Nurses are often overlooked when it comes to analyzing important links in medical care. They are the primary caregivers for the sick and a liaison between the patient and the hospital. In current times, the role of nursing has taken on more responsibilities. As the profession grows more demanding, there are several things a nurse should always remember and practice to be more successful in their field. In the following three categories, the eight most important things to remember to be a competent nurse are discussed.


A nurse’s appearance is the first thing your employer and patient will judge you by. A successful nurse’s scrubs must be clean, crisp and sharp. It promotes a professional look, and patients are more confident in the nurse’s abilities. Great scrubs fit comfortably and have enough space to carry around the nurse’s equipment. However, the most crucial attire choice for a nurse is their shoes. Nurses have to endure long shifts and most of their time is spent standing, walking or running. A comfortable pair of shoes is, therefore, more of a necessary investment. A great nurse’s shoe has to be comfortable, slip-resistant, have great anatomical support material and have enough expansion space. For this reason, has created a fantastic guide for the best shoes for nurse practitioners. It covers unisex shoe reviews for each various brand, so you can choose the best shoe for yourself. There is something for everyone regardless of your personal style and preference.

Nursing Guide

As earlier mentioned, the nursing world is continually changing, and a successful nurse has to have the latest pharma and health information. There are drug guides and nurse diagnosis apps regularly updated to reflect the most current information. BAYADA recommends the two resource apps for nurses:

  • Epocrates
  • Medscape


As a nurse, you will encounter numerous extraneous situations that might wear you out. However, no matter how frustrated or tired, you are required to keep a cool head on you at all times. Doctors rely heavily on nurses, for this reason. A successful nurse must always be on time at their place of work. It is part of maintaining a professional work ethic. Everybody in a hospital relies heavily on nurses in one way or the other. Schedules drastically change on a moment’s notice. It is therefore crucial that as a nurse, you have impeccable time management skills. A professional nurse also pays attention to detail. You will have to be attentive and note down every vital aspect that your patient tells or is hiding from you. It improves the quality of care you’re giving to your patients and asserts your professionalism.


As a nurse, some of the virtues you will need for the job will borrow from your attributes. Patience and a lot of it is one of the things you will need. Not only will you be dealing with the patients, but also the family and doctors. You are the intermediary when these parties are conflicting. In addition, a successful nurse never takes shortcuts. You have to ensure you don’t skip steps or you risk unnecessarily endangering the patient’s life. Successful nurses are deliberate and defined, down to the minute details in their work. Patients are scared, sometimes angry and frustrated as well. A successful nurse must be patient will all the emotional states they have to deal with. You can never get mad at your patients or their families.

Evolution and Adaptability

Successful nurses always keep up with current trends in their fields. The nursing profession perhaps has one of the largest rooms for improvement. To stay up to date, nurses should attend educational sessions and conferences and also subscribe to nursing journals in their field of work. A successful nurse must always remain knowledgeable about the latest developments and ongoing research in their practicing fields. Strive to gain new experiences continually. It is also essential that nurses “be friends with technology.” The technology essentially helps improve the nurse’s day-to-day work and also improves the quality of care for patients. It makes it easier to access records by navigating the hospital’s system. New procedures that save time during emergencies are learned, and there are even apps that help determine the correct pharma dosages.

Communication and Relationship Management Skills

As a nurse, your primary role is acting as the middleman between the patient and their family and the hospital. You will interact with almost every type of personality there is. Nurses also are the ones who form unique bonds with the patients. You spend more time with the patient than the doctor does and hence, your patient will always remember you. Between you and the patient, you will need to understand what they are telling you to be able to communicate their troubles to the doctor effectively. In addition, you need to remember you have to deal with their worried loved ones who will always have questions for you. A successful nurse should know how to communicate what the hospital wants them to share with the patient. The family wants clarity most away from the medical jargon used by doctors. Also, you will need to be attentive while communicating your patient’s details to the doctor in charge of the case. You need to clearly and precisely explain the particulars your patient might want the doctor to be aware of. Most often than not, mistakes are made due to poor communication.

Critical and Creative Thinking

A nurse’s environment is highly dynamic as nurses often encounter emergency situations. For this, a successful nurse will often need to quickly analyze the situation and make the correct decision before the doctor arrives. High-pressure scenarios call for immense creativity and also, the nurse has to be confident about their decision. The best and most successful nurses rapidly adapt to situations by thinking outside the box. They require no supervision from their superiors and are trusted to make the best decisions for the patient. They have to consider the resources they have and how the diagnosis has affected their patient and adjust their decision to be the best choice for both them and the patient.

Emotional Maturity

As a nurse, you should be able to show your parents that you care, you understand them and that you’re attentive to their concerns. You will need to be empathetic and compassionate. You cannot bring your personal issues and emotional baggage to work. You must be able to provide the care and comfort your patients require, and nothing should get in the way of your work. For this reason, successful nurses have mentors to foster mentoring relationships. They will teach you how to maintain the delicate work and personal life balance.

Choosing the nursing profession calls for consistent discipline and sacrifice to be successful in your field. A workman is only as good as their tools. As a nurse, you will need to always be on your toes mentally and physically. Remember to take care of yourself, so you can be of value to your employers and your patients. Nursing is s 24/7 job, invest in the right tools and also remember you have the rest of your careers to keep learning things, keep moving forward.


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