8 Ways to Keep Your Wife Happy Forever

It’s no big secret that over half of marriages today will end in divorce. But just because that’s a fact doesn’t mean your new marriage is doomed. There are plenty of things you can do to keep your wife happy and help ensure a long and healthy relationship.

1. Be Respectful

This sounds like common sense, but sometimes life can take over, and we forget the little things. Make sure you don’t degrade her in front of her friends and family members. Always be respectful of her emotions, especially when it’s something she’s really passionate about. When she expresses a need, listen carefully and try to fulfil that need.

2. Take Care of the Home

This may be difficult if she also works outside the home or if you have children. But the home should be a haven for both of you, a place where you can leave work and the rest of your life behind and focus on each other. If your kids are old enough, assign them chores like picking up their toys or cleaning their rooms. It will give you more time to spend relaxing with your wife.

3. Never Go to Sleep Angry

This holds true for leaving the house, too. If you’ve had an argument make sure to resolve it, to the best of your ability, before you go to bed or leave the house for work. This might mean staying up late and sacrificing sleep to talk out your problem, but it will mean that you can sleep better or leave the issue behind if you have to go to work.
Once you’ve forgiven her, let it go. This is difficult for many men to do because we can certainly hold a grudge! But holding on to the past does nothing but bring you down and it’s detrimental to your relationship.

4. Make Her Feel Special

When you’ve been married for a while, it’s important to keep the magic alive.
So make your wife feel special by giving her gifts on special occasions like your wedding anniversary, her birthday, Christmas and so on. The most perfect anniversarygifts are not the ones which are the costliest but those that are given with pure love and care. If you are looking for the best anniversary gifts, you can visit this site to find the best ones. Make her fall in love with you over and over again!

5. Look Your Best

Making an extra effort with your appearance can work wonders. Your wife fell in love with you partly because she was physically attracted to the way you look. Avoid the ragged jeans and ratty t-shirt on your days off. Instead, go for something cute but casual that accents your personality.
6. Set and Keep a Date Night
This is especially important once you have children in the home, who tend to take time away from your spouse. Set a weekly date night, even if that’s sending the kids to grandma’s or the sitter for a couple hours just to watch a movie together
7. Don’t Forget the Sex

This might sound like another no-brainer, but sex is important to healthy men whether or not they’re married. If you’re both healthy enough and capable, sex should be a regular part of your relationship. But, there are some issues that can arise or some situations where you can’t make love. There are other intimate things you can do with each other to keep the spark going.
8. Establish and Keep Trust
Trust is an integral part of any relationship. You may have been cheated on or hurt in past relationships, but don’t drag that baggage to your current relationship. Don’t snoop through her phone or emails or spy on her when she’s away from the house. If you put your trust in her, chances are she’ll do the same.
There are no guarantees, but couples who follow these guidelines will help ensure a long, happy relationship than those who are not proactive in their love.

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