7 Struggles Entrepreneurs Know Too Well
7 Struggles Entrepreneurs Know Too Well
Entrepreneurs are a different breed of human. We all occasionally have big ideas, and may even dream of making them real- selling a unique product, providing a unique service, starting a band, or website. But, what sets a true entrepreneur apart is making those dreams happen.
Entrepreneurs don’t like waiting for a big break, so they create a big break for themselves. They don’t wait for when they’re 100 percent “ready” because they know there is no such thing. Entrepreneurs step outside of the norm and just make their dreams a reality- like a boss.
Like any meaningful venture, there will be obstacles. If you are an entrepreneur, perhaps you can relate to these struggles:

1) You have “Entrepreneurship Weekends”

While your buddies may be popping bottles and flying like a G6 at the club, you decline invitations because you have to do work. Just hustling for your dream- like a boss.

2) You May Know Other Entrepreneurs Who Don’t Want to Share Their Secrets

Lots of people are playing the startup game these days. Some newbies get prickly when asked for advice, while other self-proclaimed “big shots” think they’re overly cool, as if there isn’t enough success to go around. And like your magazine is competition for their go in the dark yo yo company.

3) You Have at Least One Entrepreneur Friend Always Trying to Sell You Something 

Some people can’t take a hint. You want to be friends and keep business out of the equation, but they are looking for clients. You stop replying to their messages or try to let them down easy, but they keep saying, “I’ve got this new special offer at an incredibly discounted price. Act before the end of today.”

4) Late Nights and Early Mornings 

Early to bed, early to rise, makes an entrepreneur healthy, wealthy, wise, and hopefully not broke.

5) Some People Don’t Understand What You’re Doing

Between your mom, dad, siblings, and everyone else’s mom, dad, and siblings, there is always at least one person questioning you. People will tell you what you want to do is difficult, which is the last thing you need to hear.

6) Entrepreneurship ADD 

Between toying around with joint-ventures with your friends, starting a blog, a YouTube channel, running your own business, and world domination, it can be a tad difficult to focus on one thing at a time. You get easily excited about new ideas, and want to implement them quickly, but it may like adding seven more items to your to-do list before getting to number three.

7) You Have “Interesting” Success Habits 

From practicing speeches in the mirror, to reading seven self-improvement books at once, cold shower therapy, sleeping in the middle of the day to recharge, and formulating idealistic mantras for yourself- you have many unique ways of forwarding yourself in the right direction. Whatever works.
Comment below if these laughable struggles resonate with you, and if you have experienced others yourself.


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