7 Spring Style Tips All Men Should Follow [From Her]

7 Spring Style Tips All Men Should Follow [From Her]

If you have been wondering what your best buddy, your bro or your boss has, that you don’t when it comes to being eye-candy for the women out there, let us only say it in one word- STYLE!

With that being said, we don’t expect you to drop your whole paycheck or pick designer clothing for everyday wear. You can shop online or at retail stores and still pick up the right clothing at affordable prices, that will have you looking dapper and stylish with ease.

We are done watching men in ripped pieces of denim and a white tee! We women want you, boys, to dress like men and put a little effort into your outfits so that you make a statement at work, on the streets and just about anywhere we see you.

1) A Touch of Gray

Touch of Gray

Amongst the various shades of gray, we would want to see our boys and men dress up their feet and put the best forward in shades of light bluish-gray.

Gray suede loafers are versatile and pack a punch of panache in their own rights. The best part is that they can be styled up and worn with trousers for a client meet without an eyebrow being raised or for a night out at the pub with the boys by pairing them up with chinos and denims.

Gray suits and clothes are also perfect for summer as well, since black suits and clothing are considered being more suitable for darker winter or fall days.

If you’re planning to invest in some timeless pieces to really up your style game,  JCPenney has some of the best deals on high quality clothing available. You can find great online coupons to defray the cost of an otherwise expensive blazer or set of shoes, keeping your budget intact, and your looks as trim as ever.

2) Vintage Bow-ties… Not Ties

A little vintage and playful to wear with our formal suits and shirts this spring is must-do!

Ditch those ties please and let’s think of bows this spring. Classy yet quirky, bow ties can be worn in various ways and from a choice of different colors to- paint the town red after the formal event with someone special who loves the bows!

3) Coats The Longer the Better

We love them long, and we love them stylish, and yes, we are talking about the coats.

Coats in tweed or wool, plain or summer cotton ones, with stripes or checked patterns or simply the elegant pastel shaded hues – no matter what coat you are going to choose, we love them all on our men.

Take note that to be truly stylish, you need to wear them correctly – for instance, never close the last button of the coat. At the same time, you can skip buttoning down in general and walk down the street all free – in the spring, every sun ray is a joy, and you should enjoy it.

Of course, don’t forget to know what you would want to pair them with, and the rest shall fall into place.

4) Bomber Jackets

With the nip in the air still around, bomber jackets with a pop of color are most welcome on the broad, rugged man we see.

Pair the bomber jacket with check shirts, denim and suede shoes to create a fashionable statement when going out on a dinner date, a special event or maybe out with the boys over a couple of beers and a midnight meal!

Bomber jackets are not only a true spring time essential wardrobe element, but a classical piece as well, meaning that after this spring is over, you can wear your stylish bomber jacket the next year, and then the next year after that freely.

5) Cuffed Denims and Long Shirts

Cuffed Denim

A blast from the past is so welcoming to have, especially when you look at men in long monochromatic shirts and cuffed pieces of denim; bare shoes sans the socks for the feet.

The look is very street-style-type and maybe not super appropriate in the workplace, but when a man carries the look with aplomb and confidence, there is no stopping to the accolades that would pour in! However, be careful and better not match these shirts with other denim pieces you have – you don’t want to look overmatched and monochromatic from head to toe, do you?

6) Play with Stripes


Vertical stripes or horizontal, you can now play with stripes as much as you want. Even better – many fashionistas and world knew designers also invite men to choose a pop of colors too, so this spring is definitely going to be very visually and stylistically interesting.

From shirts to tees, pants to shorts, stripes either on top or for the bottoms should be worn with confidence. However, carefully consider your body shape and what kind of stripes you want to wear, as bigger horizontal stripes might actually create a larger shape of your than you want.

Overall, be reasonable, consider a few classical rules with stripes and get inspired by other fashionable fellows!

7) Solid Colored Shorts

While the winter months kept you wrapped in cozy woolen and thick bottoms, with spring and summer approaching we shall focus on shedding the bottoms. Shorts in various hues, shades, and colors- bright and vibrant, radiant too to pair with shirts and light cardigans for a coffee date or a boys evening out should be the next Haute trend.

Let’s not forget colored pants as well, which you should wear at your office (especially if you are working in a creative environment). A little splash of color like that might improve your whole look radically, and it can show your creative thinking as well. Also, don’t go over colorful too – pair your colored bottoms with more neutral shades jackets and shirts and be the most stylish guy in town!


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