Regardless of age or occupation, some accessories are timeless. They’re classic staples of any man’s wardrobe, and you’ll always be glad you have them in your personal style arsenal. It’s better to have the most-necessary accessories before you need them so you never have to look for the perfect staple for a first date or just a sophisticated evening.

Accessories are the finishing touch on any style. They’re the pinnacle of a well-dressed man, and they show you know what you’re doing when it comes to personal touches. Are you ready to take your wardrobe to the next level? Make sure you have these 8 accessories. If you are travelling, this is definitely your packing guide

1. A Pocket Square

These simple fabric squares are easy to overlook, but they’re a must if you wear a suit at any point in your life. Like all things style, the real impression is in the details. Pocket squares aren’t just for old-timey movies and grandparents. They’re a classic staple of sophistication. The best part about pocket squares is that they come in all styles and colors, and a nice one will only set you back a few bucks. This is affordable fashion at its best. Not sure what color to choose? It’s hard to go wrong with white.


2. Solid Tie

While most men have a collection of ties, there are two colors you absolutely need to have in your wardrobe. No matter what suits and shirts you have in your closet, you can’t go wrong with black or navy. These two always look classy, and they’re easy to style. Yes, you can still keep your eccentric collection of flashy ties for the right occasion, but you’ll always have these classics to fall back on for those important events.

3. Sunglasses

It doesn’t matter who you are, you need sunglasses. This is a style must that’s also beneficial for your health. Protecting your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun is crucial. It doesn’t matter if you live in a place where it’s always overcast, you still need to protect your eyes.

Not only do the right pair of sunglasses keep the sun’s rays from damaging your vision, but they also keep you from squinting. Trust me, after years of squinting, you’ll have wished you’d started wearing sunglasses sooner. Nobody wants wrinkles around your eyes. Find a pair of sunglasses that complements your face shape, and make sure they’re polarized lenses for the most protection.


4. Oxford or Derby Shoes

If your wardrobe shoe collection is limited to sneakers, it’s time to reexamine your style choices. Every man should have a pair of oxford dress shoes or derby shoes in two colors: brown and black. These are the most versatile dress shoes. You can wear them with a suit to complete the look, or even with chinos or jeans to dress up your daily style. There are a few variations on this classic style so you can find a shoe feels like it belongs to you.


5. Weekender Bag

Has your college duffel bag seen better days? It’s time to upgrade to an adult weekender bag. Whether you travel for last-minute business trips or on exotic vacations, a weekender bag will get you from place to place with ease. These bags are stylish, masculine, and will actually hold up against you rough-and-tumble pacing style. They’re the perfect size for fitting a few changes of clothes and the essentials, and you won’t be mistaken for an overgrown college student while using one.


6. The Right Watch

Today, smartwatches are all the rage, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep it classic with your wristwatch. Whether you’re a casual watch wearer or you only wear on on special occasions, you should own a watch or two. For a classic look that won’t go out of style, brown or black watches for men with a leather strap will always be the right choice.


7. White Sneakers

Just because sneakers shouldn’t make up your entire shoe selection doesn’t mean you should throw them all out. White sneakers are the definition of effortless cool. Let’s face it: some days you don’t feel up to putting together a complicated outfit. Low top white sneakers look sharp no matter what, and they’ll every outfit look put together even if you threw it on in seconds. Just be sure to get a new pair when they stop looking white.


8. Nice Wallet

What you carry in your pocket says a lot about you. Are you storing your money in an old, ripping apart wallet that’s seen better days? It’s time for an upgrade. Whether you like to keep it classic with a bifold wallet, or you cut down on clutter with a phone wallet, make sure it works for you.

Looking your best sometimes comes down to the details. While your clothing choice always makes a bold statement, make sure your accessories communicate the right message. Having these 8 accessories in your closet will prepare you for anything from the boardroom to a late-night out.


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