You Want to See What Real Beauty Looks Like

Please don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of beautiful women in the West. You can find a lot of beauty in Western countries, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other countries in which you can find even more beautiful women.

I don’t want to badmouth the women in my home country, but every man who has ever visited Germany and Russia in the same month will agree with me that you can’t compare the women. The femininity and the charm of Russian women is something that the women in Germany can’t even comprehend.

The incredible thing that you will discover when you make foreign dating a part of your life is that beauty comes in so many different shapes and colors. The world has to offer more beauty than the borders of your home country can provide you with.

5. You Want to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

The number one accusation I have to deal with whenever I express my enthusiasm for foreign dating is that I am just a fan of it because it is so easy. The people who say this are either frustrated women who have lost their boyfriend or husband to a foreign woman or men who are in a relationship with such a dragon.

Of course I don’t take them seriously, but in case you also thought that foreign dating is just an easy alternative to dating in your home country I have to disappoint you. When it comes to the “easiness” of women in terms of one night stands and fast sex, you are better off in sexually liberated Western countries than in some traditional countries.

It won’t be as easy as some people promise, but in regards to your personal development it is definitely worth it. The decision to date outside of your country is at the same time a decision to leave your comfort zone.

You travel to a place you have never been to. You have to communicate not only with words, but also with your hands and feet if necessary. You have to talk to strangers in order to find directions, to get help and to not end up alone.

It takes a big step out of your comfort zone to fully enjoy the concept of foreign dating.

6. You Are Ready to Challenge Your Beliefs

“Thailand is one big brothel and all Thai girls are prostitutes!”

“All Russian women are gold diggers who fuck you over!”

That’s what I believed before I traveled the world and that’s what many guys still believe.

Today one of my best friends is Russian (she is not a gold digger) and my girlfriend is Thai (she studies at an international university, has never been near a gogo bar and never asked me for money).

The most amazing thing about foreign dating is that your beliefs will be challenged, no matter if you want to or not. The process of dating women in other countries allows you to rethink your old beliefs and to overcome outdated stereotypes.

It allows you to see the things as they really are and not as they are supposed to be.

7. You Want to Make Experience with a Variety of Women

Anyone who says that dating a German woman and a Thai woman is the same is a liar. Anyone who says that sleeping with an African woman is the same as sleeping with an Asian woman is a liar.

The way a woman behaves in public, in a relationship and in bed depends on so many factors. It depends on the culture she grew up in. It depends on her understanding of relationships and sex.

Foreign dating offers you the chance to make romantic and sexual experiences with a variety of women. This enables you to find out which type of woman you prefer. Eventually, this paves the way for a special connection with the woman of your dreams.

8. You Want to Become More Attractive

Another interesting fact about foreign dating is that, despite what the phony upholders of moral standards tell you, it makes you even more attractive to women. Yes, also to the women in your home country.

In case you have read every single word that I have written up until now, you already know why. You already know that traveling to another country to experience adventures with beautiful women requires you to step out of your comfort zone and to challenge your beliefs.

Still don’t understand why you will become more attractive?

– You become an adventurer

– You have the courage to travel to foreign countries

– You show confidence by stepping out of your comfort zone

– You practice your communication skills

– You become more open-minded by challenging your beliefs

Those are all incredibly attractive characteristics and I know a lot of women who would be more than happy to meet a man who combines them.

9. You Want the Relationship You Always Dreamed Of

All the signs that I mentioned throughout this article are reasons to book a flight, to pack your suitcase and to check twice that you don’t forget the condoms.

The beauty you will see, the process of personal development you will go through and the adventures you will experience are all reasons to embrace and enjoy foreign dating.

However, I still haven’t mentioned the most important sign of all:

In case you still don’t have the relationship you always wanted to have, you should consider foreign dating.

The man you will become along your journey will eventually have the skills, the mindset and the experience to attract this relationship.

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In Conclusion

Being bored and craving for adventure are not the only signs why you should consider foreign dating. In case you are sick and tired of manly women and you want to know how beautiful women all around the world really are, you should pack your bags.

Challenging your old beliefs, expanding your comfort zone and experiencing unforgettable adventures are just the tip of the iceberg. Interacting with women from different cultural backgrounds can lead to personal growth and it can make you even more attractive.

You will love the man you will become in the process, especially because this man will be able to attract the relationship he always wanted.


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